What is the scope for urban planning studies in India?

Urban planning as a career, holds immense scope for future growth. It is basically the procedure concerning the welfare of citizens, designing urban environments covering communication and transportation networks, usage of land and safeguarding and enhancing the natural environment. Urban development basically translates into societal development in tandem with the management and planning of contemporary urban centers. There is immense scope for graduates in urban planning today since this is one of the in-demand career options today along with skilled people to take care of appraisal real estate, valuation and other aspects. The programs in urban planning are tailored to offer sound learning in regional and urban planning to aspirants.


There are several opportunities for aspirants in the real estate sector, private and public sectors, service sector, non-profit housing agencies, social agencies, global consulting companies and more. Foreign countries in Europe and even the USA have huge demand for urban planning graduates along with several countries in Asia as well. Aspirants can enroll themselves for higher education with master’s degrees in urban planning or even Ph.D degrees in urban planning. Future job positions include urban designer, urban planner, city planner, planning advisor and planning manager. Aspirants passing 10+2 examination in science with Mathematics as a compulsory subject, will be eligible for urban planning courses. Candidates pursuing Master’s degrees in urban planning should possess Bachelor’s degrees in urban planning.


Answered on October 8, 2020.
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