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1 Acre is equal to 0.00 Square Kilometer

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When someone says Acre or Square Kilometer, the only thing that strikes into mind is how small or big these units are and how to convert Acre to Sq Km? So, if you are amongst folks who are looking forward to the specifics of Acre to Km2 conversion, then you have landed on the ideal blog. We have summarized Acre to Square Kilometer conversion, conversion formula with examples, their definitions, how they differ, and a lot more. Just keep scrolling and get answers to every possible query.

What is Acre?

Acre is one amongst the originally used measurement units which belongs to the imperial system of units. It is counted amongst the oldest measurement units that are quite popular across the world. Acre is explicated as an area 1 furlong long and 4 rods wide.

Acre is predominantly used to measure vast tracts of land together with plots. Over the years the value of Acre has greatly evolved. It marked its presence throughout the  British Empire with the Anglo-Saxon Acres.

An acre can be used for measuring land area regardless of its shapes including rectangular area, circular area, and even pentagon-shaped area. The land equivalent to one acre can have any length or width, it's just the overall area should not surpass 43,560 Square Feet.

1 Acre can be specified as an area equivalent to 4,047 Square Meters and 0.4047 Hectares. The Acre is a US customary as well as the imperial unit of area. Moreover, Acre is abbreviated as ac. For instance, 1 Acre is also written as 1 ac.

In India, Square Feet, Hectare and Acre is used as a land measurement unit for measuring residential plots. Bigha is also one of the popular units when it comes to land measurement across India and is used to measure bigger tracts of land.

Measurement of Acre in Different Units

 One Acre 43,560 Square Feet
 One Acre 4,047 Square Meters
 One  Acre 0.4047 Hectares
 One  Acre 4,840 Square Yards
 One Acre 1/640th of Square Mile

 What is a Square Kilometer?

A Square Kilometer is a standard scale for area measurement. Square Kilometer is defined as an area with each side equivalent to 1 Kilometer. It is also specified as a multiple of Square Meter. It is abbreviated as km2 or sq. km.

It is not just a new era measurement unit as its use is noticed since the olden days. For instance, the old Jerusalem city encompasses an area approximately equal to one Square Kilometer. Moreover, other well-known parks around the globe including Brierley Forest Park of the United Kingdom, Texas Kiest Park, along with golf courses are perfectly built within an area equal to 1 Square Kilometer.

It is sometimes also referred to as a square km. In abbreviation form, it is written as sq km or km². In simple words, we can write 1 Square Kilometer as 1 sq km and 1 km².

Additionally, One Square Kilometer is equivalent to 1,000,000 Square Metres,

100 Hectares and 247.1 Acres. Nowadays, Square Kilometer is used for describing cities and countries' length and breadth. For instance, the total area of India in terms of Square Kilometers is 32,87,263.

Measurement of Square Kilometer in Different Units

 One Square Kilometer 10,00,000 Square Meters
 One Square Kilometer 100 Hectare
 One Square Kilometer 247.105 Acres
 One Square Kilometer 0.386102 Square Mile
 One Square Kilometer 1195990.05 Square Yard

Relationship between Acre to Square Kilometer

Understanding these units individually is an easy feat. We know that since the old days these units have been taken into consideration for the measurement of small to large land tracts. But to convert Acre to Square Kilometer, knowing this much isn't enough. You need to understand how these units are related to each other to put forward easy yet effective Acre to Kilometer conversion.

Although, the relationship of Acre to Sq Km isn’t tuff to decipher, especially when you know the underlying values, conversion ratio, and other details.

1 Acre is Equal to 0.00404686 Square Kilometer and 1 Square Kilometer is equal to 247.10538145 Acre. This is how exactly these two units relate to one another.

How to Convert Acre to Sq Km

To have a clear way of Acre to Sq Km conversion you can either use the Acres to Sq Km conversion calculator or can simply compute the value through the Acre to Sq Km conversion formula.

Converting Acre to Square Kilometer through the conversion calculator is seamless, as you need to enter the value in Acre that you need to convert into Square Kilometer and that is it. Well, having access to the calculator round the clock might not be possible thus, you should get familiar with the Acre to Sq Km conversion formula.

To convert the values through formula you just have to multiply the given value with 0.004046856422 and you will obtain the final figure in terms of Square Kilometers. In other words, when you convert 1 Acre in Square Kilometers you get 0.004046856422.

Although, it is recommended to use a calculator to convert Acres to Sq Km, as it acts as a time savior.

Formula for Converting Acre to Square Kilometer [ Acre to Km2]

The Acre to Km2 conversion is quick and easy when you count on the conversion formula.

The formula for the conversion of Acre to Km2 is:

km2 = Acres x 0.00404685642

Refer to the following example to carry out the conversion yourself with utmost ease.

