A Guide to Square Mile to Square Kilometers Conversion

1 Square Mile is equal to 2.59 Square Kilometer

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Finding converting square mile to square kilometers (sq miles to sq km) a bit difficult and seeking simple and easy ways to make the conversion? Well, this guide is all about the square mile to square km conversion, the relationship and differences between the units, Square Miles to Kilometres (sq miles to sq km) Squared calculator, the formula for the calculation along with examples and much more. Keep scrolling and learn every possible information about the conversion.

What is a Square Mile?

A square mile is a commonly known unit for measuring area or land area, that is widely used in the imperial as well as the US measurement systems. Often abbreviated as sq. mi and mi2, a square mile is equal to a square measuring one mile on every side and works out to exactly 2.59 square kilometers. You should not consider the unit to be the same as miles square referring to a square region where each side has a specified length.

A square mile is also used as a standard unit to calculate the population figures in a specified area. Therefore, the population figures are often considered as the number of people for each square mile. The total population figure in a square mile is calculated by dividing the total number of people by the number of square miles in area.  A square mile is equal to 640 acres, 27,878,400 square feet, 3,097,600 square yards, 27,878,400 square feet, 3,097,600 square yards, 25,899,881,103.36 square centimetres, 2,589,988.110336 square metres, 258.9988110336 hectares

2.589988110336 square kilometres and 4,014,489,600 square inches.

If you did not know, the business and financial district of London is also called the Square Mile.

What is a Square Kilometre?

A square kilometre is a unit area equal to one square measuring one kilometer on each side. The abbreviations that are often used for this unit include sq.km and km2. The International Bureau of Weights and Measures uses the spelling for this unit as square kilometres whereas it is also spelled as square kilometers in the US. One square kilometer is equal to 1,000,000 square meters, 100 hectares, 247.1 acres and 03861 square miles. The unit is often used to describe the length and breadth of cities as well as countries these days. For instance, India stands at a total area of 3,287,263 kilometres. Some of the most popular parks in the world also stand at the area of exact one kilometre such as Kiest Park, Brierley Forest Park and more. Some of the world’s popular golf courses such as the Trophy Club in the US and Manchester Golf Club in the UK also stand at an area of one square kilometre.

Relationship between Square Miles and Square Kilometers

The relationship between a Square Mile and a Square Kilometer is not difficult to understand. 1 square mile is equal to  2.58999 square kilometers and 1 square kilometer is equivalent to 0.3861 square miles.

The mathematical relationship between the units can be described as:

1 Square Mile = 2.58999 Square Kilometers

1 Square Kilometer = 0.386102 Square Mile

How to Convert Square Miles to Square Kilometers?

Now that we have learned that both these units are used to measure area, let’s understand how to convert sq miles to sq kms:

You need to simply multiply the area by the conversion ratio to convert a square mile measurement to a square kilometer measurement.

Yes, it is that easy. Read further to learn the mathematical formula for converting square miles to square kilometers along with a few examples.

Formula for Converting Square Miles to Square Kilometers

Since we know there are 2.589988 square kilometers in one square mile, use the below simple formula for the conversion:

Square Kilometers = Square Miles x 2.589988

Below are a few examples for converting Square Mile to Square Kilometres. Take a look:

Example 1: Convert 5 Square Miles to Square Kilometers

Solution 1: Using the above formula, we will get:

5 sq mi = (5 x 2.589988) = 12.949941 sq km

Hence, 5 sq mi is equal to 12.949941 sq km.

Example 2: Convert 20 Square Miles to Square Kilometers

Solution 2: Just like above,

20 sq mi = (20 x 2.589988) = 51.79976 sq km

Hence, 20 sq mi is equal to 51.79976 sq km.

Example 3: 1000 Square Miles to Square Kilometers

Solution 3: Again,

1000 sq mi = (1000 x 2.589988) = 2,589.988 sq km

Hence, 1000 sq mi is equal to 2,589.988 sq km.

