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1 Katha is equal to 1.25 Decimal

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Do you find the 1 Katha to Decimal conversion complex? Does the conversion task seem daunting as the values vary from one place to another? Fret Not!! Square Yards got you covered through this ultimate Katha to Decimal conversion guide. Do 1 Katha to Dismil conversion at the snap of the fingers through the Katha to Dismil calculator. We have encapsulated the fundamentals of the conversion to ace all your doubts. Keep scrolling until the end to unlock every possible information about the conversion.

Katha to Dismil

nting as the values vary from one place to another? Fret Not!! Square Yards got you covered through this ultimate Katha to Decimal conversion guide. Do 1 Katha to Dismil conversion at the snap of the fingers through the Katha to Dismil calculator. We have encapsulated the fundamentals of the conversion to ace all your doubts. Keep scrolling until the end to unlock every possible information about the conversion.

What is Katha?

Katha is one of the widespread units used across the Eastern states of India, Bangladesh as well as Nepal. Ordinarily, 1 Katha in Decimal is equivalent to 1.25011479. In the terms of Square Feet, Katha is coequal to 720 units.

The precise measurement may vary from one place to another in specific case scenarios. For instance, in Bihar, the value of! Katha falls in the range of 750 Sq Ft to 2000 Sq Ft, having a land area of 32 Feet in length and 30 Feet in breadth.

Katha can be considered as a local unit for land measurement that has not been standardized yet. Besides, Katha is counted as a significant unit to measure land size.

Measurement of Katha in Different Units

 1 Katha 0.05 Bigha
 1 Katha 126.44 sq m
 1 Katha 80 Sq yd
 1 Katha 0.01652892561983471 Acre
 1 Katha 0.006689025353264152 Hectare
 1 Katha 720 Sq ft

What is a Decimal?

The Decimal is a measurement unit that is notably used to perform land measurements across India and Bangladesh. People also know it by the name of Dismil or Decimel. However, with the passing time during the midst of the 20th century, it became slumbering.

Even though, it is considered as a land measurement unit across the rural population specifically in Bangladesh and certain eastern-Indian states. Apart from these two nations, people living in East Africa also consider it as a standard unit for land measurement.

Measurement of land with Decimals is an easy feat as it can be easily converted to other measurement units. Going in literal terms, 1 Decimal is coequal to 436 square feet. Conversion of Decimal to other units including Cent, Bigha, Hectare, Katha, and many more units is comparatively easy.

In India, people usually prefer decimal to square feet conversion to make the calculation part simpler.

Measurement of Decimal in Different Units

 1 Decimal 0.004 Hectare
 1 Decimal 0.01 Acre
 100 Decimal 1 Acre
 1 Decimal 40.47 sq m
 1 Decimal 48.4 sq yd
 1 Decimal 435.6 sq ft

Relationship Between Katha and Decimal

The unsaid part is to convert Katha to Decimal, you need to be familiar with the relation between the two. If you don’t know how many decimals are there in 1 Katha and vice versa, then the conversion part can be daunting.

The relation between Katha and Decimal can be better depicted through mathematical expression:

1 Decimal is equal to 0.3200293902 Katha whereas, 1 Katha in Decimal is 1.25011479.

This is how exactly these two units are related to each other in measurement terms.

The formula for Converting Katha to Decimal

For converting 1 Katha to Dismil, all you need to do is multiply the given value with the conversion ratio. In simple words, 1 Katha is coequal to 1.25011479 Decimal, and the conversion formula is:

Decimal = Katha * 1.25011479

Refer to the following example for better understanding:

Convert 10 Katha to Decimal:

=> 10 * 1.25011479

Which is equal to

12.50114795 Decimals.

How To Convert Katha to Decimal

To convert Katha to Decimal you can either count on the Katha to Decimal calculator or can use the conversion formula for the same.

Getting results through the calculator is an easy feat, yet if you want to compute it yourself then you should be familiar with the Katha to Decimal conversion formula.