Task: Convert 5000  Acre to Km2

The formula used  to convert Acres to Square Kilometers is:

Acre x 0.00404685642 = km2

Input the values in the given formula

5,000 Acres x 0.00404685642

It is equivalent to 20.2342821 km2

Examples to Understand Conversion of  Acres to Square Km

For better understanding, let's have a look at an array of  Acres to Square Km conversion examples. It will help you out in having a clear vision about the conversion parameter.

Convert 100 Acres in Square Kilometers

To convert 100 Acres in Square Kilometers, multiply 100 with the conversion ratio that is 0.00404685642.

Thus, 100 Acres in Square Kilometers = 100 * 0.00404685642 which is equal to 0.40469  Square Kilometers.

Convert 67 Acres to Square Kilometers

To convert 67 Acres to Square Kilometers, multiply 67 with the conversion ratio that is 0.00404685642.

Thus, 67 Acres to Square Kilometers = 67 * 0.00404685642 which is equal to 0.2711423 Square Kilometers.

Convert 30 Acre to Sq Kilometer

To convert 30 Acre to Sq Kilometer, multiply 30 with the conversion ratio that is 0.00404685642.

Thus, 30 Acre to Sq Kilometer = 30* 0.00404685642 which is equal to 0.121407 Square Kilometers.

Convert 50 Acres to Sq Km

To convert 50 Acres to Sq Km, multiply 50 with the conversion ratio that is 0.00404685642.

Thus, 50 Marla in Square Meter = 50 * 0.00404685642 which is equal to 0.202345 Square Kilometers.

Acre to Square Kilometer Conversion Table

By now, we have a clear idea about the Ares to Sq Km conversion. Even we have the option of a calculator to get the values in minimal time. Yet, keeping your convenience in mind we have enlisted the values of  Acre to km2 conversion in tabular form. Now you don't need to compute the values for Acres per square kilometer as you can get it at your fingertips by just scrolling the page.

