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In this fast-paced world, timing is considered to be everything. No matter, whether you believe in a good or bad omen. There is an old saying, before moving into your new home, you should choose an auspicious date, basically, look for Shubh Muhurat. The inauguration of a home, commonly known as Griha Pravesh is a joint ceremony believed to bring happiness and positiveness to your new home and new life. Take the first step in your new home on an auspicious day, therefore, check the best Griha Pravesh Muhurat dates of 2021 to plan the perfect house warming ceremony. Well, planning can help you choose the most suitable auspicious time for your Griha Pravesh.

Experts believe that different types of months (such as Kharmaas, Chaturmas, Shraad, etc.) are not great for Griha Pravesh. This time is considered as the dozing or resting period for every one of the divine beings and goddesses, including Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi. Aside from this, the period of Paush is likewise viewed as inauspicious for Griha Pravesh. It is said that Tritiya, Dwitiya, Panchami, Dashami, Saptami, Dwadashi, Ekadashi, and Trayodashi this are propitious. One ought to keep away from Purnima and Amavasya.

Arihant Vastu expert said: “As for Griha Pravesh, many people think certain months to be disadvantageous. Panchang may vary from region to region. Therefore, you should consult an astrologer before making a final plan.”


Dwandhav: If you left your home due to a characteristic cataclysm and are currently accessing your home after an extensive stretch of time, you need to conduct Griha Pravesh Puja Vidhi.

Apoorva: If you are moving into your new home, it is called Apoorva Griha Pravesh.

Sapoorva: If you are going to your home after a significant stretch of time, it is called Sapoorva Griha Pravesh.

Make sure that there is no dwar vedh (deterrent) in your home's fundamental passage.

  • Keep the house slick and clean upon the arrival of the Griha Pravesh.
  • Light up the house and use blossoms for aroma.
  • Plan out the Griha Pravesh during the specific muhurat suggested by the expert.


To plan a delightful card for the occasion: Look at the selection of cards via online media for motivation. You can likewise browse a large number of designs accessible openly on the web.

You can plan your own cards on self-planning stages like Canva. You can also evaluate video cards that are not difficult to make utilizing video altering stages like Vimeo or Inshot.

For planning, you can pick a family representation as a foundation picture. Aside from this, you can pick customized themes for a better outlook of the card. In the event that you are giving out actual cards, you can put a QR code on it to connect it to Google Maps. Remember to put the contact number of a relative on the greeting card, who can direct the visitors about the location.

Notes for arranging a serene housewarming party

While a housewarming party is an ideal method to flaunt your new home, you need not quarrel over readiness. Some tips for setting up a housewarming party with no pressure are:

Stand by until your house is fit as a fiddle. Have the furniture set up and unload a portion of the cases. Make sure everything is ready, even if the party is delayed for some time.

You can draft a straightforward email or a message for party invites, and you can send it out a couple of days ahead of time. You can likewise plan your email and ask your visitors to RSVP with the goal that you can anticipate the quantity of food and beverages required.

Remember to welcome your neighbors. This is the ideal approach to become acquainted with them and loosen things up.  In the event that you have not unloaded totally, the majority of your cookware may be in boxes. Utilize strong paper plates produced using recyclable materials for serving supper. These are simpler to clean and discard.


The inauspicious timings are during a major Lunar Eclipse, Sun-based Eclipse, and any Lunar months (Consult a renowned expert for exemptions).

Point to be noted: In accordance with rigorous writings like Dharmasindhu, the housewarming function should not be performed while Guru Tara and Shukra Tara are Asta or fixed. Likewise note, Griha Pravesh's auspicious dates and timings are area-based (contingent upon dawn and dusk time), and thus, one ought to talk with a cleric before continuing with the function.


January 2021 (Magha) 

Saturday, January 9-Ekadashi. In January 2021, Griha Pravesh will have only one Mahurat. You can consult the priest for a more suitable date based on your horoscope.

February 2021 (Faghun) 

Griha Pravesh on the following dates: 

February 12th -Friday-Dauj

February 14th- Sunday-Chauth

February 15th -Monday-Panchami

February 20th, Saturday-Navami

February 22nd, Monday-Ekadashi

March 2021 (Chaitra) 

March 8th - Monday, Dashami

March 9th - Tuesday, Ekadashi

March 14th - Sunday, Pratipada

March 15th - Monday, Dauj

The above dates are very few; hence the priest should be consulted as soon as possible.

April 2021 (Baisakha) 

April 1, Thursday- Chaturthi

April 11, Sunday- Amavasya

April 16, Friday- Chaturthi

April 20, Tuesday- Ashtami

April 26, Monday- Chaturdashi

As there are few favorable dates for the inauguration for this month, these mahurats can only be considered after consulting the pastor. The above dates are considered good days for Griha Pravesh, founded by popular mahurats.

May 2021 (Baisakha, Jyestha) 

May 13, Thursday – Dauj

May 14, Friday – Tritiya

May 21, Friday – Dashmi

May 22, Saturday – Ekadashi

May 24, Monday – Teras

May 26, Wednesday – Pratipad

Akshay Tritiya falls in this month, so that is considered highly auspicious.

