Bigha to Decimal Converter: Definition, Conversion Formula, Examples

1 Bigha is equal to 25.00 Decimal

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Bigha and Decimal are quite popular locally used land measurement units and have their own significance. If you are here, we can surely say that you are stuck in a scenario where you need to convert a value from Bigha to Decimal. The conversion can be a cakewalk if you are already familiar with the Bigha to Decimal conversion process. But what if you are a newbie and don’t even know the ABC of these units? No worries as Square Yards got you covered with this extensive Bigha to Dismil guide. For easy conversion count on our Bigha to Decimal converter. Without wasting time, keep scrolling and know everything you are looking for.

What is Bigha?

Apart from an array of globally recognized units of measurement, numerous local measurement units are also taken into consideration in India. Bigha is quite a popular local measurement unit across Indian states. The popularity of Bigha is evident in certain South Asian countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh.

In India from eastern to northern regions, people are well-known to Bigha as a measurement parameter. From Assam in the East to Madhyapradesh in the Middle to Punjab and Haryana in the North, Bigha is predominantly used as a measurement unit.

Despite its popularity, Bigha isn’t used widely across the southern part of the nation as other local units are in vogue across south India. Although, there is no standard value for Bigha and the value varies from one state to another. Refer to the below-mentioned table to determine the value of Bigha across different states:

Value of Bigha Across Different States

 Name of State In Square Feet In Acre
 Haryana 27,225 0.25
 Punjab 9,070 0.25
 Rajasthan One Pucca Bigha is equal to  27,225

One Kuchha Bigha is equal to 17,424

 One Pucca Bigha is equal to 0.625

One Kuchha Bigha is equal to 0.4

 Madhya Pradesh 12,000 0.27
 Assam 14,400 0.3306
 Uttar Pradesh 27,000 0.625
 Bihar 27,220 3.025
 West Bengal 14348.29 0.33
 Gujarat 17,427 0.4
 Himachal Pradesh 8,712 0.2
 Jharkhand 27,211 3.02
 Uttarakhand 6,804 0.2

Measurement of Bigha in Different Units

 One Bigha 2,990 Square Yards
 One Bigha 2,500 Square Meter
 One Bigha 1.04 Ground
 One Bigha 0.62 Acre
 One Bigha 2.30 Guntha
 One Bigha 26910.66 Square Feet

 What is Decimal?

Decimal is a conventional land measurement unit quite popular in India and Bangladesh. It is used predominantly across West Bengal as a land measuring unit. In general people of rural areas consider it to measure an area that is less than an acre.

Transactions of real estate are mathematical yet monetary in nature. Thus, the use of fractions, decimals as well as percentages becomes crucial to deal in terms of sales and purchases. Decimal is termed as a value whose integer part is separated from the fractional part by inserting a decimal point. The dot [.] within a decimal number is called decimal.

Decimal is equal to 1/100th of Acre. Additionally, Decimal is equivalent to 435.6 Square Feet, and 100 Decimals together make an Acre.

Measurement of Decimal in Different Units

 One Decimal 0.004 Hectare
 One Decimal 0.01 Acre
 100 Decimal 1 Acre
 One Decimal 40.47 Square Meter
One Decimal 48.4 Square Yard
 One Decimal 435.6 Square Feet

 Relationship between Bigha and  Decimal

The relationship of Bigha to Decimal  isn’t hard to decipher. In fact, the Bigha to Dismil figures are vital to go further with the Bigha to Decimal conversion. You just have to apply a simple logic to understand the relationship between the two. To understand the conversion formula, you must know how these measurement units relate internally.

That is 1 Bigha is equal to 61.98 Decimal whereas 1 Decimal is equal to 0.01599853 Bigha. These values act as a conversion ratio while converting values from one unit to another. This relationship governs the inter-related transactions across the real estate sector while converting a value from Bigha to Decimal.

In simple words:

1 Bigha = 61.98 Decimal

1 Decimal = 0.03024722222 Bigha

How to Convert Bigha to Decimal ( Bigha to Dismil)

To carry out seamless Bigha to Decimal conversion you can either rely on the  Bigha to Decimal converter calculator or can choose to compute values through the conversion formula.

