What is Alienation of property?

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RE: What is Alienation of property?

Alienation means a transfer of property. Alienation is an act of transfer of title of the property voluntarily and completely to a different party, making it no longer the property is belonging to that person. When alienation is done, the titles of ownership are transferred from one individual to another.

  • Most of the real estate property is alienable, but some may be subject to restraints on alienation.
  • In Property Law, through alienation an individual transfers the real estate property and possession of lands, tenements, or other things to another.

Nearly every home loan today contains alienation provision, which means the title cannot transfer and a buyer cannot buy subject to an existing loan without triggering a due on sale clause.

Alienation has an additional significance in Hindu Law, as, conventional, neither the Karta nor some other coparceners separately, possesses full power of alienation over the joint family property or his interest in the joint family property.



Answered on July 6, 2020.
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