Clear Island has been identified as one of the most consistent property markets in Australia

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One of Australia’s fastest growing property markets is on the Gold Coast and is prepared for skyrocketing future growth.

Clear Island Waters has been identified as one of the most consistent property markets in the country as per several reports.  As indicated by experts, the rural area was one which recorded a predictable level of offers and requests quarter after quarter. It has recorded around 40 property deals each quarter for as long as two years, regardless of its high median home price of $1,150,000. This also went up by around 16% in the last year.

Experts indicated that fast development and a steady number of deals have propelled the area towards further progress.  Clear Island Waters is drawing more investors due to its proven returns over a sustained time period. This could be an example that predictable markets can ensure great returns over the long haul and lead to an increase in overall capital values.

Several reports also state that purchases could go up along the Gold Coast by springtime. Housing units near the shoreline are highly sought after by buyers and investors.  There are several buyers who are looking for beachside weekend homes and hence future prospects look really bright for Clear Island Waters.

Resident Editor