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Modern Small Living Room Ideas 2020

Your living room is a place where all the members of the family spend their time together engaged in many activities. It is in every way the showcase of the taste and the culture of the family, so it should be designed with care. Read on to get more modern small living room ideas 2020.

Modern Small Living Room Ideas 2020

You will appreciate lovely pops of colour in your modern living room including a focal point which could be a hot pink object redefined with modern décor that gives it a contemporary look. You can keep the walls white while distributing the rainbow of shades of pink and red and cream and yellow all around. There may be a classic neutral colour scheme that works well in a modern living room. There may be decorative pillows thrown around against soft grey furnishings.

  • Modern Living Room Curtains


You should try matching your curtains with the primary colour scheme of the room. The effort will result in keeping the look of a bigger space than what it is. It will give the ambience of a more relaxed look. You may think of a two-toned lattice fabric pattern that should add interesting details to the drapes. The challenge comes when the ceiling is too high that should take a lot of fabric giving the gawky look that will be a terrible idea. A plain look will be very blocky. For modern living room curtains, you can go for a simple yet classy pattern in a soft and neutral tone.


  • Modern Living Room Carpet

A living room serves as a social centre of the home where family member come together to talk, relax and even play games. Owing to all these fun and activities the floor of the living room has to be distinct from say, the floor of the kitchen. On this floor, you’ll find members sprawled across watching movies. The living room floor should be soft and comfortable. Besides, durability and maintainability and looks are all that important for the modern living room carpet.

The carpet should be durable because of all that traffic stomping over it all the time. The family room floor takes the hardest beating in the whole house and so it has to withstand constant wear and tear of the family activity. You should go for a carpet that has long wear warranty.

Nylon is the most resilient material for a carpet fibre but it requires frequent stain protection.

Polyester is stain -resistant and cushy. It is hard to clean.

The carpet of the living room should be easy to clean and you should select a carpet that comes with a stain warranty.


  • Couch Designs For Small Living Room

Furniture selection for a small living room can be quite challenging but the advantage of a small living room is that it is easy to design and within budget. The couch designs for small living room should be such that fits properly into the available space. Don’t try to squeeze in too much. 

Here Are Some Tips for Making Living Room the Best Room in the House

  • Plan: You should have a plan on how to decorate and design the living room without overstuffing it with unnecessary items. You must have a furniture plan that goes in sync with the family’s lifestyle. Start with a T.V.


  • Invest in a Sofa: You should invest in a nice couch. The first piece of furniture you should buy is a sofa because that is what is going to survive for a long time. You should look into your budget and your choice as well and go for the balance.


  • Invest Wisely: The next important thing to consider is the lifestyle you have. Everything that you purchase for your living room should be worth every penny and it should go with your way of living. Even a sofa needs a lot of consideration before deciding for one. You should take some time to choose the design, material, fabric, colour and upholstery. Durability is of paramount importance.


  • Select Appropriate Lighting: You should make sure that the living room receives plenty of natural light. You can choose the lamps and overhead lighting with great care.


  • Know How The Rug Matters: Let some good rugs define this room and you should buy rugs that are larger than the sitting space. But the rug should not make a bold statement. Rug’s colour, texture and pattern should balance the whole scheme of the room.


  • Exercise Great Care While Selecting Table: You should buy tables with a lot of care. If there is a coffee table, it may be the focal point in your living room. Go for the ones which have bold lines and statements.


  • Maintain a touch of Indian Ethnicity in the Design: Don’t forget to give the interior of your living the most essential Indian ethnic taste by including a few pieces of art and artefacts from the yesteryears, reflecting the history of India.


  • Maintain a Balance: Even while trying to design your living room do maintain the right balance of modernity mixed with the traditional. A fusion maybe.


  • Don’t Overdo: In the enthusiasm of giving a facelift to your living room, please remember the minimalistic approach is equally important to avoid cluttering your living room. This is all the more essential to make good use of the ever reducing floor space in the metros and large cities where floor space comes at a premium.

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