Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)

Municipal Corporation of Delhi

Municipal Corporation of Delhi is an independent anatomy that includes four sectors in itself which are North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, East Delhi Municipal Corporation and West Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Further all these zones have various segments like Community Service, Hospital services & facilities, licenses, horticulture, property tax and health. All these segments captivate Municipal Corporation of Delhi who take charge of the community betterment for the native of Delhi.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi under the Parliament Act, 7 April 1958. Trilok Chand Sharma was the first major Mayor and the DMC- Delhi Municipal Corporation was the primary community in Delhi, this municipal body helped meet the wants of the people. They also have their own official website which list all their policies and update changes along with submitting complaints when necessary.

Types of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)

4 types of municipal corporations working in MCD. 

South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC)

SDMC stands for South Delhi Municipal Corporation that was initiated after the former MCD (Municipal Corporation Delhi) was split into three categories. SDMC was amongst the five districts in Delhi (National Capital of India), others including NDMC- North Delhi Municipal Corporation and EDMC- East Delhi Municipal Corporation under the Delhi Cantonment Board and Municipal Council.

  • SDMC: SDMC stands for South Delhi Municipal Corporation that was initiated after the former MCD (Municipal Corporation Delhi) was split into three categories. SDMC was amongst the five districts in Delhi (National Capital of India), others including 
  • NDMC: North Delhi Municipal Corporation and 
  • EDMC: East Delhi Municipal Corporation under the Delhi Cantonment Board and Municipal Council.
  • WDMC: EDMC stands for West Delhi Municipal Corporation 

Before the segments were made, the MCD was a massive Municipal Corporation, a body which used to control different districts of Delhi. The Municipal Corporation Delhi being the greatest municipal anatomy providing services to a population concerning 11M in the state, when the corporation covered 1,397km2 area.

Functions of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)

The purpose that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi works for its citizens are listed below:

  • Balancing usage of land and building construction
  • Preparation of urban and town plan
  • Supply of water to commercial, domestic & industrial segments.
  • Fire Aid
  • Solid waste management
  • Public Health & sanitation
  • Preparation for both economic & social development
  • Slum upgradation 
  • Slum development
  • Protect & promote environmental aspect
  • Poverty Ease in Urban Areas
  • Uplifting the weaker section of the society consisting of handicapped & Disabled.
  • Initiate facilities like garden, playground, and parks.
  • Advertise the cultural & educational aspect.
  • Stats consisting of enrollment for birth and death.
  • Preventing animals from abuse.
  • Burial grounds for cremations
  • Public facilities such as parking areas, bus stops, conveniences for travelling purposes and streetlights.

Sources for Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)

  • Property Tax
  • Water Supply charge
  • Rent of possessed houses, market etc.
  • City Registered tax from commercial wheels
  • State government grants

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Municipal Corporation Delhi?

It is obligatory for every individual to register every single birth according to the Registration of Birth Act, 1969. As, a birth certificate is a document that is considered vital under law, which also acts as an identification proof in numerous situations. It is The Chief Registrar of birth is the body that issues birth certificate under the State Govt. of Delhi.

Why Obtain Birth Certificate in MCD?

Below are listed reasons to obtain Birth Certification:

  • Registration for Marriage Certificate (necessary to prove your age).
  • To acquire necessary documents such as Voter ID, Driving License & Passport.
  • Admission Formalities under educational institutions.
  • Claim Insurance Advantages

Who all can Register Birth in MCD?

Birth Certificate can be acquired if affair of the birth has been recorded and enclosed under 21 days from the D.O.B. 

The concerned individuals that can register the birth are as below:

  • In case the event of birth takes place in the house, then the head of the house will be liable to register the birth.
  • In case the event of birth takes place in a nursing home, hospital, or any other health Centre, then any permit officer by the medical official is liable to register the birth.  
  • In case the event of birth takes place in a jail, then the jail official is liable to register the birth.
  • In case the event of birth takes place in a vehicle, then the vehicle owner is liable to register the birth. 
  • In case the birth has not been recorded even in a year’s period then the individual can register the same event later by contacting the place where the birth took place along with registration under the Registrar office. 

Fee Structure for Registration of Birth in MCD

  Registration PeriodFee Payable
  Under 21 D.O. BNo fee Payable
  After 21 D.O. BINR 7
  After 30 days but prior 1yr D.O. BINR 10
  After 1yr D.O.B.INR 15

You will get the birth certificate for the same within 7 working days from the date of registration of the application.

Documents Required for the Registration of Birth Certificate in MCD

In order to register an individual for the birth certification, you require the following documents for submission:

  • Proof of child birth for whom the certification is required.
  • Details like place of birth, date of birth followed by the time when the child was born.
  • Residential Certificate by the parents for the same year.
  • Identity Proof of parents.

In case an individual has faced delaying in the registration of the birth of the child, then the following documents is required while submitting the application:

  • A letter of request by the respective father or mother.
  • Address Proof of the same place where the birth took place.
  • Complete formatted details of the child
  • Birth Date Proof
  • Aadhar Card

Online Application Submission for the Birth Certificate in MCD

One can also make the registration process easy by submitting the application through an online portal by following some easy steps as below:

Step1: Go on the Delhi Government official Website.

Step2: Tap on ‘Online Services’, which is visible on the portal’s home page.

Step3: Click on ‘Birth Certificate’ option from the services provided.

Step4: Now, fill the important details regarding the birth and tap on the ‘Search’ button.

Step5: The next window now you see are the details related to the birth of the child.

Step6: Select the Birth Record from the list displayed.

Step7: Tap on ‘Get Certificate’.

Step8: Fill the necessary contact details and tap on ‘Show Certificate’.

Step9: Now download the pdf and collect your printout of the birth certificate that has now been approved.

