What is the assessed valuation of a property?

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RE: What is the assessed valuation of a property?

The assessed valuation is the value that a taxing authority assigns to a property, for determining the applicable taxation amount for that specific property. This assessment is done every year, considering variables such as property estimations and market economic situations in the neighboring areas.

  • It factors in the comparable home sales & inspections.
  • It tends to be lower than the fair market value of the property.
  • Different regions have different procedures for calculating assessed value, however, the basic standards are primarily the same.

Local government bodies like Municipal Corporation conducts this appraisal for estimating the pertinence of property taxes based on the monetary value of the property. The evaluated estimation of the property is arrived at by the assessor.Any property tax exemptions that the proprietor might be eligible for are considered in and afterward the value are multiplied by the multipliers utilized by that municipality to arrive at the assessed value to decide the applicable property taxes.

If the assessed value of a property is higher than the fair market value, the property has most likely been over-assessed by the assessor, and the owner is probably paying more taxes than actual assessed valuation taxes.


Answered on July 7, 2020.
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