How to Improve Vastu for a South-facing Home?

How to Improve Vastu for a South-facing Home?

South Facing House Vastu ideas for a Peaceful Life

There are innumerable south facing house Vastu guidelines that you can follow when designing the layout of your residence. Here’s looking at some of them.

South facing house Vastu ideas are not hard to come across, provided you have a clear understanding of Vastu Shastra principles or guidelines. South facing homes have often been avoided by people who have wrongfully perceived them as being inauspicious as compared to north or east-facing residences. However, it should be stated that south-facing homes may indeed be highly auspicious provided Vastu tenets are carefully followed at the outset.

The placement of the main door is one of the key components of any south facing house Vastu plan. In case the residence faces southwards, what you should do is position the entrance or door in the 4th pada or step in the southern portion. Sounds confusing? Read on for more!

Vital south facing house Vastu guidelines for you

For the most critical south facing house Vastu Tips, you must return to the basics of this ancient science. Divide the entire southern portion till the south-west from the south-east into 9 equal portions. Every step or portion will thus be known as padas or steps as per Vastu Shastra guidelines. The meaning of this for south-facing homes can be translated as follows:

  • The 4th pada is considered the most auspicious and best option when it comes to placing the main door or entrance of a home that faces southwards.
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd padas may be used for the entrance or main door in case the 4th pada is not sufficient by itself. However, make sure that you include the latter by all means. If space is being utilized till the 1st pada, you should ensure that there is a gap of 6 inches at least from the south-eastern wall.
  • Do not place the main door between the 5th and 9th padas in this case. Vastu Shastra principles state that they are not auspicious.

Some other south facing house Vastu principles to note

There are various other principles governing south facing house Vastu plans and blueprints. Here’s taking a closer look at the same:

  • Main entrances are not recommended between the 5th and 9th padas.
  • Nothing like a bore-well or sump should be kept in the south-western corner.
  • Open spaces must be avoided in the southern side as compared to the northern side.
  • Plots sloping southwards from the north are avoidable.
  • Extensions or cuts must not be present in the southern portion.
  • Do not opt for car parking facilities in the south of the home.
  • Avoid having a kitchen to the south-west as well.
  • Walls must be higher and thicker than the east and north in the west and south.
  • Kitchens should be positioned to the north-west or south-east. Face west/east while cooking for north-west/south-east kitchens.
  • Master bedrooms are suitable to the south-west while the southern portion may have a staircase.
  • Plots should ideally slope northwards from the south.
  • Pooja rooms or living rooms are suitable to the north-east.
  • Guest bedrooms are ideal for the north-western direction.

Now that you know some of the basic south facing house Vastu guidelines, it is time that you implement them at the layout stage itself.