Why Sector 56 is the most preferred rental hubs of Gurgaon?

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RE: Why Sector 56 is the most preferred rental hubs of Gurgaon?

Sector 56 is a residential locality of Gurugram that lies in the vicinity of Cyber City and also has a station on the Rapid Metro. Located on the junction of Golf Course Road and Golf Course Extension Road, Sector 56 is an established rental hub, preferred by working professionals, students and families alike. In the recent past, the sector has been observed to be popular among buyers for not just rentals, but also property investment, making it one of the most popular localities in Delhi-NCR among buyers and as a rental destination.

Block-A, Sector 56

Block-A forms the northern portion of Sector 56 and comprises of co-operative group luxury housing societies apart from some premium societies by private developers. This block of Sector 56 commands higher rental rates and property values vi’s-à-vis other blocks. A 3-BHK unit here can be rented in the range of Rs 35,000 – 50,000 per month, in return of which the tenant enjoys multiple amenities including 24*7 power back-up, intercom facility, 24*7 security and club or recreation zones to name a few.

Block-B and Block-C, Sector 56

These blocks are marked by good amenities, including healthcare facilities, parks, green areas and local markets and marts. Markets, in particular, are popular with the denizens of Gurugram and are frequented every day by healthy crowds. These blocks are located the closest to the Rapid Metro Sector 56 station and this factor has given a boost to the rental ask rates of the recently constructed independent builder floors and houses, some of which belong to luxury segment and offer high-end amenities including spas and patios. This boost has been more than what has been observed in the co-operative group housing societies of other blocks. A 2-BHK unit here typically sees a rental asks rate in the range of Rs 22,000 – 28,000.

Block-E, Sector 56

This block is the most economical out of all the areas of Sector 56 and is a haven for newbie professionals and bachelors who can’t afford to rent an entire floor by themselves (or don’t need one in the first place) and are willing to share the residence among themselves. Block-E mostly comprises of mid-range co-operative group housing society apartments available at nominal rental rates. A typical 3-BHK unit here has rental asking rate in the range of Rs 20,000 – 25,000.


Answered on August 25, 2020.
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The tenant base, in particular, has exhibited confidence in the suitability of the sector as a rental base, with a 7% rise in rental asks year-on-year in 2019-20. Sector-56 is a saturated locality from a real estate perspective and most of the residential options here are in resale and ready-to-move-in formats.

The best part about Sector 56 as a rental haven is that it caters to a wide array of tenant community and offers all kinds of rental options – affordable, mid-range as well as luxury. And its proximity to Cyber City courtesy the Rapid Metro adds glitter to its already shining prospects as a preferred rental destination in Gurugram. Last but not the least, the strategic positioning of the sector presents great returns on investment for property owners and investors here, while also offering a good quality of living to the residents.


Answered on August 25, 2020.
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