Bigha to Acre: A beginner’s guide to real estate conversions

1 Bigha is equal to 0.25 Acre

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What is Bigha?

There are several local land measurement units that are popular in India including Bigha. Bigha is one of those commonly used and preferable land measurement units throughout the country, especially for mapping bigger plots of land. Bigha is used extensively throughout numerous South Asian nations such as Bangladesh and Nepal apart from India. Within India itself, the Bigha unit is commonly used throughout numerous States including Bihar, Assam, Haryana, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

Bigha is hugely popular as a land measurement unit in India although it is not used in the Southern parts of the country. They have other localized measurement units for land. The Bigha does not have any standardization, i.e. there is no standard value and this will change from one Indian State to another. Here are the varying values of Bigha across multiple Indian States:

  • Bihar- 27, 220 square feet
  • Assam- 14, 400 square feet
  • Jharkhand- 27, 211 square feet
  • Gujarat- 17, 424 square feet
  • Himachal Pradesh- 8, 712 square feet
  • Haryana- 27, 225 square feet
  • Punjab- 9, 070 square feet
  • Madhya Pradesh- 12,000 square feet
  • Uttar Pradesh- 27, 000 square feet
  • Rajasthan- 27, 255 square feet
  • West Bengal- 14, 400 square feet
  • Uttarakhand- 6, 804 square feet

Bigha does not have any particular equivalent in English currently and in spite of the growing popularity of several globally acceptable measurement units, Bigha is still hugely popular amongst people in India, particularly throughout northern India. Bigha and Ropani are used extensively throughout Nepal. Land measurement is implemented via the metric system which is recognized globally and the usage of these units is not as popular.

A Bigha works out to 1.67 acres in Nepal while it comprises of 13.31 Ropani too. Bigha is also used in Bangladesh with 1 acre being equivalent to three Bighas in the country. Katha is also used throughout Bangladesh. Bigha is also used in Fiji and equates to an acre.

What is Acre?

The acre is one of the oldest units used throughout the world for measurement of vast land parcels. It has evolved considerably over the years and has been traditionally deployed throughout the reign of the British Empire. The Anglo-Saxon acre has been defined as a strip of land which is 1 x 1/10 furlong or 40 x 4 rods which is roughly 660 x 66 feet. Used throughout the U.S. and Imperial systems, the contemporary acre equates to 43, 560 square feet and 0.4047 hectares along with 4,480 square yards and 4,047 square meters. An acre may also be defined as the area which is a furlong long and four rods wide.

Imperial units are basically systems of weights and measures that were used from 1824 onwards in Great Britain till the metric system was adopted from 1965. Defined in metric terms, the units are also a part of the Customary System in the U.S. and this has been derived from the Imperial System in Britain. Acre comes from aker, the ancient English term and this indicates open field. Acre does not have any shape which is prescribed and is sometimes abbreviated as ac too.

Acre is used worldwide as a unit for measuring land including numerous countries such as France, Spain, Canada, U.S, Germany and Jamaica along with India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The United Kingdom has always seen widespread usage of the acre and back in the Middle Ages, an acre was classified as the area which could be ploughed by a yoke (eight) of oxen in one day. The measurement unit has always been popular and even large farms were expressed in sizes through acres instead of the more practical square mile. The acre does not come with any regular measurement indicators and it does not indicate the same area in countries where it is used regularly.

An acre in Scotland works out to 1.27 standard acres while the Irish acre equates to 1.6 U.S. or British acres. Residential plots in India have measurements in square feet while agricultural land measurements are done in hectares or acres. Bigha is the unit which is locally used in North India.

Relation between Bigha and Acre

The relationship of Bigha to Acre is not hard to work out. You can readily convert Bigha to Acre if you know the underlying values and relationship common to these two units. For answers to your query of 1 ekad me kitne Bigha or 1 ekad me kitna Bigha, you should know that it is equal to 0.6198347106 acres. 1 acre is also equal to 1.6 Bigha. Now that you know 1 bigha equal to acre and 1 acre to bigha values, you can easily convert Bigha in 1 acre if required.

How to Convert from Bigha to Acre

You can simply convert Bigha to Acre by following an easy method. You just have to multiply the figure in Bigha by 0.6198347106 to arrive at the final figure in Acres. This is all you need to do for undertaking the conversion procedure.

