Properties in Dubai are attracting Chinese real estate investors


With China’s One Belt One Road initiative, Dubai, a major hub along this line, has turned out to be the new realty hotspot for Chinese investors. Many Chinese citizens continue investing and living in Dubai as per several studies and reports.

China has been one of the top investors in real estate as far as Dubai is concerned and this trend has been observed over the last two years or so. Experts have stated that around 7,013 Chinese investors and purchasers have concluded 9,640 land exchanges worth around 14.34 billion dirhams (US$3.9 billion) from 2002 to 2008.

This has given a major boost to the real estate market in Dubai and encouraged property developers to offer several lifestyle arrangements in their projects in a bid to draw investors. With the 2020 World Expo on the anvil, infrastructural development has skyrocketed in Dubai. Now, Chinese investors can get a five-year home visa in case they buy specific homes in prime neighbourhoods. Investors usually purchase a mix of several properties, right from private homes and mansions to apartments and island properties among other types. Experts state that realty investments from Chinese and other foreign investors are only set to grow in Dubai and this will give the realty market a major push in the years to come.