Celebrate Apne Ghar Diwali with Square Yards

Diwali – India’s biggest festival holds great significance for the country’s economy.

Real Estate, jewelry, automobiles, textile, and other sectors look forward to Diwali to make a massive splash. After all, it is the time when India sees the maximum huge sale of goods and material. Sensex also shows remarkable growth during Diwali.

All of this happens for just one reason – we Indians love to shop. We love to buy stuff all through the year. Diwali gives us one more reason to buy things we love, and think are valuable.

The only difference is that during the Diwali season, we stretch our shopping budget and instead of buying small items, we buy valuable commodities like bike, car, gold, house, and land.

Buying a house during Diwali season is one of the wisest things to do and it also fulfills the Diwali sentiment that is attached with homes. Buying a home during Diwali season is also highly recommended because you get some really good deals all around.

Special offers on residential properties during Diwali are not to be missed but grabbed with both hands. After all, who’d like to pay more when you can get a home at much less?

To further the popular sentiment of buying a house of your own during Diwali, Square Yards presents Apne Ghar Diwali because a rented home will always be a rented home.

Apne Ghar Diwali is a 3-day long event spread over 16 cities across 6 countries where you can get amazing deals and offers on 2&3 BHK flats, plots, villas or any type of residential properties. Diwali property offers that available at Square Yards Apne Ghar Diwali are impossible to find elsewhere because we put “you” first.

This Diwali we want you to celebrate the festival of lights with a brand-new start. Celebrate #ApneGharDiwali with us.

Get rid of your rented identity. Let your kids do whatever they want in their own house, let them grow up in a house they won’t have to leave every few years.

This Diwali decorate your home the way you want to, give it your favorite color. More than anything else, give your home your personality because, without a home, Diwali is not Happy Diwali.