MBMC Implements Band-Aid Solution for Mira Bhayandar’s Unfinished Roads

Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) has taken a significant step to improve the condition of half-baked cement roads in the twin city of Mira Bhayandar. The civic body has initiated a cosmetic treatment program that aims to address the ongoing issues faced by commuters due to incomplete roadworks and enhance the surface quality.

Temporary Solution for Long-Standing Concern: The cosmetic treatment program involves overlaying a bituminous layer on the existing cement roads to smoothen the surface and improve drivability. This method is seen as a temporary solution to mitigate the discomfort and hazards caused by the unfinished roads that have been a long-standing concern for the residents of Mira Bhayandar. MBMC officials have highlighted that the decision to undertake cosmetic treatment was made to provide immediate relief to the public while waiting for comprehensive road reconstruction projects. The initiative is expected to cover several key roads in the city, giving priority to areas with high traffic and the most complaints from residents.

The Process and Benefits of Cosmetic Treatment: The cosmetic treatment process includes cleaning the existing road surface, applying a tack coat, and then overlaying a bituminous layer. This approach not only improves the surface finish but also extends the lifespan of the existing road, protecting it from further deterioration. Local residents have warmly welcomed the move and expressed hope that it will reduce the wear and tear on their vehicles and significantly improve their overall commuting experience. However, they have also urged MBMC to expedite permanent road reconstruction projects to ensure long-term solutions to the city’s infrastructural issues. MBMC officials have assured the public that the cosmetic treatment is just a stopgap measure. The civic body is already working on securing the necessary funds and approvals to initiate comprehensive road repairs and upgrades. These long-term projects will provide a more sustainable solution to the city’s road woes, creating a safer and more efficient road network.

MBMC’s Commitment to Infrastructure Improvement: By introducing the cosmetic treatment program and undertaking interim measures, MBMC aims to enhance road safety and commuter satisfaction in Mira Bhayandar. The move reflects the corporation’s dedication to addressing the infrastructural challenges faced by the city. As the cosmetic treatment program progresses, residents can look forward to smoother and improved road surfaces. Simultaneously, MBMC is actively working towards implementing comprehensive road reconstruction projects that will provide a sustainable and lasting road infrastructure for Mira Bhayandar, ultimately benefiting everyone in the community.

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