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Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2020
6.25 Lac to 41.97 Lac
Status: New Launch
  • Plot from 900 Sq. Ft. to 6048 Sq. Ft.
  • Presenting low price plots at a prime location
  • Near NH 12 and the upcoming International Airport
  • Offers a strategic location
  • Its also a huge education as well shopping hub
Our proprietary project rating system assesses the level of amenities and specifications provided inside a residential project to help you objectively evaluate the comfort & convenience that you are going to get. We rate it like we were buying it.
  • Green Area
Decision Drivers
  • Connectivity:
    Helps you assess the connectivity of project to most important and active landmarks across the city. Higher index indicates more centrally located project.
  • Livability:
    Helps you assess the livability of project from perspective of typical day to day needs. Higher index indicates more livable project.
  • Lifestyle:
    Helps you to judge the luxuriousness in context of overall market considering that every project is marked as luxurious by developers. Higher index indicates more luxurious project.
  • Value for Money:
    Assessing property price against other key decision factors. Higher index indicates potentially a better value for money deal
  • Connectivity
  • 5.7
  • Livability
  • 5
  • Lifestyle
  • 5.2
  • Value of Money
  • 5.2

Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave - Project Info

Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave, , is a perfect blending of creativity and craftsmanship with technology. This project comprises of residences that consider the comfort-ability of the buyer. Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave, , ensures that you obtain the best homes at the prices you are willing to provide. As per your convenience, these homes have been developed. Hence, these apartments comprise of rooms that are thoroughly lighted and ventilated. The overall aesthetic of this complex is one of a kind. It is prominent in the residences in this project that contribute immensely to the whole grandeur of this project. Elegantly designed, it also comprises of homes that are incredibly unique in the context of large windows and balconies.

The spacious and luxurious rooms in this project provide a perfect ambiance that complies with environmental guidelines. In terms of craftsmanship and creativity, this complex is the best example of merging architecture with technology. Along with providing several latest facilities, it also ensures that there is a smooth connection with the best places in the city.

What amenities should one expect from this project?

Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave amenities comprise of a diverse range of facilities that would go with the necessities of the residents. The most important of them consist of a swimming pool open for both kids and adults, a well-equipped gym, tennis and badminton courts and a yoga area. There are various other individual facilities that the project offers, and they comprise of cycling and jogging track, along with sandpits, that are playing fields for children. Some other amenities that make this project unique involve the installation of CCTV cameras that ensure that the residents receive the best security possible. It is coupled with water-supply for rainwater harvesting and amenities regarding power backup.

What locational amenities can one receive by buying an apartment in this project?

Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave’s location has made sure that the most necessary facilities are within reach of the residents. The City Palace, which is at the heart of Jaipur, takes an hour-long drive from the project. Near this project also lies a metro station that connects with various parts of the city. This project consists of the best necessary transportation that one needs, which brings every other amenity in the town within proximity.

What social amenities would you get by buying a residence in this project?

This part of the city has a reputation for the best schools in all of Jaipur. The Rawat Public and the RPS School, both take a half an hour drive from the residence. The Pearson School takes almost 45 minutes from the complex. Concerning healthcare, this place comprises of several quality healthcare centers that are some of the best in the state.

The Patiala Hospital and Research Centre and Agarwal Hospital are approximately 30 minutes away from the project, while the Cocoon Hospital takes almost 40 minutes. If you intend to spend some quality time with your kith and kin, then this residence is the best option for you. The JW Marriott Hotel and The Lalit Jaipur take only half an hour from the apartment, while Hotel Dev Villas takes approximately 45 minutes from the project.

About the Developer

Shree RAM Group has always been at the forefront in terms of developing quality real-estate projects. Being a visionary of this industry, this group has become a professional in terms of organizational structure, impressively embedded set value, and worthwhile processes of work. Moreover, Shree Ram Group has always had a reputation for being a customer-friendly organization. Shortly, they have plans regarding further enhancements to their already lucrative banks. As a result, they are coming up with more opportunistic investments for their investors as well.

What is the USP?