How to Get a Death Certificate in Municipal Corporation Delhi?

Below are listed reasons to obtain Death Certification:

  • Death Certificate act as a proof document for the death reason of an individual.
  • It includes all the information regarding the demise such as time, date and the place where the death took place.
  • This certificate of death enables the family members of the deceased to claim insurance & other benefits as well.
  • In order to settle or solve a property inheritance matter, this certificate is amongst the mandatory required documents.
  • This death document can be used to discharge the deceased from legal, official & social commitments.

Steps for Applying for a Death Certificate in MCD

Step1:  Once you register all the information at the Municipal corporation Delhi, approach the concerned management/authority & apply for the certificate on any following working day.

Step2: Collect the application form by visiting the office.

Step3: Fill up the necessary details in the application form and other documents and submit the fee (if any).

Step4: All the details will be verified by the Municipal Authority and provide the applicant with the death certificate as per the notified period.

Step5: Alternatively, you can also check the record online and get a hard copy printed, if it’s serving your purpose.


  • If you apply for it orally, then the registrar will enter the required information in the appropriate reporting form & get your thumb impression or signature.
  • you will have to collect the receipt from either the burial ground or crematorium to get the death certificate.

How to Get a Marriage Certificate in Municipal Corporation Delhi?

In order to register any marriage with the Delhi Municipal Corporation, the applicant has to approach a Registrar’s Office in the area they reside. For an already solemnized marriage, the marriage certificate will be provided on the same day as registration. If the application has been submitted before the day of marriage, authorities will then initiate a 30-day period waiting for any objections to the union by the public. The marriage certificate will then be issued on the day of marriage. Let’s take a look at the procedure for obtaining a marriage certificate in Delhi.

How to Apply for Marriage Certificate in Offline in MCD

The following is the offline procedure for registering any death with Delhi Municipal Corporation:

Step 1: The application needs to be filled with both the husband and wife. Attach all the necessary documents and submit it at the Sub Registrar’s office

Step 2: Once the application has been submitted, the applicant will be asked to visit again on a scheduled date to continue the process

Step 3: Both parties must be present at the office o0n scheduled date, along with a gazetted officer who was present at the wedding

Step 4: You need to complete the process by following the instruction of the authority

Step 5: The applicants and the witness then need to sign on the registry to make the marriage official

How to Apply for Marriage Certificate Online in MCD

The following is the procedure for getting a marriage certificate from the Delhi Municipal Corporation portal:

Step 1: You need to visit the official portal of the Municipal Corporation.

Step 2: On the homepage you need to click on the ‘Civic Services’ tab

Step 3: On the resulting page, you have to click on the ‘Marriage Registration Certification’ tab

Step 4: This will redirect you to the page with an application form. Enter all the relevant details and upload all the required documents. After completing the application, you need to click on ‘Continue’ to proceed

Step 5: After the application has been submitted, the applicant will receive an email containing a PDF of the same. Take a print out of the PDF

Step 6: You then need to submit the printout of the application to the Sub Registrar’s office on a previously scheduled date

Step 7: The applicants and witnesses then need to sign on the registry to make the marriage official

Property Tax in Municipal Corporation Delhi

Property tax is the periodically occurring charge the house owners need to pay each year. Though the amount of charge is different from location to location. 

The property owners in Delhi, are bound to pay property tax to MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi each year. Depending on the locality or area of your property the owners need to pay their property tax either to SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation), EDMC (East Delhi Municipal Corporation) or NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation).

Delhi state is subdivided into 8 categories, A to H depending upon the worth of the property in the area owned by each category. The per square meter of the property allocated decides the charge of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) property tax & unit area charge. 

You can easily calculate your property tax by:

Property Tax = Annual Value X Rate of Tax

(Annual Value = Unit area per square meter value X Unit area of the Property X Age Factor X Use Factor X Structure Factor X Occupancy Factor).

Rate of taxMunicipal Corporation of Delhi each year levy charges on property Tax from A to H category.
Unit area valueUnit area value is allocated to the square meter area of the property which is different from A to H category. 
Unit area of propertyArea of built-up excluding the carpet area in square meters is the computation that is considered
Age factorThe worth ranges from 0.5 to 1.0 depending upon how old or new the property is, where the new property is charged higher and the old is charged lower. 
Use factorThe worth of the property is ‘1’, this is for residential properties which are charged lower than the non-resident one’s. 
Structure factorReinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) is charged higher.
Occupancy factorOccupancy property that is hired are charged relatively higher than the self-occupied. 

Tax Rates of Property in MCD (2021-22)

CategoryHome taxTax on Income Property

Value Per Unit Area in Municipal Corporation of Delhi

CategoriesUnit Area Value (INR square per meter)

Age Factor for Property in MCD

Year of Establishment (Construction)Age Aspect
Prior to 19600.5
2000 onwards1

Usage Factor for Property in MCD

Property typeUse factor
Property for Residential Purpose1
Non-residential cause for Public1
Property for Non-residential purpose2
Entertainment, Industry & club Domain 3
2-Star ratings for Hotels and Restaurants4
3- Star Towers, Hoardings & Hotels Domain 10

Structure Factor for Property in MCD

Type of Construction EstablishmentStructure factor
Pucca (Reinforced Cement Concrete Building)1.0

Occupancy Factor for Property in MCD

Occupancy typeOccupancy factor
Hired out2.0
Unused plot0.6

NOTE: All the above-mentioned Area Code Names as their respective 3-4 wards under it. The total ward numbers of all these area codes comes down to 272.  

Contact Details For Municipal Corporation Delhi (MCD)

HELPLINE NUMBER: 095605 93795

OFFICE ADDRESS: Khanpur, Mehrauli – Badarpur Rd, Block D, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110062

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