To convert Katha to Decimal, multiply the value by 1.65. However, it is still recommended to rely on calculators to get appropriate values.

Measurement of Katha in the Specific States Across India

The value of Katha varies from one place to another. Thus, it is recommended to know the Katha value as per specific location to avoid later stage hurdles. For instance, if you are measuring the land in Bihar, then get familiar with the value of 1 Katha Decimal in Bihar or 1 Katha Dismil in Bihar that is 3.125286. To measure land in West Bengal you will have to know the value of 1 Katha Decimal in West Bengal that is 6.612177.

 State Katha in Square Feet Katha in Acre
 Assam 2880 Square Feet 0.06611570246 Acre
 Madhya Pradesh 600 Square Feet 0.01377410468 Acre
 West Bengal 720 Square Feet 0.06611570246 Acre
 Jharkhand 1,742 Square Feet 0.03124426078 Acre
 Bihar 1361.25 Square Feet 0.03124426078 Acre

Katha to Decimal Conversion Table

KathaDecimalKatha to Decimal
1 Katha1.65 Decimal1 Katha is equal to 1.65 Decimal
2 Katha3.3 Decimal2 Katha is equal to 3.3 Decimal
3 Katha4.95 Decimal3 Katha is equal to 4.95 Decimal
4 Katha6.6 Decimal4 Katha is equal to 6.6 Decimal
5 Katha8.25 Decimal5 Katha is equal to 8.25 Decimal
6 Katha9.9 Decimal6 Katha is equal to 9.9 Decimal
7 Katha11.55 Decimal7 Katha is equal to 11.55 Decimal
8 Katha13.2 Decimal8 Katha is equal to 13.2 Decimal
9 Katha14.85 Decimal9 Katha is equal to 14.85 Decimal
10 Katha16.5 Decimal10 Katha is equal to 16.5 Decimal
11 Katha18.15 Decimal11 Katha is equal to 18.15 Decimal
12 Katha19.8 Decimal12 Katha is equal to 19.8 Decimal
13 Katha21.45 Decimal13 Katha is equal to 21.45 Decimal
14 Katha23.1 Decimal14 Katha is equal to 23.1 Decimal
15 Katha24.75 Decimal15 Katha is equal to 24.75 Decimal
16 Katha26.4 Decimal16 Katha is equal to 26.4 Decimal
17 Katha28.05 Decimal17 Katha is equal to 28.05 Decimal
18 Katha29.7 Decimal18 Katha is equal to 29.7 Decimal
19 Katha31.35 Decimal19 Katha is equal to 31.35 Decimal
20 Katha33 Decimal20 Katha is equal to 33 Decimal
21 Katha34.65 Decimal21 Katha is equal to 34.65 Decimal
22 Katha36.3 Decimal22 Katha is equal to 36.3 Decimal
23 Katha37.95 Decimal23 Katha is equal to 37.95 Decimal
24 Katha39.6 Decimal24 Katha is equal to 39.6 Decimal
25 Katha41.25 Decimal25 Katha is equal to 41.25 Decimal
26 Katha42.9 Decimal26 Katha is equal to 42.9 Decimal
27 Katha44.55 Decimal27 Katha is equal to 44.55 Decimal
28 Katha46.2 Decimal28 Katha is equal to 46.2 Decimal
29 Katha47.85 Decimal29 Katha is equal to 47.85 Decimal
30 Katha49.5 Decimal30 Katha is equal to 49.5 Decimal
31 Katha51.15 Decimal31 Katha is equal to 51.15 Decimal
32 Katha52.8 Decimal32 Katha is equal to 52.8 Decimal
33 Katha54.45 Decimal33 Katha is equal to 54.45 Decimal
34 Katha56.1 Decimal34 Katha is equal to 56.1 Decimal
35 Katha57.75 Decimal35 Katha is equal to 57.75 Decimal
36 Katha59.4 Decimal36 Katha is equal to 59.4 Decimal
37 Katha61.05 Decimal37 Katha is equal to 61.05 Decimal
38 Katha62.7 Decimal38 Katha is equal to 62.7 Decimal
39 Katha64.35 Decimal39 Katha is equal to 64.35 Decimal
40 Katha66 Decimal40 Katha is equal to 66 Decimal
41 Katha67.65 Decimal41 Katha is equal to 67.65 Decimal
42 Katha69.3 Decimal42 Katha is equal to 69.3 Decimal
