What is meant by Zoning?

RE: What is meant by Zoning?

The process of allocating land area in a municipality into zones, as to restrict land use purpose, their number, and types of buildings are called Zoning. It is mainly done by local authorities like the city Municipal Corporation, according to prevalent zoning laws.

  • Zoning classifications encompass residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, hospitality, recreational, etc.
  • Zoning laws are amendable and can be done by the local authority as long as the area falls into jurisdiction within the state. The particular land parcel zone may be reconsidered for broader public welfare.

What is the main purpose of zoning?

  • To promote public health, safety, and general welfare
  • To conserve and protect ecological area and heritage building sites
  • To encourage the proper use of land

For example:

Suppose Gurugram City Municipal Corporation, has allocated 25 hectares of land area for the recreational development purpose as per zoning laws. A renowned developer wants to develop a commercial project in that recreational zoned land parcel. In favour of broader public welfare, the proposal of the commercial project will be declined for that land parcel. Municipal Corporation will not allow any commercial development on that land parcel.

Zoning is used as a tool by the local government for the town or city planning purposes to develop a master plan. Zoning laws are applied when it comes to real estate development to check rampant and unregulated constructions. According to zoning laws, only the floor space index (FSI) is determined to limit the maximum height of the building in a specific area and types of development.


Answered on July 11, 2020.
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