What is Tenant Acqusition Management Solution in real estate?

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RE: What is Tenant Acqusition Management Solution in real estate?

Tenant Acquisition Management (TAM) solution is integrated software that helps real estate broker or company to manage the lead to lease cycle and provide a holistic view of your properties. It is the latest technology that is being used by fewer real estate companies or large brokers in India.

TAM solutions enable real estate companies or agents to connect with customers, search, and shortlist properties, manage tenant interactions and create lease agreements on a fingertip. It helps to get a real-time consolidate overview of the sales pipeline information to take appropriate data based informed decision.

For Instance, Wipro TAM launched by in collaboration with Wipro and SAP SE. Azuro launched by Square Yards is a Tenant Acquisition Management solution.

TAM solution has dual benefits that help to improve real estate companies bottom-line by reducing the unwanted costs and drives better tenant experience. It assists real estate agents in the tenant screening process to qualify tenants so that they could focus on more serious leads. It’s also capable of giving insights into the property and markets to keep agents updated.

The real estate agents by using TAM solution can manage their daily process online and search the most suitable properties for tenant quickly. They can manage their all transactions, interactions, and tenant agreements.



Answered on November 6, 2020.
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