Acre[ac]Square Kilometer[



Acre to Square Kilometer[ac to



1 acre0.0040469 sq.km1 Acre is equal to 0.0040469 Square Kilometer
2 acre0.0080938 sq.km2 Acre is equal to 0.0080938 Square Kilometer
3 acre0.0121407 sq.km3 Acre is equal to 0.0121407 Square Kilometer
4 acre0.0161876 sq.km4 Acre is equal to 0.0161876 Square Kilometer
5 acre0.0202345 sq.km5 Acre is equal to 0.0202345 Square Kilometer
6 acre0.0242814 sq.km6 Acre is equal to 0.0242814 Square Kilometer
7 acre0.0283283 sq.km7 Acre is equal to 0.0283283 Square Kilometer
8 acre0.0323752 sq.km8 Acre is equal to 0.0323752 Square Kilometer
9 acre0.0364221 sq.km9 Acre is equal to 0.0364221 Square Kilometer
10 acre0.040469 sq.km10 Acre is equal to 0.040469 Square Kilometer
11 acre0.0445159 sq.km11 Acre is equal to 0.0445159 Square Kilometer
12 acre0.0485628 sq.km12 Acre is equal to 0.0485628 Square Kilometer
13 acre0.0526097 sq.km13 Acre is equal to 0.0526097 Square Kilometer
14 acre0.0566566 sq.km14 Acre is equal to 0.0566566 Square Kilometer
15 acre0.0607035 sq.km15 Acre is equal to 0.0607035 Square Kilometer
16 acre0.0647504 sq.km16 Acre is equal to 0.0647504 Square Kilometer
17 acre0.0687973 sq.km17 Acre is equal to 0.0687973 Square Kilometer
18 acre0.0728442 sq.km18 Acre is equal to 0.0728442 Square Kilometer
19 acre0.0768911 sq.km19 Acre is equal to 0.0768911 Square Kilometer
20 acre0.080938 sq.km20 Acre is equal to 0.080938 Square Kilometer
21 acre0.0849849 sq.km21 Acre is equal to 0.0849849 Square Kilometer
22 acre0.0890318 sq.km22 Acre is equal to 0.0890318 Square Kilometer
23 acre0.0930787 sq.km23 Acre is equal to 0.0930787 Square Kilometer
24 acre0.0971256 sq.km24 Acre is equal to 0.0971256 Square Kilometer
25 acre0.1011725 sq.km25 Acre is equal to 0.1011725 Square Kilometer
26 acre0.1052194 sq.km26 Acre is equal to 0.1052194 Square Kilometer
27 acre0.1092663 sq.km27 Acre is equal to 0.1092663 Square Kilometer
28 acre0.1133132 sq.km28 Acre is equal to 0.1133132 Square Kilometer
29 acre0.1173601 sq.km29 Acre is equal to 0.1173601 Square Kilometer
30 acre0.121407 sq.km30 Acre is equal to 0.121407 Square Kilometer
31 acre0.1254539 sq.km31 Acre is equal to 0.1254539 Square Kilometer
32 acre0.1295008 sq.km32 Acre is equal to 0.1295008 Square Kilometer
33 acre0.1335477 sq.km33 Acre is equal to 0.1335477 Square Kilometer
34 acre0.1375946 sq.km34 Acre is equal to 0.1375946 Square Kilometer
35 acre0.1416415 sq.km35 Acre is equal to 0.1416415 Square Kilometer
36 acre0.1456884 sq.km36 Acre is equal to 0.1456884 Square Kilometer
37 acre0.1497353 sq.km37 Acre is equal to 0.1497353 Square Kilometer
38 acre0.1537822 sq.km38 Acre is equal to 0.1537822 Square Kilometer
39 acre0.1578291 sq.km39 Acre is equal to 0.1578291 Square Kilometer
40 acre0.161876 sq.km40 Acre is equal to 0.161876 Square Kilometer
41 acre0.1659229 sq.km41 Acre is equal to 0.1659229 Square Kilometer
42 acre0.1699698 sq.km42 Acre is equal to 0.1699698 Square Kilometer
43 acre0.1740167 sq.km43 Acre is equal to 0.1740167 Square Kilometer
44 acre0.1780636 sq.km44 Acre is equal to 0.1780636 Square Kilometer
45 acre0.1821105 sq.km45 Acre is equal to 0.1821105 Square Kilometer
46 acre0.1861574 sq.km46 Acre is equal to 0.1861574 Square Kilometer
47 acre0.1902043 sq.km47 Acre is equal to 0.1902043 Square Kilometer
48 acre0.1942512 sq.km48 Acre is equal to 0.1942512 Square Kilometer
49 acre0.1982981 sq.km49 Acre is equal to 0.1982981 Square Kilometer
50 acre0.202345 sq.km50 Acre is equal to 0.202345 Square Kilometer
51 acre0.2063919 sq.km51 Acre is equal to 0.2063919 Square Kilometer
52 acre0.2104388 sq.km52 Acre is equal to 0.2104388 Square Kilometer
53 acre0.2144857 sq.km53 Acre is equal to 0.2144857 Square Kilometer
54 acre0.2185326 sq.km54 Acre is equal to 0.2185326 Square Kilometer
55 acre0.2225795 sq.km55 Acre is equal to 0.2225795 Square Kilometer
56 acre0.2266264 sq.km56 Acre is equal to 0.2266264 Square Kilometer
57 acre0.2306733 sq.km57 Acre is equal to 0.2306733 Square Kilometer
58 acre0.2347202 sq.km58 Acre is equal to 0.2347202 Square Kilometer
59 acre0.2387671 sq.km59 Acre is equal to 0.2387671 Square Kilometer
60 acre0.242814 sq.km60 Acre is equal to 0.242814 Square Kilometer
61 acre0.2468609 sq.km61 Acre is equal to 0.2468609 Square Kilometer
62 acre0.2509078 sq.km62 Acre is equal to 0.2509078 Square Kilometer
63 acre0.2549547 sq.km63 Acre is equal to 0.2549547 Square Kilometer
64 acre0.2590016 sq.km64 Acre is equal to 0.2590016 Square Kilometer
65 acre0.2630485 sq.km65 Acre is equal to 0.2630485 Square Kilometer
66 acre0.2670954 sq.km66 Acre is equal to 0.2670954 Square Kilometer
67 acre0.2711423 sq.km67 Acre is equal to 0.2711423 Square Kilometer
68 acre0.2751892 sq.km68 Acre is equal to 0.2751892 Square Kilometer
69 acre0.2792361 sq.km69 Acre is equal to 0.2792361 Square Kilometer
70 acre0.283283 sq.km70 Acre is equal to 0.283283 Square Kilometer
71 acre0.2873299 sq.km71 Acre is equal to 0.2873299 Square Kilometer
72 acre0.2913768 sq.km72 Acre is equal to 0.2913768 Square Kilometer
73 acre0.2954237 sq.km73 Acre is equal to 0.2954237 Square Kilometer
74 acre0.2994706 sq.km74 Acre is equal to 0.2994706 Square Kilometer
75 acre0.3035175 sq.km75 Acre is equal to 0.3035175 Square Kilometer
76 acre0.3075644 sq.km76 Acre is equal to 0.3075644 Square Kilometer
77 acre0.3116113 sq.km77 Acre is equal to 0.3116113 Square Kilometer
78 acre0.3156582 sq.km78 Acre is equal to 0.3156582 Square Kilometer
79 acre0.3197051 sq.km79 Acre is equal to 0.3197051 Square Kilometer
80 acre0.323752 sq.km80 Acre is equal to 0.323752 Square Kilometer
81 acre0.3277989 sq.km81 Acre is equal to 0.3277989 Square Kilometer
82 acre0.3318458 sq.km82 Acre is equal to 0.3318458 Square Kilometer
83 acre0.3358927 sq.km83 Acre is equal to 0.3358927 Square Kilometer
84 acre0.3399396 sq.km84 Acre is equal to 0.3399396 Square Kilometer
85 acre0.3439865 sq.km85 Acre is equal to 0.3439865 Square Kilometer
86 acre0.3480334 sq.km86 Acre is equal to 0.3480334 Square Kilometer
87 acre0.3520803 sq.km87 Acre is equal to 0.3520803 Square Kilometer
88 acre0.3561272 sq.km88 Acre is equal to 0.3561272 Square Kilometer
89 acre0.3601741 sq.km89 Acre is equal to 0.3601741 Square Kilometer
90 acre0.364221 sq.km90 Acre is equal to 0.364221 Square Kilometer
91 acre0.3682679 sq.km91 Acre is equal to 0.3682679 Square Kilometer
92 acre0.3723148 sq.km92 Acre is equal to 0.3723148 Square Kilometer
93 acre0.3763617 sq.km93 Acre is equal to 0.3763617 Square Kilometer
94 acre0.3804086 sq.km94 Acre is equal to 0.3804086 Square Kilometer
95 acre0.3844555 sq.km95 Acre is equal to 0.3844555 Square Kilometer
96 acre0.3885024 sq.km96 Acre is equal to 0.3885024 Square Kilometer
97 acre0.3925493 sq.km97 Acre is equal to 0.3925493 Square Kilometer
98 acre0.3965962 sq.km98 Acre is equal to 0.3965962 Square Kilometer
99 acre0.4006431 sq.km99 Acre is equal to 0.4006431 Square Kilometer
100 acre0.40469 sq.km100 Acre is equal to 0.40469 Square Kilometer

