Square Yards investment Reviews-best for passive investors looking to profit from private real estate debt investments

Square Yards Investment Reviews

Real estate investment is a good idea post covid but investing in a real estate brand that happens to be of one of the fastest growing companies in the world, even in a pandemic situation is the best. The company is Square Yards, India’s Largest Platform for Real Estate and Mortgages, having a footprint in 20 cities in 9 countries. As an angel investor, I was pleased on how the company stood up to its mission and in course of time enlarged its vision of becoming the largest real estate player in the world. Read on the Square Yards Investment Review.

The company has a market monopoly in the GCC region and has a wonderful business model that has helped the company to achieve break-even position, just after six years of its launch. Square Yards had a profitable year in 2020, even in the height of the disastrous pandemic, which is one of the reasons I was so interested in investing in the company.

Square Yards going big on innovation-an attraction for VC firms and angel investors

Square Yards is backed by Reliance and has a successful series of funding rounds by credible players of the industry including Times group. The company’s growth potential, strong tech-led innovation prowess and portfolio range has made it one of the most promising startups to invest in.

Square Yards is hungry for growth and is on the path of becoming a unicorn in the next four years. While meeting its founders Tanuj Shori and Kanika Gupta Shori to talk about the investment, I found out that they need cash to scale up and build the next big thing in proptech industry. Bowled over by their insights and the fact that investing in a would-be unicorn and IPO headed company would be great, considering the returns in less than ten years, I inked an investment deal (sum undisclosed) in 2018. It was a sweet investment then, as today the company has grown phenomenally and become a real estate giant from a primary transaction player.

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With Indian startups having a bull run post pandemic and are making a beeline towards massive IPOs, it’s time for investors to look at the crystal ball and find attractive startups to invest in. For Square Yards, it’s also on a promising path towards a huge IPO in the near future and its investors are hopeful of making handsome returns from it.