How to Convert Ground to Bigha land measurement units

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1 Ground is equal to 0.08816720 Bigha

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convert ground to bigha

The units of area measurement vary from one place to another and not only this, the units which are used for the land and property are completely different from each other. The units for the measurement of land that is used for the agriculture or farming and at the same time, the property that is or will be used for the commercial or residential purposes, are always measured differently from that of the measurement of land in our country. The set of units that are used for measurement of land are square yards, acres, bighas, biswa, gunthas and few more are specially used for the measurement of lands or plots and when it comes to the measurement of property, then a square foot, square metre, hectare and few more are used. Nowadays, in this fast-moving world, everybody should have good knowledge about the basics of the land or property measuring units like converting ground to bigha land measurement units. This not only helps the buyer or sellers from scammers but also makes the understanding of the area and value easier.

In this article, we would mainly focus on some of the important conversions of the area measuring units like converting Ground to Bigha land measurement units, Biswa to Bigha, Hectare to Bigha, and a few more.

Let’s know about ground and Bigha in brief

The ground is the unit which is quite commonly used mainly in the southern part of India especially in various parts of Tamil Nadu. In the world of real estate, this particular unit is quite popular and used for getting accurate results. If one doesn’t understand the exact meaning of this unit, then it can be said that 1 ground is equal to 203 square metres and 2400 square feet.
When we speak about Bigha, the 1st thing that comes to our mind is that it’s a land measuring unit. Bigha is the unit for area measurement which is involved with the measurement of huge land areas in India. Some places in India like Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, West Bengal and few more use bigha quite often. This unit is very popular and its value varies from one state to another and also can be divided into two distinct divisions like the Pucca Bigha and the Kuccha Bigha. Since a very long time and through various generations, Bigha is being used in India and also is very famous in giving accurate results when spoken about measuring huge lands or plot.

Now let’s see the various conversions related to Ground and what the value happens to be when converted to other units.

• 1 Ground= 2400.35sq.feet
• 1 Ground= 223sq.m
• 1 Ground= 266.70sq.yards
• 1 Ground= 0.0223 Hectare
• 1 Ground= 0.088 Bigha (Tamil Nadu)
• 1 Ground= 0.1666 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Ground= 0.1377 Bigha (Gujarat)
• 1 Ground= 0.1666 Bigha (West Bengal)
• 1 Ground= 0.3781Kanal
• 1 Ground= 0.05Biswa
• 1 Ground = 2.229Are
• 1 Ground= 0.0756Guntha

Transforming from the ground to Bigha

Converting ground to bigha land measurement units that mainly measures huge land areas and varies from state to state. Similarly, the ground is also the unit of measurement used mainly in Tamil Nadu and southern part of India for the measurement of land or any plot.
Thus, when transformed and equalized from Ground to Bigha, the value is:
• 1 Ground = 0.0889 Bigha (UP)
• 1 Ground = 0.1666 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Ground = 0.1377 Bigha (Gujarat)
• 1 Ground = 0.166 Bigha (WB)

Transforming from Biswato Bigha

Biswa is the unit of measurement which is quite famous in the rural parts of the country and is used for the measurement of huge land or plot areas, which can be kept for farming or agricultural purposes. Thus, when transformed and equalized from Biswa to Bigha, the value is:
• 1 Biswa = 0.05 Bigha

Transforming from Kanal to Bigha

Kanal is a particular unit which is used since the British time in India, and people are using this unit for a long time.
Thus, when transformed and equalized from Kanal to Bigha, the value is:
• 1 Kanal = 0.2 Bigha (AP)
• 1 Kanal = 0.378 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Kanal = 0.2000 Bigha (Bihar)
• 1 Kanal = 0.3125 Bigha (Gujarat)Transforming fromAre to Bigha
It is said that Are is equal to 100 square metres and is used almost all over the world. It is specially used for the measurement of land in India. Thus, when transformed and equalized from Are to Bigha, the value is:

• 1 Are = 0.0617 Bigha

Transforming from square Feet to Bigha

Especially for the measurement of residential and commercial properties, this unit is used in both urban and rural parts of the country as well. Not only in India, but the square foot is also used in foreign countries as well.
Thus, when transformed and equalized from Square feet to Bigha, the value is:

• 1 Sq.ft = 0.000036 Bigha (AP)
• 1 Sq.ft = 0.000069 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Sq.ft = 0.0001147 Bigha (Uttarakhand)
• 1 Sq.ft = 0.0000367 Bigha (Karnataka)Transforming from square Meter to Are
Square metre is similar to the square foot, which is used for measuring properties in India. When we take a square and measure it, we can see that each side is of 1 square metre. It is also an area measuring unit that is used in our country.
Thus, when transformed and equalized from Square metre to Bigha, the value is:
• 1 Sq.m = 0.000395 Bigha (AP)
• 1 Sq.m= 0.000747 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Sq.m = 0.00123 Bigha (Uttarakhand)
• 1 Sq.m = 0.000395 Bigha (Karnataka)

Transforming from square yards to Bigha

Another most important unit for the measurement of big lands or plot is the square yard.
Thus, when converted and equalized the value from Square yards to Bigha, the value is:
• 1 Sq.yards = 0.00033 Bigha (AP)
• 1 Sq.yards= 0.000625 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Sq.yards = 0.00103Bigha (Uttarakhand)
• 1 Sq.yards = 0.00033 Bigha (Karnataka)

Transforming from Hectare to Bigha

For the measurement of big plots of land, the unit Hectare is being used for a long time in India. Thus, when converted and equalized the value fromHectare to Bigha, the value is:
• 1 Hectare = 3.95 Bigha (AP)
• 1 Hectare = 7.47 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Hectare = 6.17 Bigha (Gujarat)
• 1 Hectare = 12.35 Bigha (Himachal Pradesh)

Let’s convert Acre to Bigha

Among all the important land measuring units, Acre and Bigha are the most commonly used land measuring units in India which are also quite commonly used from generations. An acre is generally used for the measurement of huge land areas and plots, which when transformed to Bigha, gives value is:
• 1 Acre = 1.6 Bigha (AP)
• 1 Acre = 3.025 Bigha (Assam)
• 1 Acre = 2.50 Bigha (Gujarat)
• 1 Acre = 5.00 Bigha (Uttarakhand)

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1. Can units of area and others are measured online?

In today’s world where everything can be done online, area or length or anything can also be measured online. One just has to click on this link.

2. What is the value of 300 Grounds in Cents?

When 300 Grounds is converted in Cents the value comes out to be:1653 Cents.

3. What would be the values of 10 Bighas when converted to Acres in Gujarat, UP, Bihar?

When the value of 10Bighas is equalized with Acres, the result comes out to be:
• 10 Bigha (Gujarat) = 25 Acre
• 10 Bigha (UP) = 16.13 Acre
• 10 Bigha (Bihar) = 16Acre

4. How much is 5 Acres to ground?

When converted from 5 Acres to the unit Ground, the result comes out to be:
5 Acres = 90.73Ground

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