Square Yards and GCC: A partnership on the rise

The Gulf cooperation council, popularly known as GCC, is currently one of the fastest growing real estate regions in the world. It comprises of a group of nations that includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Of late it has seen growth economically as well as demographically, following a surge in the number of expatriates. Three of its regions namely- Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha have particularly made rapid strides in terms of its real estate evolution.

There is a significant Indian diaspora present in these locations which are keen on investing in India but lack essential information and knowledge as well as adequate research support before investing. Square Yards, a technology-enabled real estate aggregator based in India, is focused on the NRI community across the globe and noticed a massive business opportunity in the GCC region to engage with the Indian diaspora there and provide them with all the necessary information they need before investing. From property identification and transaction Support to advisory services, Square Yards offers end-to-end Property Life-cycle Services to its clients. Our offices are located in Dubai, Square Yards Doha, Abu Dhabi and Muscat. Square Yards over the years have established a strong foothold owing to its aggressive expansion plans and has gained a virtual monopoly in these markets.

Kanika Shori, COO of Square Yards, says the offices there help the company widen its reach and serve the NRI community more diligently who are keen on investing in India. “The opening up of offices in the GCC region is an integral part of the Square Yards’ strategy to capitalize on penetrating further into the NRI section living there. It will enable the company to focus more squarely on the NRI populace residing in Qatar and introduce well-structured real estate investment deals from India, GCC and other parts of the globe to the prospective investors and home buyers”.

Square Yards, through its new International property portal aimed at facilitating global cross-border real estate investments, helps investors by showcasing a broad range of properties from affordable to premium segment in their preferred region. It also provides comprehensive details about the project, i.e., the unit plans, key details to its USP’s, etc. and ranks the properties on multiple parameters such as investment score, rental yield, price, transaction costs, etc.

Upcoming events such as Expo 2020 in Dubai and the soccer event FIFA 2022 in Doha have augmented the need for better amenities and sophisticated infrastructure. These top-notch events are also expected to bring a plethora of qualified Indians to GCC, thereby opening more opportunities for Square Yards.

According to Square Yards, Dubai Expo 2020 is scheduled to have a positive impact on Dubai’s real estate market which has been underperforming and remained relatively subdued for the last three years owing to the economic downturn. The six-month-long event will be the first ever to be held in the Middle East and will showcase trade and innovative products from across the world. New projects will be announced by leading developers and are expected to create nearly 300,000 jobs by the year 2020 which will boost the property market tremendously.

Square yards help you to build the most optimum property portfolio across the world. The company provides advisory services as well as search listings for off-plan, sale, and rent of properties. High demand for off-plan properties has been witnessed in Dubai, and about 40 new project launches were announced recently in Cityscape Global show held last week by developers such as Deyaar, Emaar and Damac.

Dubai’s real estate Is gradually showing signs of recovery. Square times, our property blog, provides latest updates on Dubai’s residential market and highlights why the time is right for investors to bet on Dubai in the points mentioned below.

  • Dubai 2020 Expo
  • Affordable housing boom
  • Soccer World cup- FIFA 2022 in Qatar
  • Dubai homeowners preference for second homes
  • Dubai real estate witnesses a massive influx of Indian Investors.

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