Ultra-luxury real estate continues drawing investors in Dubai

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Ultra-luxury real estate continues drawing investors in Dubai

There continues to be sky-high demand for ultra-luxury real estate in Dubai. The 2020 Expo is expected to positively boost the real estate market in Dubai as per reports. The Expo will lead to a huge increase in business and economic activities. Buyers in this segment usually seek specific attributes while zeroing in on ultra-luxurious residential projects in Dubai which majorly concentrate on privacy, prime locations and other unique amenities. Buyers are steadily purchasing properties in locations like Palm Jumeirah among others which have a distinct appeal of their own.

Ultra-luxury real estate has limited supply in Dubai and demand is more than supply which keeps prices going up steadily. This works out somewhat advantageously for investors in the long run. The number of ultra high-networth individuals in Dubai is expected to increase by 60% by the year 2026. Property in Dubai is one of the most coveted propositions for investors worldwide. Ultra-luxury markets in Dubai are already seeing an increase in overall transactions. With the Expo 2020 on the anvil, there is growing global interest in Dubai and its burgeoning business prospects.

Investors in Dubai will continue to seek out prime properties which are on the higher end of the chain and it is pretty obvious that benefits will trickle down in many ways. There are several established ultra luxury markets which are commanding attention at the moment while new premium developments are also being positioned by developers and top brands. Dubai also has several other things going for it including the government’s investor friendly policies, slightly lower property prices at the moment, a conducive global lifestyle and safety standards and skyrocketing commercial growth. Infrastructural development is also changing large parts of Dubai and is expected to continue boosting the real estate market over the next few years. As a result, the ultra-luxury market will continue benefiting from renewed investor attention.

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