Make your Small Abode a Happy Place to Live in

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It is said home is where your heart is no matter how big or small. Converting a small abode into a dream palace is not a master art but a fusion of some out of the box ideas. You just need to be a bit experimental and crazy on your choices and ideas. And you are all set to become your own interior designer.

Here are some tips to decorate your tiny abode

Do not congest the space.

Placing too much furniture in a small area makes it congested, giving it a messy and unorganised look. It is always recommended to select one large piece of furniture and place it in the centre so that the room looks spacious. The selection of the furniture should be made as per one’s requirement.

Do not keep the walls plain.

It’s always good to experiment rather than keeping it simple and boring. Try some visually delighted and flashy wall papers in order to inculcate some life and light in one’s small area. People usually tend to keep the walls plain when they have a small room which gives an impression that the room has an insufficient space for decoration activities. Interesting wallpapers all over the wall would grab the attention of the people and make it look chic and sassy.

Do not forget to use mirrors

Do not forget to add mirrors by the walls which would work as a 3- D dimension and add some visual effects tricking the eyes into thinking that one has a bigger space. The reflection that comes from the mirror inculcates light and colour enhancing the visual appearance of the room making it vibrant and dynamic.

Prefer light colours for your walls

It’s always better to spread the decorative items across the room rather than stacking it all at one corner and be very particular while selecting colours for your walls. If you have a small room, it is always recommended to use lighter colour as it brings out a softer look. Also, make sure to avoid heavy textured fabrics to keep it simple yet organised and beautiful.

Do not stack everything in one corner.

At times people tend to stack everything in one corner of the room or against one wall which may trick the eyes into thinking that one has a bigger space, but on the other hand it will also look unkempt and messed up. One should carefully divide the given area by keeping separate zones for dining, working, sleeping and relaxation and accordingly decorate each corners. This is how one can maintain perfect balance in the room so that it looks clean and elegant.

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