To convert values from Bigha to Dismil through a calculator just enter the value in Bigha and the calculator will show you the correlated value in Dismil.  However, you can compute the values through the formula by simply multiplying the given Bigha value with the conversion ratio.

In Bigha to Decimal conversion, the conversion ratio is 61.98.

For example to convert 11 Bigha to Decimal

Multiply 11 by 61.98 that is equivalent to 681.78 Decimal.

Formula for Converting Bigha to Decimal

Convert values from Bigha to Decimal through a quick and easy conversion formula.

The formula to convert Bigha to Decimal is:

Decimal = Bigha * 61.98.

Examples to Understand Conversion of Bigha to Decimal

Let us go through certain examples to understand how the conversion formula works:

Convert 8 Bigha to Dismil

To Convert 8 Bigha to Decimal , multiply 8 with the conversion ratio that is 61.98.

Thus, Convert 8 Bigha in Decimal  = 8* 61.98 which is equal to 495.84 Decimal.

Convert 4 Bigha to Dismil

To Convert 4 Bigha to Decimal , multiply 4 with the conversion ratio that is 61.98.

Thus, Convert 4 Bigha in Decimal  = 4* 61.98 which is equal to 247.92 Decimal.

Convert 5 Bigha to Dismil

To Convert 5 Bigha to Decimal , multiply 5 with the conversion ratio that is 61.98.

Thus, Convert 5 Bigha in Decimal  = 5* 61.98 which is equal to 309.9 Decimal.

