How to Convert Ground to Acre land measurement units

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1 Ground is equal to 0.05510450 Acre

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convert ground to acre

What if the units of the metric system didn’t exist? Have you ever thought about this? Then it would have been a total disaster because these units help us understand various important things and values in lifelike, the exact length, weight, volume, value, and others about a particular thing. For example, while measuring the length of a string, we have to say that it might be 100 meters, then one can figure out how much exactly it is. But instead of this, if one says, it is 100 then nobody would be able to make out the real measurement. This happens in terms of area measurement as well. The various important units like convert ground to acre land measurement units help people to get the accurate value and the amount that they are selling or getting. So, in this article, let's learn more about some of the important conversions of the area measuring units.

Let’s learn a bit about converting ground and Acre land measurement units in brief
The ground is the unit that is commonly used in the state of Tamil Nadu and other places in the southern part of India. The ground can be easily equalized with square meters when one doesn’t understand what this unit is, then it can be equalized and said that 1 ground is equal to 203 square meters. Especially for the measurement of area in India, the unit Acre is used, which is mainly related to land or plot. Acre mainly relates to other units as well, but there are points of difference as well.
Now let’s learn and explore the various conversions related to Ground and acre.


• 1 Ground= 2400.35 sq.feet
• 1 Ground= 223 sq.m
• 1 Ground= 266.70 sq.yards
• 1 Ground= 0.0223 Hectare
• 1 Ground= 0.088 Bigha (Tamil Nadu)
• 1 Ground= 0.1666 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Ground= 0.1377 Bigha (Gujarat)
• 1 Ground= 0.1666 Bigha (West Bengal)
• 1 Ground= 0.3781 Kanal
• 1 Ground= 0.05 Biswa
• 1 Ground = 2.229Are
• 1 Ground= 0.0756 Guntha

• 1 Acre = 43560 sq.feet
• 1 Acre = 4046 sq.m
• 1 Acre = 4839 sq.yards
• 1 Acre = 0.4046 Hectare
• 1 Acre = 3.025 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Acre = 1.600 Bigha (Bihar)
• 1 Acre = 1.6 Bigha (Chhattisgarh)
• 1 Acre = 2.500 Bigha (Gujarat)
• 1 Acre = 8.000 Kanal
• 1 Acre = 32.00 Biswa
• 1 Acre = 18.14 Ground
• 1 Acre = 40.46 Are
• 1 Acre = 40.00 Guntha

Values after conversion from the ground to Acre
The land and plot measuring unit Ground, which when used in South India and a state like Tamil Nadu, when converted from Ground to Acre, and the value becomes:

• 1 Ground = 0.05510 Acre

Values after conversion from Biswa to Acre
Biswa is the unit, used for the measurement of farming or agricultural land area in the rural parts of our country. Biswa when converted to Acre, the result happens to be:

• 1 Biswa = 0.01999 AcreValues after conversion from Kanal to Acre
From the time of British rule in India, Kanal is the area measuring unit, used for a long time in time. Thus, when converted to Acrethe result, is:
• 1 Kanal = 0.125 Acre

Values after conversion from Are to Acre
The land measuring unit which is quite important these days is Are and also 100 square meter equalizes 1 Are. Thus, when converted from Are to Acre, the value happens to be:

• 1 Are = 0.0247 Acre

Values after conversion from Square Feet to Acre
Very commonly used in the urban parts of our country for the measurement of mainly property measurement for both residential and commercial purposes is a square foot. Thus, when converted and from Square feet to Acre, the result happens to be:

• 1 Sq.ft = 0.00002295 AcreValues after conversion from Square Meter to Acre
After square foot, the most popularly used unit of area measurement is square meter. Used almost all over India, mainly the urban parts, this unit when converted and equalized the value from Square meter to Acre, is:

• 1 Sq.m = 0.0002471 Acre

Values after conversion from Square yards to Acre
The unit is Primarily applied for the measurement of huge and big land areas and plots; Square yard is applied in India. So, When changed from Square yards to Acre, the value happens to be:

• 1 Sq.yard = 0.0002066 Acre

Values after conversion from Hectare to Acres
Like square foot, square meter and square yards, another important unit is Hectare which is very essential used for the measurement of land and plot. Thus, when the value gets converted from Hectare to Acre, the result is:

• 1 Hectare = 2.471 Acre

Values after conversion from Bigha to Acre
Bigha falls in the category of most important land measuring units in India after Acre. Used for the measurement of big and huge land areas and plots, Bigha is such a unit that changes from one place to another without a fixed value. Thus, we will highlight a few places, where Bigha is famous and when Bigha gets converted to Acre, the result happens to be:
• 1 Bigha (Assam) = 0.330 Acre
• 1 Bigha (Bihar) = 0.6248 Acre
• 1 Bigha (Gujarat) = 0.3999 Acre
• 1 Bigha (Madhya Pradesh) = 0.275 Acre
• 1 Bigha (West Bengal) = 0.3305 Acre

Values after conversion from Guntha to Acre
Acre and Guntha being similar types of land measuring unit, both of them are very essential and important in the rural parts of the country used for the measurement of big land and plots. Those lands will either be used for farming or agriculture. Thus, when the value gets converted from Guntha to Acre, the result is:
• 1 Guntha = 0.02499 Acre

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1. Can we convert units of area measurement online?

Yes, of course. One can easily do it and just has to click on this link.

2. What is the value of100square feet in Cents?

When 100 square feet is converted into Cents the value comes out to be:0.229 Cents.

3. Mention 5 states where10 Bighas can get converted to the ground?

When the value of 10Bighas is equalized with other ground, the result comes out to be:
• 10 Bigha (Gujarat) = 72.58Ground
• 10 Bigha (UP) = 112.48 Ground
• 10 Bigha (Bihar) = 113.40 Ground
• 10 Bigha (Assam) = 59.99 Ground
• 10 Bigha (Puducherry) = 113.42 Ground

4. How much is 8 guntha to the ground?

When conversion happens from 8 guntha to ground, the result comes out to be:
8 gunthas= 3.629Ground

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