Madurai Corporation Launches Underground Drain Project: New Areas Prioritized

The Madurai Corporation has taken a significant step towards improving the city’s infrastructure with the allocation of Rs 4.33 billion for the construction of underground drains (UGD) in newer areas. With this ambitious project, the Corporation aims to enhance sanitation facilities and prevent blockages and overflows in key localities.

Tenders Worth Rs 4.33 Billion Floated for UGD Construction: Under the AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation) scheme, the Madurai Corporation has recently floated tenders worth Rs 4.33 billion. These tenders are divided into two packages that include the construction, maintenance, and operation of the underground drains for a period of five years. The project has received approval in November 2023 and is expected to cover a total of 49 locations. Among these newer areas are Avaniyapuram, Thirupalai, and Viraganur. By extending the network of underground drains to these regions, the Corporation aims to improve the overall sanitation infrastructure in Madurai.

Work Commencement and Completion Timeline: After the tender process concludes in July, the awarded contractors will begin the construction work. The project timeline spans 36 months with an additional six-month trial run. This comprehensive schedule takes into account the complexities involved in constructing and integrating the underground drainage system into the existing urban infrastructure of Madurai. It is expected that this initiative will not only improve the existing drainage systems but also enhance the city’s resilience towards heavy rains and ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for the residents of Madurai.

Activists Urge Corporation to Address Core Area Issues:  While the Madurai Corporation focuses on newer areas, activists have recently highlighted the pressing need to address issues related to outdated drainage systems in core areas of the city. These core areas are susceptible to blockages and overflows, leading to unhygienic conditions. The activists emphasize the importance of addressing these problems comprehensively and ensuring comprehensive coverage of the entire city to improve sanitation standards for all residents. In response to this plea, the Corporation aims to prioritize the upcoming phases of the project, taking into account maintenance and renovation of the existing drainage system and older core areas of Madurai.

Improving Sanitation Standards for a Cleaner Madurai: The underground drainage project undertaken by the Madurai Corporation is a significant step in the direction of improving overall sanitation and hygiene in the city. By focusing on newer areas under the AMRUT scheme, the Corporation aims to tackle issues related to sanitation and prevent potential problems caused by blockages and overflows. With tenders worth Rs 4.33 billion already floated, the project is bound to witness substantial development within the next few years. It is expected that Madurai will witness improved sanitation standards and a cleaner environment for its residents. The involvement of activists in addressing the issues in core areas further ensures a comprehensive approach to the sanitation problem in the city. The Madurai Corporation’s initiative serves as a shining example for other cities in the country, highlighting the importance of urban infrastructure development and maintenance. Through such endeavors, cities can ensure the well-being of their residents and pave the way for a better future.

Aayush Kukreja Apart from being a literature student and a theatre practitioner, Aayush is a daydreamer! He loves poetry and just as a poet should be, he’s witty, opinionated and completely clueless about life. Reach out to him anytime for some good old sher-o-shayari. Here, he writes about the quirkiest and the most interesting of things. To the rhythm of life and words, cheers!
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