Market Overviews

Miami Housing Snapshot

Miami’s residential prices have increased for a 6th consecutive year with houses witnessing steeper price rises due to reducing inventory and rising demand especially...
Square Times Bureau
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Tokyo Housing Snapshot

Tokyo residential prices have increased from CY 2014- CY 2016 but factors like polarization, high vacancy rates, declining population have led to sharp decline...
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Chicago Housing Snapshot

Chicago residential market recovery leading to a steady price increase, flat sales activity primarily due to weak supply. Chicago is considered the 12th most...
Square Times Bureau
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Vancouver Housing Market Report 2018

Vancouver is the best performing housing market in Canada characterized by rallying capital appreciation, tight supply and insatiable demand for housing. The market, however,...
Square Times Bureau
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Brisbane Housing Market Study 2018

Brisbane’s residential market, especially the detached houses segment has risen steadily over the last year due to the rise in population, falling unemployment and...
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Singapore Housing Market Study 2018

Singapore residential market on recovery with house prices bottoming out and implementation of government property cooling measures.Investors investing in the Singapore Housing market have...
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Liverpool Housing Market

Liverpool is home to one of the strongest performing housing markets in North West England due to the huge student population, low property prices...
Square Times Bureau
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Manchester Housing Market Study

Manchester outpacing most cities in the UK in terms of capital appreciation and rental yields. Greater Manchester housing market had witnessed the capital appreciation...
Square Times Bureau
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Dubai Property Snapshot

Dubai residential market has been a story of increased supply and unsold stock resulting in declining prices over the last three years. This price...
Square Times Bureau
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Toronto Property Market Snapshot

Toronto housing witnessed massive price increases till the first quarter of 2017 due to inexpensive lending market, strong economic conditions, robust demand and tight...
Square Times Bureau
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Hong Kong Housing Market Snapshot

Hong Kong is the most expensive housing market globally, followed by Sydney. The similarity with Sydney housing market w.r.t capital appreciation and affordability concerns...
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London Housing Snapshot

Declining housing prices due to additional stamp duty tax, rising unaffordability, Brexit uncertainty and general election results, while other English cities still going strong....
Square Times Bureau
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