43 Katha70.95 Decimal43 Katha is equal to 70.95 Decimal
44 Katha72.6 Decimal44 Katha is equal to 72.6 Decimal
45 Katha74.25 Decimal45 Katha is equal to 74.25 Decimal
46 Katha75.9 Decimal46 Katha is equal to 75.9 Decimal
47 Katha77.55 Decimal47 Katha is equal to 77.55 Decimal
48 Katha79.2 Decimal48 Katha is equal to 79.2 Decimal
49 Katha80.85 Decimal49 Katha is equal to 80.85 Decimal
50 Katha82.5 Decimal50 Katha is equal to 82.5 Decimal
51 Katha84.15 Decimal51 Katha is equal to 84.15 Decimal
52 Katha85.8 Decimal52 Katha is equal to 85.8 Decimal
53 Katha87.45 Decimal53 Katha is equal to 87.45 Decimal
54 Katha89.1 Decimal54 Katha is equal to 89.1 Decimal
55 Katha90.75 Decimal55 Katha is equal to 90.75 Decimal
56 Katha92.4 Decimal56 Katha is equal to 92.4 Decimal
57 Katha94.05 Decimal57 Katha is equal to 94.05 Decimal
58 Katha95.7 Decimal58 Katha is equal to 95.7 Decimal
59 Katha97.35 Decimal59 Katha is equal to 97.35 Decimal
60 Katha99 Decimal60 Katha is equal to 99 Decimal
61 Katha100.65 Decimal61 Katha is equal to 100.65 Decimal
62 Katha102.3 Decimal62 Katha is equal to 102.3 Decimal
63 Katha103.95 Decimal63 Katha is equal to 103.95 Decimal
64 Katha105.6 Decimal64 Katha is equal to 105.6 Decimal
65 Katha107.25 Decimal65 Katha is equal to 107.25 Decimal
66 Katha108.9 Decimal66 Katha is equal to 108.9 Decimal
67 Katha110.55 Decimal67 Katha is equal to 110.55 Decimal
68 Katha112.2 Decimal68 Katha is equal to 112.2 Decimal
69 Katha113.85 Decimal69 Katha is equal to 113.85 Decimal
70 Katha115.5 Decimal70 Katha is equal to 115.5 Decimal
71 Katha117.15 Decimal71 Katha is equal to 117.15 Decimal
72 Katha118.8 Decimal72 Katha is equal to 118.8 Decimal
73 Katha120.45 Decimal73 Katha is equal to 120.45 Decimal
74 Katha122.1 Decimal74 Katha is equal to 122.1 Decimal
75 Katha123.75 Decimal75 Katha is equal to 123.75 Decimal
76 Katha125.4 Decimal76 Katha is equal to 125.4 Decimal
77 Katha127.05 Decimal77 Katha is equal to 127.05 Decimal
78 Katha128.7 Decimal78 Katha is equal to 128.7 Decimal
79 Katha130.35 Decimal79 Katha is equal to 130.35 Decimal
80 Katha132 Decimal80 Katha is equal to 132 Decimal
81 Katha133.65 Decimal81 Katha is equal to 133.65 Decimal
82 Katha135.3 Decimal82 Katha is equal to 135.3 Decimal
83 Katha136.95 Decimal83 Katha is equal to 136.95 Decimal
84 Katha138.6 Decimal84 Katha is equal to 138.6 Decimal
85 Katha140.25 Decimal85 Katha is equal to 140.25 Decimal
86 Katha141.9 Decimal86 Katha is equal to 141.9 Decimal
87 Katha143.55 Decimal87 Katha is equal to 143.55 Decimal
88 Katha145.2 Decimal88 Katha is equal to 145.2 Decimal
89 Katha146.85 Decimal89 Katha is equal to 146.85 Decimal
90 Katha148.5 Decimal90 Katha is equal to 148.5 Decimal
91 Katha150.15 Decimal91 Katha is equal to 150.15 Decimal
92 Katha151.8 Decimal92 Katha is equal to 151.8 Decimal
93 Katha153.45 Decimal93 Katha is equal to 153.45 Decimal
94 Katha155.1 Decimal94 Katha is equal to 155.1 Decimal
95 Katha156.75 Decimal95 Katha is equal to 156.75 Decimal
96 Katha158.4 Decimal96 Katha is equal to 158.4 Decimal
97 Katha160.05 Decimal97 Katha is equal to 160.05 Decimal
98 Katha161.7 Decimal98 Katha is equal to 161.7 Decimal
99 Katha163.35 Decimal99 Katha is equal to 163.35 Decimal
100 Katha165 Decimal100 Katha is equal to 165 Decimal

