“Metro platform construction begins with police approval”

The building of the metro station’s platform along the New Garia-Airport line has taken a significant step forward as the police have given RVNL (Rail Vikas Nigam Limited) temporary control of a section close to Nicco Park. This temporary control is granted for a period of ninety days, allowing RVNL to carry out necessary construction work.

Significant Progress Expected Within Three Months: With this new development, the implementing agency RVNL is set to begin construction on the platform, with an ambitious target to complete two portions in the next three months. The first section measures 30 metres, while the second measures 40 metres. Once completed, this progress will bring the project closer to its goal of functioning in Sector V by the end of this year.

Strategic Approach to Construction:To ensure the construction flows smoothly, RVNL will prioritize completing the Garia end first before proceeding to the airport end, as instructed by the police. This approach is deemed effective for bridging the discontinuities on each side of the metro station, according to a railway engineer involved in the project. The engineer stated, “Therefore, the barricading will be completed.”

Trials and Traffic Diversion:In preparation for the construction works, trials for the Bidhannagar traffic department have already taken place from May 9 to May 16. As a result of a recent police inspection, RVNL was instructed to enlarge a small section on the western edge, which was promptly completed. On Tuesday, the police issued the NOC (No Objection Certificate) for traffic diversion.

As part of the traffic diversion plan, below the under-construction Nicco Park station, the right-most lane has been closed. In-turn, a designated lane from the bypass-bound road has been allocated for the use of airport-bound vehicles. This scheme aims to effectively mitigate traffic congestion at the Nicco Park crossing. RVNL’s efforts include creating additional space to make up for the blocked areas.

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