How reclaimed wood is used as low cost building material?

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RE: How reclaimed wood is used as low cost building material?

Reclaimed wood is chiefly sourced from a prior product and repurposed for future usage. It is generally retrieved from old wooden veranda flooring, discarded or unusable factory paraphernalia, and from warehouse items. Sometimes certain firms obtain reclaimed wood offbeat sources like train coaches, mining beams and old wooden barrels, ships, de-commissioned structures, wooden-crates, pieces from old school-furniture and cabinetries, packaging pallets besides several other alternatives.

Antiquated or reclaimed wood finds primary use in a few of the following applications:

  • Home décor
  • Constructing a home
  • Architectural details
  • Cabinet making
  • Wood-flooring
  • Furniture making
  • Wall panelling
  • Tables
  • Countertops
  • Shelves

The toughness of reclaimed wood is rated to be harder versus that of freshly obtained wood, as it is commonly obtained from older trees rather than new ones. It’s ‘Green-Signal’ on this front.

It is eco-friendly. Using reclaimed wood helps to curtail deforestation by decreasing the demand for fresh lumber for construction purposes. Landfill waste reduction is achievable by responsible harvesting of reclaimed wood, as it then assumes the role of a renewable resource. A green footprint too can be left, for curbing environmental pollution, by using reclaimed wood for the manufacturing of new items and materials. For instance, a greener alternative to linoleum flooring for kitchen areas or installation of furnishing with a petroleum base, would be installation of wooden flooring using reclaimed wood. It is cost effective and makes the earth smile.


Answered on November 6, 2020.
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