Current Use of Decimal

As mentioned earlier, the overall use of Decimal or Dismil for land measurement has been diminished in recent times. Although, till now people across Bangladesh, Africa, as well as certain parts of India (West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Jharkhand) rely on Decimal for measurement.

Other units including Hectare, Acre as well as Square Feet are quite popular as measurement units. Talking specifically about India, the land is usually measured in Bigha, Acre, Katha, Hectare, etc.

Current Use of Katha

As discussed, Katha is majorly used for measurement in Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand together with other Indian-Eastern states and Nepal. Unlike Square Feet, Katha isn't used for measurement purposes around the globe.

Difference between Katha and Decimal

So far we discussed, the definition of Katha and Decimal, the relationship between them, conversion formula, and uses. But knowing about the difference between the two is equally important.

Basis of ComparisonDecimalKatha
DefinitionA Decimal, well known by the name of Dismil or decimel, is a measurement unit widely used to measure land area across India and Bangladesh.Katha is one of the land measurement units used across Eastern parts of India, Nepal, as well as Bangladesh.
SizeDecimal size is the same regardless of the geographical location and 1 Decimal is equal to 436 Sq Ft.Katha size varies as per the geographical location. In Bihar one Katha is equal to 750 to 2000 Sq Ft.
UseIt is majorly  used across certain Indian states, Bangladesh, together with Eastern Africa including Uganda.It is widely used across the Eastern parts of India (Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, West Bengal), Nepal & Bangladesh.
Equation1 Decimal is equal to 0.3200293902 Katha1 Katha is equal to 1.25011479 Decimal
SymbolNot Applicable and the name itself will be usedNot Applicable, Katha is used as symbol

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you convert Kattha to Decimal?

To convert Katha to Decimal, you need to multiply the value by 1.25011479.
For instance
To convert 110 Katha to Decimal
Multiply 110 by 1.25011479
That is equal to 181.5 Decimal

How many Decimals are there in one Katha?

1 Katha contains 1.25011479 Decimal.

What is 1 Decimal land?

Decimal is a land measurement unit majorly used in India and Bangladesh. Additionally, one Decimal is equivalent to 435.5 Square Feet and is 1/100 Acre.

What is the value of 1 Katha?

Decimal is a land measurement unit majorly used in India and Bangladesh. Additionally, one Decimal is equivalent to 435.5 Square Feet and is 1/100 Acre
The value of 1 Katha in Aurangabad and Gaya is 1361.25 ft². Whereas across Saran  1 Katha is equivalent to 4 Decimals. The value of 1 Katha in Assam and West Bengal is 2880 ft² and 720 ft².

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