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1 Biswa is equal to 60.49999412 Square Yard

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Square Yards to Biswa

Different land allotments are measured in different units. For example, a residential plot would always be measured in square feet, whereas, agricultural land is addressed in terms of acres. Thus, here we will focus on the various modern as well as the primitive units of measurement with special references to Biswa and Square yards. and how they are converted in the standard unit of measuring land areas and plots.

One of the most promising and booming sectors gaining momentum in India is Real Estate. New ventures and investors are showing interest in this field that has resulted in widescale development and improvisation inland areas and properties. However, most of the new-gen investors have little knowledge about this field. Even though buying and selling of plots and properties might seem easy and interesting yet a successful deal is only sealed when the investor or the dealer is well-acquainted with the norms of the real estate market.

Dealing with real estate requires you to be well-acquainted with conditions like land measuring terms and units, conversion of various units into the standard unit of measurement, property valuation, market analysis and how land/plots are measured. For those who are under the impression that land and plots are the same units, then let me tell that they are not. Land areas are bigger units than plots.

A plot is a small piece of land and such smaller units are measured in square feet. Whereas a land area is a bigger property that is measured in bigger units like hectare, square yards, acres, etc. It is essential that you have proper knowledge of how the conversion works. For example, if you are asked to convert Biswa to Square Yards, you first have to learn what these terms are and how it works to measure land and properties. 

What is Biswa and Square Yards?

Biswa is a sub-unit of Bigha. Bigha is a bigger unit used to measure vast expanses of land areas like agricultural fields and forests. Bigha has no standard size and is different for different areas. Moreover, as Biswa is a sub-unit of Bigha, this too has no standard size and varies from place to place. Biswa is used in various parts of India like the Northern states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, parts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Square Yards, on the other hand, is another unit of measuring land and properties. It is also referred to as “gaj” in various parts of the country. Listed as an imperial unit, Square Yards is a world-renowned term for measuring an area of a ground unit. Besides India, a square yard is also a popular unit for measurement in places like the US, Canada, the UK and Pakistan. A square yard can be defined as an area of a Sq. whose length of all the sides equals the measurement of 01 yard, i.e., 03 feet, 36 inches and 0.9144 metres. Abbreviation for square yards varies from place to place, however, you can refer to it as sq. yd. or yd2 as well. 

Converting various units into Square Yards

  • Biswa to Square Yards: 

    Since Biswa does not have a standard size and varies from place to place, the value of Biswa to Square Yards also differs from one place to another. For example,

  • In northern parts of Rajasthan, 1 Biswa equals to 151. 25 sq. yd.
  • Whereas, in the lower region of Rajasthan 1 Biswa is equal to 96.8 sq. yd.
  • In certain parts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the value of 1 Biswa is 48.4 sq. yd. and 45 sq. yd.
  • Also, in parts of Punjab Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, 1 Biswa is 50.417 sq. yd.

Nowadays, you can get access to many online tools like area converter to get the exact value of Biswa to Square Yards. Since the value of Biswa varies from place to place, it is best to refer to online calculators to extract the value in Square yards. However, to derive the answer manually you can multiply any number of Biswa with the value of square yards that is equivalent 1 Biswa.

  • Kanal to Square Yards: 

    Similar to the process of converting Biswa to Square Yards, you can also convert Kanal to Square Yards. The value of 1 Kanal is 605 Square Yards, therefore, if, you need to convert 40 Kanal to Square Yards, you can multiply the number by 605 to get the exact measurement in square yards. 

1 Kanal = 605 Square Yards

Therefore, 40 Kanal = 40 * 605 i.e., 24,200 sq. yd.

  • Square Feet to Square Yards: 

    Square feet (abbreviated as sq. ft.) is the most common unit of measurement of area. Residential plots or smaller units or pieces of land is always measured in terms of square feet. 1 Square foot to Square Yards is 0.111111.

  • Square Metre to Square Yards: 

    Square Metre or m2 is the SI derived unit of area. To convert Square Metre to Square Yards, you need to multiply the number with the value of 1 sq. m., that is, 1.19599 sq. yd.  

  • Hectare to Square Yards: 

    Though hectare is not a standard unit of the metric system, yet huge areas of land is often measured in terms of a hectare. This unit of measurement is symbolised as ha. 1 Hectare to Square Yards is 11959.9 sq. yd. Therefore, the area of 40 hectares in square yards would be 40 * 11959.9 i.e., 478,396 sq. yd. Similarly, you can derive and convert other values of hectare into square yards by simply multiplying it by the number given as the value of 1 ha.  

  • Bigha to Square Yards: 

    Another traditional unit of measuring the area of land is Bigha. Commonly used in countries like Bangladesh, India and Nepal, Bigha is known to have no standard size and hence varies from place to place. Moreover, Bigha is divided into sub-units like Biswa and Katha. 1600 sq. yd is accounted as 1 Bigha. Therefore, conversion of Bigha to Square Yards can be easily implemented by multiplying the number of Bigha with the value of square yard for one Bigha. For example, the value of 40 Bigha would be – 40 * 1600 = 64,000 sq. yd. 

  • Acre to Square Yards: 

    Acre is derived from the US customary and imperial units. Wikipedia states the definition of an acre as “the area of one chain by one furlong (66 by 660 feet). This number is equal to 43, 560 sq., ft. and approximately 4,047 sq. m. The value of an acre in terms of square yards is 4,840 sq. yd. Therefore, the value of 40 Acre to Square Yards would be 40 * 4,840 = 193,600 sq. yd. 


Q1. What is the value of Guntha in square yards?

Ans. Smaller units or pieces of land area in remote corners of the country are often measured in this unit. Conversion of 1 Guntha to Square Yards is done by multiplying one guntha to 120.999 sq. yd.

Q2. What is Ground and its value in square yards?

The ground is one of the most primitive units in which area of land is measured. The value of one Ground to Square Yards is 266.66666666667 sq. yd.

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