How Geotagging is useful for real estate industry?

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RE: How Geotagging is useful for real estate industry?

Geotagging is a geographical information system that enables service where any residential, commercial, agricultural land, industrial, or institutional property is tagged with geographical location. Geotagging technology could do wonders for real estate because it is heavily disoriented and plagued with disputes.

This technology can bring a revolution not just for real estate customer, but also from an administrative perspective. In India, raw data are abundant in the real estate sector by using geotagging technology, it could be turned into tables which helps to understand the dynamics of modern cities.

Recently the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs launched e-Dharti Geo Portal based on GIS (Geographical Information System) technology.

The benefits of geotagging for the real estate industry:

  • It can help real estate companies in location-based marketing. Currently, companies are using predictive analytics technologies to pinpoint where buyers are in but by using geolocation companies can pinpoint their physical location.
  • By geotagging your property will help you bring your property in the top spot in search engine. Few real estate companies are using geotagging while listing their properties and help them to optimize their listings.
  • Geotagged property images and videos help customers to locate the property quickly compared to non-geotagged property.
  • Geotagged data help companies to understand the customers’ behaviours, location trends, residential hotspots, etc.



Answered on October 31, 2020.
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