Square Miles to Square Kilometers Conversion Table

Have a quick look at the below conversion table for the units that eases up the calculation process for you:

Square MilesSquare KilometersSquare Miles in Square Kilometers
1 sq mi2.59 sq km1 sq mi is equal to 2.59 sq km
2 sq mi5.18 sq km2 sq mi is equal to 5.18 sq km
3 sq mi7.77 sq km3 sq mi is equal to 7.77 sq km
4 sq mi10.36 sq km4 sq mi is equal to 10.36 sq km
5 sq mi12.95 sq km5 sq mi is equal to 12.95 sq km
6 sq mi15.54 sq km6 sq mi s equal to 15.54 sq km
7 sq mi18.13 sq km7 sq mi is equal to 18.13 sq km
8 sq mi20.72 sq km8 sq mi is equal to 20.72 sq km
9 sq mi23.31 sq km9 sq mi is equal to 23.31 sq km
10 sq mi25.9 sq km10 sq mi is equal to 25.9 sq km
11 sq mi28.49 sq km11 sq mi is equal to 28.49 sq km
12 sq mi31.08 sq km12 sq mi is equal to 31.08 sq km
13 sq mi33.67 sq km13 sq mi is equal to 33.67 sq km
14 sq mi36.26 sq km14 sq mi is equal to 36.26 sq km
15 sq mi38.85 sq km15 sq mi is equal to 38.85 sq km
16 sq mi41.44 sq km16 sq mi is equal to 41.44 sq km
17 sq mi44.03 sq km17 sq mi is equal to 44.03 sq km
18 sq mi46.62 sq km18 sq mi is equal to 46.62 sq km
19 sq mi49.21 sq km19 sq mi is equal to 49.21 sq km
20 sq mi51.8 sq km20 sq mi is equal to 51.8 sq km
21 sq mi54.39 sq km21 sq mi is equal to 54.39 sq km
22 sq mi56.98 sq km22 sq mi is equal to 56.98 sq km
23 sq mi59.57 sq km23 sq mi is equal to 59.57 sq km
24 sq mi62.16 sq km24 sq mi is equal to 62.16 sq km
25 sq mi64.75 sq km25 sq mi is equal to 64.75 sq km
26 sq mi67.34 sq km26 sq mi is equal to 67.34 sq km
27 sq mi69.93 sq km27 sq mi is equal to 69.93 sq km
28 sq mi72.52 sq km28 sq mi is equal to 72.52 sq km
29 sq mi75.11 sq km29 sq mi is equal to 75.11 sq km
30 sq mi77.7 sq km30 sq mi is equal to 77.7 sq km
31 sq mi80.29 sq km31 sq mi is equal to 80.29 sq km
32 sq mi82.88 sq km32 sq mi is equal to 82.88 sq km
33 sq mi85.47 sq km33 sq mi is equal to 85.47 sq km
34 sq mi88.06 sq km34 sq mi is equal to 88.06 sq km
35 sq mi90.65 sq km35 sq mi is equal to 90.65 sq km
36 sq mi93.24 sq km36 sq mi is equal to 93.24 sq km
37 sq mi95.83 sq km37 sq mi is equal to 95.83 sq km
38 sq mi98.42 sq km38 sq mi is equal to 98.42 sq km
39 sq mi101.01 sq km39 sq mi is equal to 101.01 sq km
40 sq mi103.6 sq km40 sq mi is equal to 103.6 sq km

Difference Between A Square Mile and A Square Kilometer

Now that you have learned a lot about these two area measuring units - what are square miles and square kilometers, how to convert them into each other and the formula for conversion, it’s time to understand the difference between the two. While a square mile is a measurement of area equal to one mile length by one mile width that makes an area of 640 acres, a square kilometer is a measurement of area equal to one kilometer length by one kilometer width. Let’s learn other differences between these units through the below table:

Basis of ComparisonSquare MileSquare Kilometer
Abbreviation/Symbolsq mi/mi2sq km/km2
DefinitionA square mile is an imperial and US measuring unit for areaA square kilometer is a multiple of the square meter, the SI unit of area
Formula1 sq mi =  2.58999 sq km1 sq km = 0.386102 sq mi
UsageA square mile is used to measure a land areaA square kilometer is used to measure a land area

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many square miles are there in a square kilometer?

A square kilometer is equal to 0.386102 square miles.

How do you convert mi2 to m2?

There are 2589988.1 square meters (m2) in one square mile. Thus, the formula for converting square meters to square miles is:
 Square meters = square miles*2589988.1

Is a square mile 1 mile by 1 mile?

One square mile means the area of a square with 1 mile long sides.

How much of a mile is a kilometer?

1km is equal to 0.621371 miles.

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