Difference Between Acre to Square Kilometer

To carry effective conversion of Acres in a Square Kilometer along with the relationship amongst the two, you need to understand the actual difference too. Both are well-known measurement standards but at certain points, they vary a bit from each other in terms of their uses, applicability, relation with each other, and much more.

To make Acre to Sq Km conversion an easy feat for you we have encapsulated the difference amongst these two popular units. Before practically applying these units to your work, just go through the baseline.

Basis of Comparison





Square Kilometer
MeaningAcre is the foremost unit for land measurement.  It is coequal to  43560 sq ft and 4840 sq yd. Moreover, it is one of the British Imperial units that is still popular as an area measurement parameter.

Square Kilometer is a standard unit widely used for vast land tracts. It is generally used for measuring large distances in the real estate sector.
Symbol (Abbreviation)“ac”“Sq km”
RelationshipOne Acre is equivalent to 0.00404686 Square KilometerOne Square Kilometer is equivalent to 247.10538145 Acres

Acre to Kilometer

Conversion Formula

For Acre to Square Kilometer conversion, just multiply the value with  0.00404686

Thus, the formula will be, Square Kilometer = Acre * 0.00404686

To convert Kilometer area into Acre, all you need to do is multiply the value with 247.10

Resulting formula will be, Acre = Square Kilometer * 247.10538145

Example Using Formula (Convert 10 Acre to Square Kilometer and 10 Square kilometer to Acre)

Enter the values within the conversion formula that is Square Kilometer = Acre * 0.00404686

To compute the conversion value,  multiply 10 Acre by 0.00404686 and the resulting value is 0.0445159 Square Kilometers.

Enter  the values within the conversion formula that is Acre = Square Kilometer * 247.10538145

To compute the conversion  value multiply 10 by  and the resulting value will be 2471.05 Acres

UseAcre is well known measurement unit and is commonly used to measure farmlands, forest area, cities for plotting them, along with other considerably large areasSquare Kilometer is one of the highly used units of the metric system. Usually, it is used to measure large geographical distances such as to measure the area of a city or to determine distance between two locations.

Current Use of Acre

Acre is widely used across the world for measuring vast tract land. Additionally, in the real estate domain to measure the size of plots for the sale and purchase purpose, people count on Acre.

Current Use of Square Kilometer

Square Kilometer is predominately used to measure area worldwide. Its significance can be seen across numerous parks and golf clubs at well-known places of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many acres are in a square kilometer?

1 Square Kilometer comprises  247.1053815 Acres in total.

How many Sq Km are there in an Acre?

There are 0.004046856422 Sq Km in an Acre.

What is the formula to convert Acre to Square Kilometer?

The formula to convert Acre to Square Kilometer is:
Square Kilometer = Acre * 0.004046856422.

What size is 1 Acre of land?

1 acre is almost equal to  208.71 feet * 208.71 feet, 4,840 Square Yards and 43,560 Square Feet.

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