MHADA Housing Scheme Details

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Owning a house of your own is basic security that we all crave for. However, expenses are high and getting a house is not that easy; which is why the MHADA Lottery Form 2020 is something that everyone is after! An initiative of the Government, this is your way to get yourself a home that you desire. How? Let’s find out!

It is a fundamental duty of the government to protect and take care of its people and that is what the MHADA is all about. The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority is all about taking care of the property needs of various income groups. The MHADA Lottery is a part of it and it helps by providing houses to different income groups. Let us find out in detail as to how this process works.

The MHADA schemes

Providing affordable houses to different income groups is something that the government takes care of from its end. This is why they have various schemes from time to time one of which is the MHADA Lottery Online 2020. So, how does the MHADA scheme work? This operates on a lottery basis. There are different income groups. There are a set number of houses. And now based on a lottery, the houses are allotted to different people of different income groups. There are over 1300 houses under this scheme. Each of these houses is categorized based on their prices. These are mostly low-cost houses. Low cost in terms of the amenities, facilities and built-up area – everything considered; these are available at really affordable rates. They are in place so that people may purchase homes of their choice.

MHADA Scheme

The price range and the application process

While the MHADA lottery schemes offer low-cost houses, it does not mean that they are for free. So how does the process work? When one gets selected, one is allotted a house depending on their income group and then you have to pay a certain amount of money to gain ownership of that house. 

So, there is a general price range that one has to take note of – some flats and houses are available only for 14-15lacs, while the prices of HIGs or Higher Income Group Apartments might go as high as 5Crores and more.

Through the MHADA lottery 2020, a lot of people have gained in the past. People from the lower economic group, lower-income group, the middle-income group and even the higher income group have gained from this scheme of the Maharashtra Government.

Now, let us take a look at the application process:

  • This entire process can be done online and hence very easily accessible.
  • First, you will have to visit and then create an account for yourself there.
  • Then select if you want to apply for Mumbai or Pune based on which you will have to visit different links. For Mumbai, apply through – and for Pune, apply through –
  • You will find the MHADA lottery form 2020 here which you will have to fill up.
  • Once that is done, you will have to find the property type or scheme type based on your income group.
  • The last step of your process will be to complete the payment for the application form and this can be done online through any preferred mode of online payment.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of your application after the process is complete which you can then keep with you for further reference.

Important points to bear in mind

When it comes to this lottery, there are a few things that you will have to bear in mind. To begin with, there is a huge demand and rush for this lottery and there is always a chance of the application forms running out. So, it is best that you keep a tab on the upcoming MHADA lottery 2020 and also have a definite sum of money ready in your hand so that you can submit the application form. A token money submission will be required during filling out the form and hence you will have to take care of that.

MHADA Scheme Details

The other thing that you have to bear in mind is the eligibility criteria. Anyone and everyone cannot take part in this lottery. To be able to eligible, you will have to be more than 18 years of age and you will have to have a domicile certificate, proving that you are a resident of Maharashtra. If you are not a resident of Maharashtra, then you will not be able to apply for the MHADA lottery 2020 registration.


Do I have to be salaried to apply for this scheme?

Of the various eligibility criteria that one has to pass when it comes to this scheme, yes you will need to be a salaried individual with a PAN card to be able to submit the MHADA form 2020.

What income group can apply for what kind of flats?

Your monthly income will determine what kind of flat you will be able to apply for. Those who earn more than Rs.75,000/- a month, they will be able to apply for HIG apartments. Those who have a monthly income of Rs.50,001/- to Rs.75,000/- can apply for MIG apartments. If you have a monthly income between, Rs.25,000/- to Rs.50,000/-, then you can apply for a LIG under the MHADA scheme details.

These are all the basic information that you need to apply for a house of your own under this scheme. Get all your documents in order and go ahead and start the process, today!

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