How do you know which is the best color scheme for your house?

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Colors and designs are immensely subjective aspects. In this context, here are some tips that can help. You can start by choosing a color of your liking for the room which is most centrally situated or is the biggest one in the house. This could be the living room of the house or even the kitchen and is the best place to start the coloring journey. You may opt for a neutral and soft shade for the main room in the house and this will make choosing other colors much easier. White is something that matches almost everything. You can also start out with the room that you wish to deck out in a bold hue. If you have a bolder color in mind, start out with the room where you will use the same.

Once done, choose a softer and lighter color for the room next to it. You can always have bold shades adjacent to each other although there are aesthetic considerations to be kept in mind. Once you have chosen a color for the first room in the home, a simple method is to choose colors of similar patterns and hues for adjacent walls and rooms alike. You can choose the next colors on the paint chip or have the same color mixed with white for a lighter avatar. Choose colors which complement each other. Tints or shades with similar hues will work really well in contemporary homes. You may use your environment or natural elements like the beach or mountains for your inspiration in terms of choosing suitable color options. In case there is a proper separation between multiple floors of the house, you may create different moods upstairs as compared to the downstairs area.

Answered on November 4, 2020.
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