Tips for making your Bedroom Vastu Compatible

Vastu for bedroom

Even the smallest Vastu tips for your bedroom can turn things around in your favour like the best direction to sleep and other nuances.

It’s an open secret that little things in life mean a lot and makes us what we are today as a sum of all those little reflections, moments of bliss, changes and those small events that we all cherish throughout our life’s journey. Vastu science or Shastra, as it is popularly known in India, came as a blessing for many who got things turned in their favour just by bringing in some Vastu-suggested changes in their homes. Your bedroom is so very important for you and a few changes in the direction, colour scheme or even position of bed can cause miracles and create a positive vibe.

There are things like the direction of the bed, sleeping direction, placement of the mirror, removing unfavorable objects, the favorable colors on the walls, banishing clutters and so on will enhance positive energy and bring in lots of warmth to the people who use the bedroom. You must know which is the best direction to sleep? Which direction your head should be in? What is the best bed position according to Vastu and the most suitable bed direction Vastu way? These are things that you must know.

Some more aspects worth knowing

Vastu Shastra took deep roots in the Indian subcontinent millenniums ago when the old sages handed down generations their pearls of wisdom in the form of texts and verses and manuscripts that contained different intricate implications of living life in tune with nature and how to respond to the natural phenomenon which would often drive people crazy because they were not endowed with the explanations given by the modern science and because science was in its nascent stage and the scientific enquiries were just rudimentary. Yet, Vastu was viewed all along with due respect along with astrology and astronomy, though some people dismissed them as superstition or flip side of science. After all, that’s been said and done, Vastu Shastra has come today to stay and it has given the test of time. It has been observed that a few structural modifications help positive energy flow into one’s life and one’s home. The colour that you use in your home’s interior and exterior does have a psychological impact on the onlookers. There is an emotional side attached to it. 

Vastu Shastra is a cosmic science used in architecture and interior decoration that creates an environment that is harmonious and that sets up wealth, happiness and order into your life. It’s all about importing rhythm and balance that ensures a quality shift in life.

How Vaastu can help you optimize your bedroom apropos:

What are the Vastu tips for bedroom or Vastu for bedroom or the best direction to sleep? Key principles also discuss bed position according to Vastu.

The direction of the bedroom according to Vastu Shastra:

A south-west directed bedroom brings prosperity and quality health for the owner of the house. It also makes sure longevity. North-east or south-east directed bedrooms are not advisable and they should be avoided. They bring in evil forces instead of the good ones. If it is in the south-east, it results in quarrels and disputes between spouses and a bedroom in the north-east causes health problems. A kid’s bedroom should be in the east or north-west region of your house, experts opine.

If there is a bedroom in the north, it is good and lucky for all. If the students are living in that room, it will be good if they are looking for jobs or they are looking for business opportunities. A bedroom in the east gives students a sharp mind and helps in excelling in studies.

Placement of bed as per Vastu

If you go by Vastu, the bed should be best placed with the head towards the south or even the east. The master bedroom should be given utmost attention because here lives the head of the family or the breadwinner whose luck is inextricably interwoven with the rest of the members of the family. The placement of the bed influences the quality of sleep and good health. The sleeping position in the master bedroom should either be the south or the west. The head of the bed should be propped against the wall in the south or the west so that your legs point towards the north or the east. 

Now coming to bed in the guest room, the head of the bed in this room should be towards the west. It is a good idea if the bed is made of wood. Metals don’t make good vibrations but wood does. A couple should rest in a single mattress. Double mattress joined together is not advisable for the couple. It brings in the good omen of togetherness, love and empathy for each other. If the positive vibe remains strong, the family will be in the firm and steady stead. 

A bed should never be placed in the corner of a room because it prevents positive vibes from reaching the people inhabiting the house. The bed should be placed in the middle position of the wall. It means there is a lot of space to move around the bed.