The formula for Converting Bigha to Acre

There is a simple formula for converting Bigha to Acre that is given below for your perusal-

Acre = Bigha * 0.6198347106.

Bigha to Acre Conversion Table

BighaAcreBigha to Acre
1 bigha0.25 acre1 Bigha is equal to 0.25 Acre
2 bigha0.5 acre2 Bigha is equal to 0.5 Acre
3 bigha0.75 acre3 Bigha is equal to 0.75 Acre
4 bigha1 acre4 Bigha is equal to 1 Acre
5 bigha1.25 acre5 Bigha is equal to 1.25 Acre
6 bigha1.5 acre6 Bigha is equal to 1.5 Acre
7 bigha1.75 acre7 Bigha is equal to 1.75 Acre
8 bigha2 acre8 Bigha is equal to 2 Acre
9 bigha2.25 acre9 Bigha is equal to 2.25 Acre
10 bigha2.5 acre10 Bigha is equal to 2.5 Acre
11 bigha2.75 acre11 Bigha is equal to 2.75 Acre
12 bigha3 acre12 Bigha is equal to 3 Acre
13 bigha3.25 acre13 Bigha is equal to 3.25 Acre
14 bigha3.5 acre14 Bigha is equal to 3.5 Acre
15 bigha3.75 acre15 Bigha is equal to 3.75 Acre
16 bigha4 acre16 Bigha is equal to 4 Acre
17 bigha4.25 acre17 Bigha is equal to 4.25 Acre
18 bigha4.5 acre18 Bigha is equal to 4.5 Acre
19 bigha4.75 acre19 Bigha is equal to 4.75 Acre
20 bigha5 acre20 Bigha is equal to 5 Acre
21 bigha5.25 acre21 Bigha is equal to 5.25 Acre
22 bigha5.5 acre22 Bigha is equal to 5.5 Acre
23 bigha5.75 acre23 Bigha is equal to 5.75 Acre
24 bigha6 acre24 Bigha is equal to 6 Acre
25 bigha6.25 acre25 Bigha is equal to 6.25 Acre
26 bigha6.5 acre26 Bigha is equal to 6.5 Acre
27 bigha6.75 acre27 Bigha is equal to 6.75 Acre
28 bigha7 acre28 Bigha is equal to 7 Acre
29 bigha7.25 acre29 Bigha is equal to 7.25 Acre
30 bigha7.5 acre30 Bigha is equal to 7.5 Acre
31 bigha7.75 acre31 Bigha is equal to 7.75 Acre
32 bigha8 acre32 Bigha is equal to 8 Acre
33 bigha8.25 acre33 Bigha is equal to 8.25 Acre
34 bigha8.5 acre34 Bigha is equal to 8.5 Acre
35 bigha8.75 acre35 Bigha is equal to 8.75 Acre
36 bigha9 acre36 Bigha is equal to 9 Acre
37 bigha9.25 acre37 Bigha is equal to 9.25 Acre
38 bigha9.5 acre38 Bigha is equal to 9.5 Acre
39 bigha9.75 acre39 Bigha is equal to 9.75 Acre
40 bigha10 acre40 Bigha is equal to 10 Acre
41 bigha10.25 acre41 Bigha is equal to 10.25 Acre
42 bigha10.5 acre42 Bigha is equal to 10.5 Acre
43 bigha10.75 acre43 Bigha is equal to 10.75 Acre
44 bigha11 acre44 Bigha is equal to 11 Acre
45 bigha11.25 acre45 Bigha is equal to 11.25 Acre
46 bigha11.5 acre46 Bigha is equal to 11.5 Acre
47 bigha11.75 acre47 Bigha is equal to 11.75 Acre
48 bigha12 acre48 Bigha is equal to 12 Acre
49 bigha12.25 acre49 Bigha is equal to 12.25 Acre
50 bigha12.5 acre50 Bigha is equal to 12.5 Acre
51 bigha12.75 acre51 Bigha is equal to 12.75 Acre
52 bigha13 acre52 Bigha is equal to 13 Acre
53 bigha13.25 acre53 Bigha is equal to 13.25 Acre
54 bigha13.5 acre54 Bigha is equal to 13.5 Acre
55 bigha13.75 acre55 Bigha is equal to 13.75 Acre
56 bigha14 acre56 Bigha is equal to 14 Acre
57 bigha14.25 acre57 Bigha is equal to 14.25 Acre
58 bigha14.5 acre58 Bigha is equal to 14.5 Acre
59 bigha14.75 acre59 Bigha is equal to 14.75 Acre
