All About Ground to Square Yards Unit Conversion in Indian Real Estate

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1 Ground is equal to 0.00000000 Square Yards

  • Square Feet
  • Square Meter
  • Acre
  • Hectare
  • Square Centimeter
  • Square Kilometer
  • Square Gaj
  • Kanal
  • Bigha
  • Biswa
  • Biswa Kacha
  • Killa
  • Lessa
  • Dhur
  • Pura
  • Chatak
  • Marla
  • Square Yard
  • Square Mile
  • Ground
  • Decimal
  • Katha
  • Cent
  • Murabba
  • Square Inch
  • Guntha
  • Square Karam
  • Ares
Ground to Square Yards Unit Conversion

Here in this article, we will discuss on - Ground, Square Yards, some common land measurement units, how to convert Ground to Square Yards, an easy way to convert units, how to measure the area of land, and a few different terms used in Real Estate.

Ground to Square Yards Unit Conversion

Speaking about new career options in the 20th Century, Real Estate comes in the top few places. This industry may look easy for outsiders but as you step inside the real game starts. Buying and selling properties is nerve-wracking if you don't know how to measure land or units of measurement. Especially in India, where there is a major geographic diversity and the locals of different regions have their land measurement units. It becomes really difficult for a newcomer or a layman to understand the real estate jargon and unit conversions. For example, in North and East India, the popular units are Bigha, Kanal, Biswa and a few more. Now in some parts of the country, the unit for land measurement is Square Yards. So they may ask you to convert Biswa to Square Yards, and so on. Now, if you don't know what these terms are and what their values are in different regions, you can't calculate.

What is Ground?

Among most of the South Asian countries, India uses several regional units. The Ground is one among them. This unit is commonly used in the Southern states of India, especially in Tamil Nadu. Before rationalisation of the metric system in the mid 20th century, Ground was widely used and still is popular among Real Estate jargons. A half Ground land is sufficient to construct a small and standard individual house in a small town.

1 Ground is equivalent to

  • 203 Square Meter
  • 2400 Square Feet
  • 67 Square Yards
  • 0550 Acre
  • 0223 Hectare

In South India, one may need to convert Ankanam, Cent, Kuncham, and Guntha to Square Yards if required. These units are used for measuring residential plots in rural areas generally. Two of the standard units that are used to measure large agricultural lands are Hectare and Acre. But to sell a plot of land from the large tracts, one may need to convert Hectare to Square Yards or Acre to Square Yards. Before 1960, another unit that was used primarily for land measurement was Ares/Are. Later that year, it was no longer recognised by the international system of units. The regional broker or the local government may ask you to convert Ares/Are to Square Yards. 1 Are is equivalent to 120 Square Yards.

Similarly, the Northern and Eastern states of India use Bigha, Biswa, Kanal, Killa, Gaj, Sarsai, and Marla, whereas the Western states use Lecha, Kattha, Chatak, Dhur, and Decimal. These units do not have a standard value and change from one region to another. Kanal and Marla were considered as primary land measurement units during British reign, but with standardization of units in the urban areas, it is used only in the outskirts. Thus to sell properties in a city, you may need to convert Kanal to Square Yards or some other standard land measurement units.

What are Square Yards?

Among all the Globally used land measurement units, Square Yards is widely used in the UK, the US, Canada, India, and Pakistan. In most of the English-speaking countries, this unit has been replaced by Square Meter and therefore you must know how to Convert Square Meter to Square Yards. Though Square Meter is used to measure two-dimensional objects and avoided in case of one dimension cases. One Square Yard area means a plot of land bounded by 1-yard boundary walls on each side.

1 Square Yard is equivalent to

  • 8361 Square Meter
  • 9 Square Feet
  • 0002 Acre
  • 00008 Hectare.

In India, under the Real Estate Regulatory Authority launched by the Indian Government to look after the Real Estate industry of the country, Square Feet is considered as the mandatory land measurement unit. Yet there are local governments who prefer land measurement in terms of Square Yards. So knowledge of converting Square Feet to Square Yards is necessary. With the registration of real estate properties and agents on the RERA portal, they are bound to comply with the rules and regulations led down by the Authority.

Conversion of Ground to Square yards

Conversion of regional land measurement units to standard ones is necessary to prevent fraudulent activities. This is one of the reasons why the Government of India has taken initiative to include all the real estate properties under RERA and measurement, values, prices, along with the rules and regulations remains the same for all the land in case of buying or selling properties. Moreover, the Standard units have a particular value within the country but the values of the local units keep changing from one state to another and even within a state. For example, if you consider converting the value of Bigha to Square Yards, 1 Pucca Bigha in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana is equivalent to 3025 square yards whereas 1 Kaccha Bigha in the other parts of the states is equivalent to 1008.33 square yards. Now, this change of values will leave a great impact on the price of the property, causing a disturbance in the industry and creating ways to fraud sellers.

1 Ground is equivalent to 266.67 Square Yards, whereas 1 Square Yard is equivalent to 0.00375 Grounds. To convert any area of land measured in terms of Ground to Square Yards, you need to multiply it by 266.67. Here, for an easy calculation, we have rounded off the real value to two decimal places. You can round off the value according to your calculation efficiency. The result obtained will be an approximate value but is not having a huge difference from the original one.

Tips regarding Land Measurement

  • While you are measuring land you must know the difference between residential property and agricultural property. One can construct a building on residential property but not on agricultural plots. For that, you need to convert agricultural plots to residential lands.
  • Another thing to remember is that these agricultural fields are measured in terms of acres and hectares. Hectare is considered as a legal unit, that is, all the legal documents record lands in terms of hectares.
  • If the plot of land is having a regular shape then you can formulate the area using a mathematical formula.
  • If the land is irregular in shape, then you need to divide it into several geometric plots and then calculate the area for each one of them. Finally, add them up to get the actual area of the plot.
  • If you are converting some regional units into standard or another regional unit, then it is better to use an online area converter or calculator. This will save time and at the same time, you will get a reliable and errorless result.

These are some of the tips that may help you while measuring your land from the next time.

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Q1. How to use an online land area converter?

Ans. Search for an online area calculator on the internet. Then enter the total area, the unit of measurement, the region where you need the information of lands, and the unit of measurement you want to convert into.

Q2. How much are 30 Grounds equal to in Square Yards?

Ans. 30 Grounds is equal to 8000 Square Yards.

Q3. How much are 50 Square Yards equal to in Square Feet?

Ans. 1 Square Yard is equal to 9 Square Feet. So, 50 Square Yards is equal to 50×9, that is, 450 Square Feet.

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