Is there any cutting edge technology is used in the real estate construction industry?

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RE: Is there any cutting edge technology is used in the real estate construction industry?

3D concrete printing by robots is one of the latest cutting edge technologies is used in real estate construction industry. Most of these developments are mainly deployed in developed countries like America, France, Spain, Britain, etc. and a few developing countries. Construction machinery and human labor have always been the strongest backbone of the real estate industry.

While technology has been at the forefront to reduce human efforts in large projects, the current machinery is not suitable for on-site operations. Larger construction objects are printed and then carried on-site which incurs a significant cost of transportation.

How concrete structures are printed currently

Concrete objects are the basic building blocks of any architectural project. They may vary in shape and size, but usually, use a mixture of cement to ensure strength and rigidity. At present, these blocks are printed by huge machines in a warehouse and then transported on-site for deployment.

However, two problems arise out of this situation:

  • The machinery is much larger in size than the printed objects
  • Transportation of such objects is difficult, costly and time-consuming

RE: Is there any cutting edge technology is used in the real estate construction industry?

Robotic arms to lead the way forward

A group of scientists has developed a method of using multiple robotic arms to print 3-D concrete structures at a much faster pace. Commonly referred to as swarm printing, this 3-D printing method will rely on automation and AI to print various concrete structures.

Leading a team of young scientists, Assistant Professor Pham Quang Cuong from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore developed and published a paper about this revolutionary technology is a renowned civil engineering journal, Automation in Construction.

How does this new technology work?

This technology was aimed at bringing down the construction cost of real estate properties by using robotic arms that could be transported down to the work site and print the required structures over there only. As per the developers, not only this technology will bring down the cost of building such structures, it will also significantly decrease the making time for such projects.

Here is a breakdown of how the printing process will work:

  • A computer maps out the design to be printed and assigns specific jobs to the arms
  • The computer makes sure that the arms work in unison and do not collide with each other at the time of printing
  • The robotic arms now start the act of printing the structure in the specific alignment and position
  • While printing, a specially formulated concrete mix is added to the structure to ensure consistency and rigidity of the structure.
  • The final product is produced and is available for deployment after drying out.







Answered on August 13, 2020.
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