Bigha to Decimal Conversion Table

BighaDecimeterBigha to Decimeter
1 bigha61.98 decimeter1 Bigha is equal to 61.98 Decimeter
2 bigha123.96 decimeter2 Bigha is equal to 123.96 Decimeter
3 bigha185.94 decimeter3 Bigha is equal to 185.94 Decimeter
4 bigha247.92 decimeter4 Bigha is equal to 247.92 Decimeter
5 bigha309.9 decimeter5 Bigha is equal to 309.9 Decimeter
6 bigha371.88 decimeter6 Bigha is equal to 371.88 Decimeter
7 bigha433.86 decimeter7 Bigha is equal to 433.86 Decimeter
8 bigha495.84 decimeter8 Bigha is equal to 495.84 Decimeter
9 bigha557.82 decimeter9 Bigha is equal to 557.82 Decimeter
10 bigha619.8 decimeter10 Bigha is equal to 619.8 Decimeter
11 bigha681.78 decimeter11 Bigha is equal to 681.78 Decimeter
12 bigha743.76 decimeter12 Bigha is equal to 743.76 Decimeter
13 bigha805.74 decimeter13 Bigha is equal to 805.74 Decimeter
14 bigha867.72 decimeter14 Bigha is equal to 867.72 Decimeter
15 bigha929.7 decimeter15 Bigha is equal to 929.7 Decimeter
16 bigha991.68 decimeter16 Bigha is equal to 991.68 Decimeter
17 bigha1053.66 decimeter17 Bigha is equal to 1053.66 Decimeter
18 bigha1115.64 decimeter18 Bigha is equal to 1115.64 Decimeter
19 bigha1177.62 decimeter19 Bigha is equal to 1177.62 Decimeter
20 bigha1239.6 decimeter20 Bigha is equal to 1239.6 Decimeter
21 bigha1301.58 decimeter21 Bigha is equal to 1301.58 Decimeter
22 bigha1363.56 decimeter22 Bigha is equal to 1363.56 Decimeter
23 bigha1425.54 decimeter23 Bigha is equal to 1425.54 Decimeter
24 bigha1487.52 decimeter24 Bigha is equal to 1487.52 Decimeter
25 bigha1549.5 decimeter25 Bigha is equal to 1549.5 Decimeter
26 bigha1611.48 decimeter26 Bigha is equal to 1611.48 Decimeter
27 bigha1673.46 decimeter27 Bigha is equal to 1673.46 Decimeter
28 bigha1735.44 decimeter28 Bigha is equal to 1735.44 Decimeter
29 bigha1797.42 decimeter29 Bigha is equal to 1797.42 Decimeter
30 bigha1859.4 decimeter30 Bigha is equal to 1859.4 Decimeter
31 bigha1921.38 decimeter31 Bigha is equal to 1921.38 Decimeter
32 bigha1983.36 decimeter32 Bigha is equal to 1983.36 Decimeter
33 bigha2045.34 decimeter33 Bigha is equal to 2045.34 Decimeter
34 bigha2107.32 decimeter34 Bigha is equal to 2107.32 Decimeter
35 bigha2169.3 decimeter35 Bigha is equal to 2169.3 Decimeter
36 bigha2231.28 decimeter36 Bigha is equal to 2231.28 Decimeter
37 bigha2293.26 decimeter37 Bigha is equal to 2293.26 Decimeter
38 bigha2355.24 decimeter38 Bigha is equal to 2355.24 Decimeter
39 bigha2417.22 decimeter39 Bigha is equal to 2417.22 Decimeter
40 bigha2479.2 decimeter40 Bigha is equal to 2479.2 Decimeter
41 bigha2541.18 decimeter41 Bigha is equal to 2541.18 Decimeter
42 bigha2603.16 decimeter42 Bigha is equal to 2603.16 Decimeter
43 bigha2665.14 decimeter43 Bigha is equal to 2665.14 Decimeter
44 bigha2727.12 decimeter44 Bigha is equal to 2727.12 Decimeter
45 bigha2789.1 decimeter45 Bigha is equal to 2789.1 Decimeter
46 bigha2851.08 decimeter46 Bigha is equal to 2851.08 Decimeter
47 bigha2913.06 decimeter47 Bigha is equal to 2913.06 Decimeter
48 bigha2975.04 decimeter48 Bigha is equal to 2975.04 Decimeter
49 bigha3037.02 decimeter49 Bigha is equal to 3037.02 Decimeter
50 bigha3099 decimeter50 Bigha is equal to 3099 Decimeter
51 bigha3160.98 decimeter51 Bigha is equal to 3160.98 Decimeter
52 bigha3222.96 decimeter52 Bigha is equal to 3222.96 Decimeter
53 bigha3284.94 decimeter53 Bigha is equal to 3284.94 Decimeter
54 bigha3346.92 decimeter54 Bigha is equal to 3346.92 Decimeter
55 bigha3408.9 decimeter55 Bigha is equal to 3408.9 Decimeter
56 bigha3470.88 decimeter56 Bigha is equal to 3470.88 Decimeter
57 bigha3532.86 decimeter57 Bigha is equal to 3532.86 Decimeter
58 bigha3594.84 decimeter58 Bigha is equal to 3594.84 Decimeter
59 bigha3656.82 decimeter59 Bigha is equal to 3656.82 Decimeter
60 bigha3718.8 decimeter60 Bigha is equal to 3718.8 Decimeter
61 bigha3780.78 decimeter61 Bigha is equal to 3780.78 Decimeter
62 bigha3842.76 decimeter62 Bigha is equal to 3842.76 Decimeter
63 bigha3904.74 decimeter63 Bigha is equal to 3904.74 Decimeter
64 bigha3966.72 decimeter64 Bigha is equal to 3966.72 Decimeter
65 bigha4028.7 decimeter65 Bigha is equal to 4028.7 Decimeter
66 bigha4090.68 decimeter66 Bigha is equal to 4090.68 Decimeter
67 bigha4152.66 decimeter67 Bigha is equal to 4152.66 Decimeter
68 bigha4214.64 decimeter68 Bigha is equal to 4214.64 Decimeter
69 bigha4276.62 decimeter69 Bigha is equal to 4276.62 Decimeter
70 bigha4338.6 decimeter70 Bigha is equal to 4338.6 Decimeter
71 bigha4400.58 decimeter71 Bigha is equal to 4400.58 Decimeter
72 bigha4462.56 decimeter72 Bigha is equal to 4462.56 Decimeter
73 bigha4524.54 decimeter73 Bigha is equal to 4524.54 Decimeter
74 bigha4586.52 decimeter74 Bigha is equal to 4586.52 Decimeter
75 bigha4648.5 decimeter75 Bigha is equal to 4648.5 Decimeter
76 bigha4710.48 decimeter76 Bigha is equal to 4710.48 Decimeter
77 bigha4772.46 decimeter77 Bigha is equal to 4772.46 Decimeter
78 bigha4834.44 decimeter78 Bigha is equal to 4834.44 Decimeter
79 bigha4896.42 decimeter79 Bigha is equal to 4896.42 Decimeter
80 bigha4958.4 decimeter80 Bigha is equal to 4958.4 Decimeter
81 bigha5020.38 decimeter81 Bigha is equal to 5020.38 Decimeter
82 bigha5082.36 decimeter82 Bigha is equal to 5082.36 Decimeter
83 bigha5144.34 decimeter83 Bigha is equal to 5144.34 Decimeter
84 bigha5206.32 decimeter84 Bigha is equal to 5206.32 Decimeter
85 bigha5268.3 decimeter85 Bigha is equal to 5268.3 Decimeter
86 bigha5330.28 decimeter86 Bigha is equal to 5330.28 Decimeter
87 bigha5392.26 decimeter87 Bigha is equal to 5392.26 Decimeter
88 bigha5454.24 decimeter88 Bigha is equal to 5454.24 Decimeter
89 bigha5516.22 decimeter89 Bigha is equal to 5516.22 Decimeter
90 bigha5578.2 decimeter90 Bigha is equal to 5578.2 Decimeter
91 bigha5640.18 decimeter91 Bigha is equal to 5640.18 Decimeter
92 bigha5702.16 decimeter92 Bigha is equal to 5702.16 Decimeter
93 bigha5764.14 decimeter93 Bigha is equal to 5764.14 Decimeter
94 bigha5826.12 decimeter94 Bigha is equal to 5826.12 Decimeter
95 bigha5888.1 decimeter95 Bigha is equal to 5888.1 Decimeter
96 bigha5950.08 decimeter96 Bigha is equal to 5950.08 Decimeter
97 bigha6012.06 decimeter97 Bigha is equal to 6012.06 Decimeter
98 bigha6074.04 decimeter98 Bigha is equal to 6074.04 Decimeter
99 bigha6136.02 decimeter99 Bigha is equal to 6136.02 Decimeter
100 bigha6198 decimeter100 Bigha is equal to 6198 Decimeter

