15 Modern POP Plus Minus Design Ideas 2021 for Ceiling & Walls

Commercial spaces have wholeheartedly embraced the appeal of pop interior designs. In fact, it has been a wonderful inclusion in office spaces as well as shops too. But now, with the emergence of new modern pop plus-minus design, it has acquired a prominent position in residential spaces too. Today, pop also gets used in the decor of homes. And on this note, here’s presenting the Modern POP Plus Minus Design 2021. Learn more about the modern pop plus-minus design for ceiling and walls. Let’s learn further.

1. Pop Design with Flowers

This can be a wonderful bedroom modern pop plus-minus design! The floral design with pop on wallslooks immensely luxurious. The added touch gets the pastel colour added to its ceiling. As a matter of fact, its design makesthe bedroom wall look luxuriously modern.

2. Brick wall Pop Design

Including a rustic design in the house is child’s play. this modern pop plus minus design. And this minus plus pop design new 2019 is just great! The brick wall with rough texture and pop may gain attention from guests. Add it to the living room wall!

3. A Yin and Yang Pop Design

Being one minus plus design, the modern home looks extraordinarily beautiful with such a glamorous exposure. This design looks beautiful on the living room ceiling. Its monochromatic look can maintain the symbolic beauty of the place.

4. A Film Roll POP Design

The plus minus pop design with colour can be excellent for the lounge area’s ambience. Besides this, it’s extremely relaxing. That’s a place where you can read books and watch movies. The film roll pop design on the ceiling for a lounge area can be an ideal fit. It connotesthe love for films!

5. Guitar Modern Pop Plus Minus Design

With anything pop, it becomes intriguing to implement a great living room modern pop plus minus design! And just in case you are the musician, the design might be your cup of tea. You can make the guitar design on the bedroom ceiling.

6. Simple Layout Pop Design

This is one more plus minus pop design for the lobby roof! When the room is well interior decorated, overstuffing ceilings may be bad. Thus, the simple layout ceiling design may help tone down &balance the decor.

7. Rectangular Pop Design

This rectangular block pop design happens to be a good choice for small spaces. The plus minus design is perfect for your drawing room or small bedrooms.

8.The modern ceiling

It specifically looks amazing when it is coloured white or even off white. When you wish for a vibrant look, always choose colourful lighting rather than brightpaints and choose this minus plus pop design new 2021!

9. Religious POP Designs

If you are a devotee, you can include such a design. But you must never forget that the puja room should be decorated with the design. Maybe, you can include the Om design with the pop on your wall behind where you keep the idol!

10. POP Design for Drawing Room

If you have a large or medium living room, you can choose the modern pop plus minus design 2019! Nothing would look better than this one. You can add an extravagant chandelier on your primary layer and present a luxurious look.

 11.Tropical leaves on boho interior

You should always start the tropical leaf made of pop from atop the ceiling’s middle. Paint it with the boho tropical green colour and include some design on the opposite walls. You may extend the design from a ceiling corner to the other corner. As a matter of fact, it is the best plus minus pop design for the lobby!

12.Murals on the luxurious ceiling’s corners

You can consider choosing this luxurious look because it happens to be a great design for ceiling like palaces. What you can do is add some murals on every corner of the ceilings, followed by straight lines. In fact, the house will look stunning with the design. All in all, this design is a very ancient one. Still, it manages to be one of the top-notch modern pop plus minus design idea.

13.Make fireplace look like the unit

This is an intriguing idea that you can implement accordingly. For this reason, you may make the fireplace look like the unit. What you can do is with pop, you can make the unit design on the fireplace wall. Your fireplace catches attention already. And this false design that has pop may make it more glamorous.

14.The Circle Cut

The next is this plus minus pop design! It is not necessary that the full-blown designs would look good every time. Basically, the simplest designs are regarded to be elegant. The circle cut out from the ceiling with the plain texture happens to be the one among those designs. As a matter of fact, colouring the ceiling in alight shade might also be recommendable.

15.Fish Scale Pop Design

The last in this list is the fish scales design! This pop design minus plus design apparently is smelly. However, the pattern is extremely satisfying. As a matter of fact, the fish scale designsthat are made with the pop on the living room wall may turn the visitors into admirers. So, you can keep it completely white! And if you want to include a vibrant colour, you can add details in the pattern. In fact, colouring the whole thing may damage its beauty.

Wrapping up

So, these are the 15 modern pop plus minus design ideas 2021 for ceiling & walls! These minus plus pop design ideas have garnered immense momentum in recent days. If you want to include any of these designs, you can contact a seasoned interior designer for beautifying your home interior. Until then, you can decide on any of the aforementioned designs.