Square Yards Investment Reviews made simpler in 2020

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Square Yards Investment Review

Buying property has always been considered favorable for Square Yards investment Reviews purposes. Out of all the asset classes, it is real estate investing that has the power to combat market volatility and earn handsome returns in the future. Recent measures by the Government including the emphasis on affordable housing through the PMAY mission, record-lowest rates of interest in almost a decade, and several other incentives have propelled fence-sitters towards seriously considering real estate investments in the country at present.

Square Yards Investment Reviews- Are they viable now?

There are several types of Square Yards Investment Reviews that can be made in the current scenario. You can invest in the real estate housing market or the residential segment of the industry. This entails buying a property in your chosen city for letting it out and earning rental income or simply holding onto the asset as a second home until it appreciates in value. The next process is to invest in commercial real estate. You can either directly purchase commercial and income-generating assets across segments or invest through a REIT (real estate investment trust).

This functions in the manner of a real estate investment company where individual investors pool together their capital for buying income-generating commercial assets. REIT investing gives everyone a chance to share in the country’s realty growth story.

How does the picture look for real estate investments in India?

Real estate investments are taking a little time to recover in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, things should be rosier in the days ahead with multiple infrastructural developments announced by the Government, development of Smart Cities, new commercial investments as part of the Make in India blueprint, metro, and airport expansion to various parts of the country, and similar factors.

Real Estate Investment Process Simplified by Square Yards

Square Yards is India’s largest and foremost property brokerage solution, offering a 360-degree approach towards investing in real estate. Find the right property for your needs with specialized search and information tools, get digital/virtual walkthroughs and all other assistance in finalizing your property followed by online inventory booking, completion of the deal, secure payments, and post-sales formalities. You also get online assistance with your home loan application through Square Capital, the mortgage arm of the company.

Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Real estate tax benefits are numerous. They include tax deductions up to Rs. 1,50,000 under Section 80C on the principal repayment of your home loan and deductions up to Rs. 2 lakh on the interest payment on home loans. There is an additional deduction up to Rs. 50,000 for first-time buyers while if you are renting out your home, then interest payment deductions do not have any upper limit. The same applies to a second home which is being rented out. There will be no deductions on the upper limit for claiming interest payment deductions for second homes which are let out. However, if you are showing both your properties as self-occupied, thanks to the Government’s new measure, from AY2020-21, you can get deductions on interest repayment for the second home as well.


What is Real Estate Investment?

Buying property in the form of an apartment/flat, home/house, building, structure in the residential/commercial/rental/retail/industrial segment is known as real estate investment.

How to invest in real estate?

You can simply take the help of a leading property aggregator like Square Yards for help in choosing and finalizing properties, taking virtual walkthroughs, completing all buying formalities, making payments, booking your preferred unit, applying for your home loan, getting it sanctioned, and completing post-sales formalities.

Why you should invest in real estate now?

Property prices are at comparatively low and balanced levels while interest rates in the market are also on the lower side. Add festive discounts and offers from real estate developers and Government incentives through lower GST on under-construction properties (zero GST on ready to move properties) and you get the picture.

Is real estate a good investment?

Real estate is one of the safest and best investments that you can make for ensuring future capital appreciation and wealth creation alike. You can watch your investment value appreciate over time or simply earn rental income from your property every month.

How much money can you make investing in real estate?

While there is no hard and fast figure, you can always earn through rental income on your property. Suppose your property cost is Rs. 1 crore and you rent it out for Rs. 20,000 every month which imputes earnings of Rs. 2,40,000 annually. With increases in rental charges every year, you will be recouping your initial investment within approximately 25-30 years or even sooner, depending on rental increases. By the time you get there, you will have built an asset that is nearing almost Rs. 2-3 crore in value if not more for a locality and micro-market that is well established, has ample infrastructure, and is popular amongst buyers. That is the beauty of real estate investment, i.e. you gain both ways.