Difference Between Bigha to Decimal

By now you have enough information about the conversion of Bigha to Decimal and the relationship between the two. Both are land measurement units yet differ from each other in some parameters. To understand these units from core, it is essential to understand where these two actually differ.

Here is a rundown of major differences between Bigha and Decimal units:

Basis of DifferencesBighaDecimal
MeaningBigha is a traditional yet popular unit of land measurement that is widely used across Northern, Eastern regions across India such as Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh.Decimal  is a conventional area measurement unit that is commonly used in Bangladesh and India.

UsageIt is commonly used for expressing the land measurement area across India.

It is used for expressing land measurement in India specifically across West Bengal.

SymbolBi, bigha, beeghaNot Applicable
AcceptanceUttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Assam in India.This unit is broadly used in West Bengal in India and In Bangladesh.

Relation 1 Bigha = 61.98 Decimal1 Decimal = 0.03024722222 Bigha

 Current Use of Bigha

Bigha is predominantly used for measuring lands in numerous states of India including Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Punjab Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. It is a conventional land measurement unit used by the locals for a long time.

Current Use of Decimal

 Decimal is largely used in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan along other Asian Countries. In India, it is widely used across West Bengal and other rural areas as a land measurement parameter.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many Decimals are there in Bigha?

1 Bigha is equivalent to 61.98 Decimal.

What is the value of 1 Bigha?

1 Bigha is equal to 2,990 Square Yards,  2,500 Square Meter,  0.62 Acre and 61.98 Decimal.

How many Bighas are there in 1 Decimal?

There are 0.03024722222 Bighas in 1 Decimal.

What are Bigha and Decimal Used for?

Both units are used for land measurement.

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