June 2021 (Ashadh/Jyestha)

June 4, Friday – Ekadashi

June 5, Saturday – Ekadashi

June 19, Saturday – Dashami

June 26, Saturday – Dauj

10th June should be avoided as there is a chance of a solar eclipse on that day.

July 2021 (Ashadh/Shravan)

July 1, Thursday – Saptami

Date wise, this month can be skipped.

Mid-July-October 2021 (Sharavan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Kartik) 

There are no favorable dates during this period. Griha Pravesh will bring negative energy in these months and may cause economic loss and health problems. However, homeowners can consult their priest to find a suitable date for their home.

November 2021 (Kartik/Margasirsa) 

November 5, Friday – Dauj

November 6, Saturday – Tritiya

November 10, Wednesday – Saptami

November 20, Saturday – Dauj

November 29, Monday – Dashami

The festival of lights, Diwali, will fall this month. Dates for the Griha Pravesh should be selected after the festival days are over.

December 2021 (Margasirsa/Paus) 

December 13, Monday – Dashami

Date wise the same as July, so best to skip this month.


The Griha Pravesh ceremony is held when one prepares to move into a new home. "This is important not only for the owner but also for the whole family. According to Vastu, the house comprises five elements: the sun, earth, water, fire, and wind. The correct arrangement of these elements in the house will bring happiness, health, and wealth.

People believe that starting to have the right place to live will make life easier and that the difficulties that families will encounter after moving into a new home will be minimized. The best days for this type of Mahurat are Akshaya Tritiya, Vasant Panchami, Gudi Padwa, Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashami) and days like Uttarayana, Adhikma, Holi, and Shraddha Paksha should be avoided. Ceremonies performed during Dussehra do not even need auspicious moments because every second of that day is regarded as auspicious; Kalash puja is usually performed before Griha Pravesh. 

The Griha Pravesh ritual can be simple or complex, depending on the owner of the house. Havan is usually performed to purify the room from negative forces. The puja of the Ganesha, Navagraha Shanti, means worshiping the eight planets, and Vastu Shastra puja is usually performed. Food should also be provided to priests, family, and friends who were invited that day. After the inauguration, the host can move into a new home.

The house should be repainted, and the ceiling should be finished (if doors, windows, and other accessories are included) before conducting a Griha Pravesh of the new abode. The gate is the entrance to wealth, and the house should be decorated with auspicious symbols, such as drawing a swastika and Lakshmi Toran (from the Sanskrit word "Torana," meaning sacred door), and fresh mango leaves and marigolds chains should be put up on the frames and banisters. The entrance of the house temple should be in the northeast.

Types of Griha Pravesh Muhurat

There are three types of GrihaPravesh:

  • Apoorva: This event is the one when you are entering your new house.
  • Sapoorva: This is when you and your family come back to the house after you had left your house due to some normal circumstances.
  • Dwandhav: It is a type when the family comes back to the house after a long time. They had left the house due to some natural calamity.


Can I do the ceremony in an empty house?

No, the house firstly has to be thoroughly cleaned with salt water to purify. Lime juice and vinegar can also be added for a more thorough cleansing.

 What other touches can I provide to the Griha Pravesh ceremony?

Colourful rangolis should be made on the floor using rice flour and bright colors as they are known to invite Goddess Lakshmi to the house. Rangolis are known to denote prosperity. Thus it should not be made at a place where guests might stand.

How many people can be invited?

It's best not to invite too many people and keep the guest list to only close relatives and friends. Numerous people might bring destructive energy, which will defeat the purpose of the puja.

What are the basic items you need for puja?

Incense burners, coconuts, honey, turmeric, jaggery, betel leaves, five types of sweets, cotton, mango leaves, ganga water, seasonal fruits, a low stool, flowers and garlands, camphor, whole milk, red and yellow cloth, whole rice and five types of dry fruits.

Can Griha Pravesh be done in a rented house?

Yes, you can clean the entire apartment, place a deity at a Vastu-approved corner, decorate the home with flowers, light diyas, chant mantras, etc.

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Can you shift household items before GrihaPravesh?

No, you should not shift anything.

How to do GrihaPravesh Puja for a rented house?

You can do GrihaPravesh Puja for your rented house. The way is the same as you do for a new house of yours.

Is Saturday a good day for GrihaPravesh?

It depends on the Tithi and nakshatra of that day.

Why do we boil milk in a new house?

We do it because boiling milk is good for prosperity.

Is it inauspicious to move on a Friday?

It depends on the constellation of the stars on that day.

What is the use of hawan for GrihaPravesh puja?

Hawan ceremony purifies the home. It is believed that hawan attracts positive vibrations. This is the reason why hawan is performed during Griha Pravesh Puja.

What are the advantages of GrihaPravesh Puja?

The advantages of performing Griha Pravesh Puja includes –
The puja purifies the house.
It removes negative energy.
It is good for peace and harmony in the family.
It brings good fortune and happiness for the family.
Clears the mindset and makes it pure.
It provides spiritual upliftment to all the family members.