  • Well-designed homes
  • The natural and serene atmosphere
  • State-of-the-art security surveillance
  • Provision of recreational activity within the compound

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Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave - Floor Plans


Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave - Amenities

  • Normal Park / Central Green

About Shree Ram Group Jaipur

Total Projects



30 Years

SHREE RAM GROUP, with their visionary approaches throughout; has always been triumphant in being a distinguished player in the market with over lots of projects delivered as per commitment. And what makes them apart are - a professional organizational structure, worthwhile work processes and an impressively imbibed value set. Further, SHREE RAM GROUP looks forward to maintain their image of being a customer centric organization. They have plans to further enhance their lucrative land bank and are keen to come up with more beneficial investment opportunities for the investors too.

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Questions and Answers

  • Q: Are there any places of interest near this project?

    By Vivek on 12 Oct 2019
    A: A place becomes much more famous and well known if it has some amazing tourist spots near the place. Jaipur is a very pretty place and there are numerous tourists who visit this place from all over the world. Therefore, this place is one of the most famous places. So, this project is located in such an amazing city that you will anyway love it. The biggest point of this project is that there are numerous tourist spots near it. You will enjoy yourself while you stay here as you can go for an amazing walk or tour to the tourist spots. You will find Jaipur to be very attractive and you will find some beautiful forts here. You can go and visit these forts as they will enrich your stay here. You will be able to a lovely time here. While you invest here in this project in Jaipur, you can always go for a walk or make a visit to these forts and have a lovely time. Therefore, there is a plus point if you invest in this project. Hence, you can visit Jaipur and absolutely invest in this project. The location is appropriate and even has lovely and interesting things to do near this project too.
  • Q: Can I find a metro station nearby?

    By Ashutosh on 12 Oct 2019
    A: This project is at a well-known location and therefore getting transportation from this project. Traveling becomes an issue while you stay here in Jaipur but you will get a metro from the nearest metro station. You can easily travel without any hassle and you won't even face much of a problem. The only problem that you will face is the crowd in the metro station. But the metro is the most convenient transport available when you want to cover a distance in a very short time. So, if you are wondering if there is a metro station nearby, then there is a metro station quite close to the project. You can easily travel from one place to another within a very short time and without any hassle. So, while you are looking for a project to invest in, you can invest in this project in Jaipur. They have all the proper necessary transportation available and even all the amenities available too. Therefore, this project is very nice and it even provides you with delight and happiness. It even brings you peace of mind. You will enjoy yourself with your family here. So, it is one of the best projects to invest in.
  • Q: Are there any hospitals close by for medical emergencies?

    By Puneet on 12 Oct 2019
    A: As this place is one of the most famous projects in Jaipur, it is situated at a very happening place. This project is developed at a very convenient location which has all the necessary places around it. This project has a mall nearby and even a market place, which will make your stay here very easy. There are few hospitals nearby for any kind of medical emergencies. These hospitals are even open 24 hours and will provide service to you whenever you need it. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in this project, you don't have to worry about medical emergencies as there are many hospitals nearby which you can contact. So, if you are interested in this project in Jaipur, what you can do is look it up online and even look for all the nearby places which will meet all your necessary needs. For further information, you can even check their official website. Hence, this project is situated in a very nice place which will provide you with all the important places nearby. This project is popular because of this and even gets a lot of interest because of its convenience. So, if you want to invest in this project then you can definitely invest in this project.
  • Q: Is the developer reputed enough?

    By Waseem on 12 Oct 2019
    A: The Shree RAM Custom Officers enclave is a very well known project in Jaipur. It is a well-reputed project and has even earned some honest and good reviews from its customers. This project provides peace of mind to you and even makes your living here perfect. The main aim of this project was to provide you with total satisfaction and even luxury. Therefore, so that they could be successful at their aim and target, they got a hold of the best of developers, who could amazingly make this project famous. The developer is not only famous but even well reputed because of its work. The developer has many other projects which are equally famous and even provides such satisfaction. This project in Jaipur is much more famous because of its developer. They try and provide with the best-staying atmosphere. The developer has well experience and so it makes sure that the project provides you with all the comfortable and necessary amenities. Hence, if you are thinking of investing in this project, you can do so because you will be provided with a lot of benefits and facilities. And lastly, this is one of the projects developed by this developer which is very well known and famous.
  • Q: What are the recent projects completed by the developer in the City?

