Deluxe Recycling Leading the Way in Tackling India’s Plastic Crisis

Deluxe Recycling Aims to Revolutionize Plastic Recycling in India

Deluxe Recycling Opens State-of-the-Art Recycling Facility in Sarigam: Deluxe Recycling, a leading multi-layered plastic recycling firm, announced the opening of its new recycling facility in Sarigam, Gujarat. This strategic move is part of the company’s broader development plan aimed at revolutionizing plastic recycling in India and reducing the burden on landfills. With their expertise in recycling multi-layered plastic (MLPs) and used beverage cartons (UBCs), Deluxe Recycling aims to make a significant impact on waste management in the country.

Expanding Capacity and Scaling up Operations: With the inauguration of their new recycling plant, Deluxe Recycling plans to increase their capacity from 13,000 TPA (tonnes per annum) to a staggering 27,400 TPA. This expansion will be carried out across two locations, solidifying Deluxe Recycling’s position as one of the largest MLP recyclers in South Asia. By intensifying their efforts, the company aims to recycle over 200,000 metric tonnes of MLPs and UBCs by the fiscal year 2030.

Tackling the Growing Problem of Plastic Waste: India is expected to produce 9.4 million tonnes of plastic garbage annually by 2023, with only half of it being collected, according to estimates by the World Economic Forum. MLP trash, which is often considered difficult to recycle due to its low market value, significantly contributes to plastic pollution. Typically, it is either incinerated, used as fuel, or processed alongside cement in factories. Recognizing the environmental implications of this problem, Deluxe Recycling has built a strong ecosystem for the effective collection and segregation of MLP trash.

Innovative Technology Drives Deluxe Recycling’s Success: Deluxe Recycling’s success can largely be attributed to its exceptional manufacturing technology. The company has collaborated with a network of aggregators and small material recovery facilities (MRF) to efficiently collect and segregate MLP trash. By leveraging their unique technology, Deluxe Recycling manufactures a range of heavy and stiff items that have high market demand. Notably, 90% of the recycled seatboards used in the automotive industry are supplied by Deluxe Recycling. This means that almost every rickshaw driver in India is sitting on a seat made from their recycled products.

Partnership with Circulate Capital Accelerates Growth: The remarkable growth of Deluxe Recycling has been fueled by its partnership with Circulate Capital, a prominent circular economy investment firm. Through this collaboration, Deluxe Recycling has secured adequate funding to expand its operations and enhance its recycling capabilities. The influx of investment has not only enabled the company to boost its recycling capacity, but it has also created over 150 new job opportunities in Gujarat.

Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future: With its innovative technology, commitment to environmental sustainability, and expansion plans, Deluxe Recycling is set to revolutionize the plastic recycling landscape in India. By addressing the challenges associated with MLP trash and aiming to recycle 200,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste, the company is making commendable strides towards achieving its goal. With their continuous efforts, Deluxe Recycling strives to reduce India’s dependence on landfills and inspire other businesses to adopt sustainable recycling practices.

Fighting Plastic Pollution, One Recycled Product at a Time: Deluxe Recycling’s new facility in Sarigam, Gujarat, represents a significant step towards combating plastic pollution in India. Their innovative technology, expanded capacity, and circular economy approach will undoubtedly have a positive impact on waste management, contribute to a greener future, and set a shining example for other industries.

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