Amsterdam Real Estate Market Surpasses its Pre-crisis Peak

Amsterdam property market has followed a very rapid and aggressive pattern in the housing prices since past few years. 2008 is the best year in the records for its all-time high real estate property prices and later in 2014, the bar was higher than ever. The city saw a decline in the rate of property transactions whereupon an appreciation in the prices of the real estate properties in the city was observed. As per a recent report, the cheap money which is touring around the European market has cast a spell on Amsterdam property market with the magic-money wand. Amsterdam is the first city in the country to highlight the fastest signs of recovery from the financial crisis and now, gradually, other cities of the country are also recovering from that. The housing prices are higher than before the financial crisis, but the market is quite stable and healthy because of reviewed Mortgage rules.

The financial crisis had put a pause to the housing development in the country and now developers have stated that the shortage in housing will continue to be observed in cities with less population. As the existing housing developments are not able to meet the expectations of the buyers, the need for new housing development is growing in the country. Demand for housing will be vigorous as interest rates are expected to be lower.

Housing prices in Amsterdam are expected to soar higher and other cities of the country are likely to show signs of revival in the coming years, as per the report. A decade of distress in the Amsterdam market property will finally come to an end after sharp fall in the prices. The rate of owner-occupied houses will show a slower growth rate and hence, a significant rise in the property market is expected in 2018 which will become the backbone of the expected boom in the 2019 property market.