Dubai realty to benefit immensely from 2020 Expo and other developments

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The real estate market in Dubai has attained greater maturity in recent times as per experts. The market is currently witnessing positive sentiments amongst buyers and is expected to witness skyrocketing growth in the near future based on developments like economic aspects and the Expo 2020. The real estate industry in Dubai has ample scope for investments. Prime locations such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and the Palm Jumeirah will continue to have their own appeal as per expert reports. Investors will always be drawn to these coveted areas. Dubai will always be regarded as the most suitable commercial hub which links the East and West.

The economy in Dubai has been boosted by the rapid growth in trade, tourism and the service industry. Year-on-year growth has been absolutely rock steady for these sectors. The Government is planning huge infrastructure projects prior to the 2020 Dubai Expo. There are several new theme parks that will open and several hospitality projects that will be completed in this time. The Dubai real estate market will naturally benefit immensely from the 2020 Expo and related infrastructural development. There are several off-plan projects which are now being delivered promptly and many are being launched as well. The steady growth in inventory for off-plan projects encompasses the entire gamut from affordable to premium properties and is indicative of the positive sentiments of real estate developers as well.

There will be more scope available for renters who wish to become owners in the near future. This should certainly boost transactional volumes in the real estate industry according to experts. 2018 should be positive for the real estate sector in Dubai with demand expected to remain steady up to the 2020 Expo when the Emirate readies to usher in 20 million global visitors. This is a good time to invest in real estate in Dubai. There are several attractive ownership and payment plans being offered by top real estate developers in Dubai.

Prime projects in coveted and developed communities continue generating lucrative rentals which are a major attraction for investors. There are various kinds of projects that are available at varying budgets. Even first time investors can get bargains and other tempting propositions before a property gets into the secondary market. Ready properties in zones like Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and the Palm will always continue to attract secondary market buyers.

The 2020 Expo has sparked huge investment from the Government on developing infrastructure, boosting tourism and trade expansion. The population of the country should also increase considerably in the near future, boosting demand for housing and this augurs well for the realty market in Dubai according to experts.

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