    By Sutanwi Shaw on 18 Sep 2019
    A: The Shriram plots are built by the developer who basically goes by the name as the Shriram groups. They have many projects throughout Jaipur, Rajasthan and each and every project will provide you with the same kind of facility and benefit. The ambience and the interior decoration will always vary from each project but you will find the comfort and the facilities to be the same. All the projects by the Shriram groups provide you with smart home and smart features. Now Shriram group has 30 years of an unprecedented primacy and has been successfully organizing throughout. They have numerous projects in Jaipur, Rajasthan and even in other cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad. Some of the plots in Jaipur, built by the developer of the Sriram plots are the liviano, which is in Jaipur and is a plot developed by the Shriram groups. They even have a plot named Shri Om Bhagwati which is also situated in Jaipur and is near Shiva temple and also provides a lot of benefits and features too. These plots are all developed by the same developer of the Shriram plots, the developer has developed many plots all around Jaipur, Rajasthan and even many other cities in India. Therefore they are quite trustworthy and even famous when it comes to plot development.
Most Commonly Asked
  • Q: What documents should I have ready to initiate and complete the booking process etc.?

    A: The list of documents required to confirm your booking is below;
    1. Residence / Address proof (Aadhar Card Copy)
    2. Identity proof
    3. PAN card copy
    4. Passport size photographs
    5. Bank Attested Signature
    6. Copy of Passport for NRI customers
    7. Further details are available in the Application Form
  • Q: What kind of amenities does the project come loaded with? Give me a few important ones please.

    A: Awesome amenities are around to ensure you and your family fall in love with your home every day! Some important ones are;
    1. Normal Park / Central Green
  • Q: How can i get a brochure of this project?

    A: Sorry no brochure available for now, but you can call our Toll free No. 1800 208 3344 (7 days in a week 10:00 am to 6:30 pm). Our folks would be happy to help you.
  • Q: What are the other projects & their construction status been undertaken by this developer?

    A: We take care to list projects being built only by reputed and experienced developers. In this case, Shree Ram Group Jaipur is established since 1990. A list of their project(s) follows;
    1. South Ex Montana Independent Floors - delivered
    2. Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave - under construction
    3. Shreeram South Court - under construction
  • Q: How far has the construction of this project reached?

    A: You should know that we only list projects from trusted top rated developers. This ensures peace of mind for buyers like you. The construction stage of Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave is presently New Launch
  • Q: What kind of dwelling units does this project offer?

    A: Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave offers well designed commercial units of type(s) {{unitTypes}}. Feel free to explore options.
  • Q: Are there any really special features that I should know about?

    A: Apart from the listed amenities, special features of Shree Ram Custom Officers Enclave are;
    1. Presenting low price plots at a prime location
    2. Near NH 12 and the upcoming International Airport
    3. Offers a strategic location
    4. Its also a huge education as well shopping hub

Ratings & Reviews

Rating this project
  • Mukesh |12 Oct 2019
    A famous and well-known project.
    This project is well known and reputed so you will have a lovely time spent here. You will enjoy the royalty that this project provides. So, you can invest in this project for some luxurious living. The developer is reputed too. They have made this project keeping in mind all the necessary things you will need. They are famous and therefore you can give this project a try.
    0 people found this helpful
  • Adarsh |12 Oct 2019
    All types of transportation available.
    The best part about this project is that you will get all the necessary transportation. There is a metro station nearby and you even get buses. So, you will not face the problem of traveling even. Travelling is a big problem but this project does not have such a problem. You will be able to access all the transports from here. You will be able to easily access this project.
    0 people found this helpful
  • Supriya |12 Oct 2019
    The perfect home
    This place has become my home. The location of this place is lovely and it even has all the important places nearby. You will have no problem with this place. The homely atmosphere is provided here. You will enjoy the home as it has activities which will keep you and your family engaged. Hence, if you want a perfect home, you should definitely invest here.
    0 people found this helpful
  • Sonalika |12 Oct 2019
    Perfect peace of mind.
    This place provides you with a lovely peace of mind. You will enjoy the peace this project provides you with. Therefore, the place freshens ups your mind. While staying at a place, your peace of mind is very important and therefore they provide you with this most important thing. You will get your peace of mind while you stay here.
    0 people found this helpful
  • Ram |12 Oct 2019
    Shree Ram provides the best amenities.
    This place is the best when it comes to investing. They have all the necessary amenities and even provide a lovely atmosphere and ambiance. You will enjoy staying here with your family and even children. So, you can invest here. You will be provided with all the important amenities and even get comfortable and cozy rooms and even the bests of ambiance.
    0 people found this helpful

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