60 bigha15 acre60 Bigha is equal to 15 Acre
61 bigha15.25 acre61 Bigha is equal to 15.25 Acre
62 bigha15.5 acre62 Bigha is equal to 15.5 Acre
63 bigha15.75 acre63 Bigha is equal to 15.75 Acre
64 bigha16 acre64 Bigha is equal to 16 Acre
65 bigha16.25 acre65 Bigha is equal to 16.25 Acre
66 bigha16.5 acre66 Bigha is equal to 16.5 Acre
67 bigha16.75 acre67 Bigha is equal to 16.75 Acre
68 bigha17 acre68 Bigha is equal to 17 Acre
69 bigha17.25 acre69 Bigha is equal to 17.25 Acre
70 bigha17.5 acre70 Bigha is equal to 17.5 Acre
71 bigha17.75 acre71 Bigha is equal to 17.75 Acre
72 bigha18 acre72 Bigha is equal to 18 Acre
73 bigha18.25 acre73 Bigha is equal to 18.25 Acre
74 bigha18.5 acre74 Bigha is equal to 18.5 Acre
75 bigha18.75 acre75 Bigha is equal to 18.75 Acre
76 bigha19 acre76 Bigha is equal to 19 Acre
77 bigha19.25 acre77 Bigha is equal to 19.25 Acre
78 bigha19.5 acre78 Bigha is equal to 19.5 Acre
79 bigha19.75 acre79 Bigha is equal to 19.75 Acre
80 bigha20 acre80 Bigha is equal to 20 Acre
81 bigha20.25 acre81 Bigha is equal to 20.25 Acre
82 bigha20.5 acre82 Bigha is equal to 20.5 Acre
83 bigha20.75 acre83 Bigha is equal to 20.75 Acre
84 bigha21 acre84 Bigha is equal to 21 Acre
85 bigha21.25 acre85 Bigha is equal to 21.25 Acre
86 bigha21.5 acre86 Bigha is equal to 21.5 Acre
87 bigha21.75 acre87 Bigha is equal to 21.75 Acre
88 bigha22 acre88 Bigha is equal to 22 Acre
89 bigha22.25 acre89 Bigha is equal to 22.25 Acre
90 bigha22.5 acre90 Bigha is equal to 22.5 Acre
91 bigha22.75 acre91 Bigha is equal to 22.75 Acre
92 bigha23 acre92 Bigha is equal to 23 Acre
93 bigha23.25 acre93 Bigha is equal to 23.25 Acre
94 bigha23.5 acre94 Bigha is equal to 23.5 Acre
95 bigha23.75 acre95 Bigha is equal to 23.75 Acre
96 bigha24 acre96 Bigha is equal to 24 Acre
97 bigha24.25 acre97 Bigha is equal to 24.25 Acre
98 bigha24.5 acre98 Bigha is equal to 24.5 Acre
99 bigha24.75 acre99 Bigha is equal to 24.75 Acre
100 bigha25 acre100 Bigha is equal to 25 Acre

Current Use of Bigha

Bigha is used as a measurement unit for land in India, encompassing northern States and other parts of the country including West Bengal, Rajasthan and more. It is generally used for measuring bigger tracts of land.

Current Use of Acre

Acre is used extensively throughout the world for land measurement including the United Kingdom, United States (U.S.), and India among other countries.

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1. How to calculate Bigha to Acre

You only have to multiply the value in Bigha by 0.6198347106 to get the final value in Acre.

2. What is the formula for converting Bigha to Acre

The formula for converting Bigha to Acre is the following-
Acre = Bigha * 0.6198347106.

3. How many Acres in 1 Bigha?

1 Bigha contains 0.6198347106 Acres in total.

4. How many Bighas in 1 Acre?

1 Acre contains 1.6 Bighas in all.

5. What are Bigha and Acre used for?

Both Bigha and Acre are used for land measurement purposes.

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