Legal Battle Over Gurgaon Housing Project

Gurgaon has become the battleground for a legal dispute between two prominent developers, Godrej Properties and Orris Infrastructure, over a housing project in the city. The dispute has now reached the Delhi High Court, which will determine the future of the case.

Delhi High Court to Decide Who Should Hear the Case: Before making any decisions regarding the housing project, the Delhi High Court is first tasked with deciding which court should have jurisdiction over the case. The court in the capital has directed the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Delhi Police to file an FIR against Godrej Properties and its top management in connection with the Godrej Air project.

Non-payment Allegations by Orris Infrastructure: Orris Infrastructure, the complainant in the case, claims that Godrej Properties owes them Rs 202 crore for the 10 acres of land intended for the housing project. However, Godrej Properties has only paid Rs 37 crore so far, failing to meet their payment obligations by the agreed-upon date of September 2022.

Economic Offences Charges Filed by EOW: The FIR registered by the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) against Godrej Properties includes charges of criminal breach of trust, cheating, and criminal conspiracy under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Orris Infrastructure’s plea to register the FIR was honored by the chief metropolitan magistrate south-west Dwarka, Rajat Goyal, who ordered its registration and compliance reporting to the court.

Godrej Properties Challenges the Lower Court’s Order: In response to the FIR, Godrej Properties has moved the Delhi High Court to quash the order issued by the lower court. However, after hearing the arguments presented by both parties, Judge Dinesh Kumar Sharma ruled that the case was within the jurisdiction of the court in Gurgaon. The judge further stated that the lower court had exceeded its geographical authority in ordering the registration of the FIR.

Subsequent Developments and Legal Recourse: Godrej Properties has been able to secure a temporary stay on any coercive action until the next hearing, scheduled for July 11. The company’s spokesperson has responded to the allegations made by Orris Infrastructure, claiming that they are baseless and an attempt to damage Godrej Properties’ reputation. The spokesperson also emphasized that relevant agencies have previously investigated the accusations and found them to be without merit. Godrej Properties has expressed confidence in the merit of their case and intends to take appropriate legal measures to prevent any future false claims. Overall, the legal battle between Godrej Properties and Orris Infrastructure over the housing project in Gurgaon highlights the complexities and challenges that often arise in the real estate sector. The resolution of this dispute will hold significant implications for both companies involved and the broader real estate community. It remains to be seen how the Delhi High Court will decide on the jurisdiction of the case and what outcome will emerge from this ongoing legal battle.

Aayush Kukreja Apart from being a literature student and a theatre practitioner, Aayush is a daydreamer! He loves poetry and just as a poet should be, he’s witty, opinionated and completely clueless about life. Reach out to him anytime for some good old sher-o-shayari. Here, he writes about the quirkiest and the most interesting of things. To the rhythm of life and words, cheers!
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