What is Tnreginet Patta and Chitta?

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What is Tnreginet Patta & Chitta

The Tamil Nadu Government has made it extremely easy for the citizens of the state to do any kind of documentation online. But there are a lot of people who are unable to cope up with the digital world and are not finding it easy on this. This article is to help you all to cope up with the online services that the Tamil Nadu government is trying to implement, for the people. Here, in this article, we have tried to show you all how tnreginet Chitta and Patta works and what its importance is.

Tnreginet Patta and Chitta

Patta is a Hindi term which is a land deed or document issued by the Government to an individual or an organization. This particular term “Patta” is used in India and other parts of South Asia for a piece of land which is granted by the Government of a state to a farmer with approved papers of land revenue.

A “Chitta” has equal importance as well. It provides all the relevant and detailed information about the ownership of the particular land, area, the size and much more. This Patta and Chitta of tnreginet were merged into a single document which contains all the relevant details that require to be mentioned for the purpose. Tnreginet Patta is generally maintained by any Village Administrative Officer (VAO) of a place.

Among all the important online services provided by Tnreginet, one of the most important is the Tnreginet Chitta and Patta. As mentioned before, these 2 are merged to form a single document that is a very important record of ownership, be it land or area or whatever. A Patta is very necessary when transactions or any legal agreement involving a particular and comes into a question. These types of problems can easily be solved with Patta if one has his/her name in there. A Patta consists of these details:

  • Name of the District, Taluk and Village
  • Number of the Patta
  • The owner’s name
  • Survey number and subdivision
  • Type of Land- Is it a wetland or a dry land
  • About the area of the land and Tax details

Somebody looking for proper ownership of land or any remuneration related troubles, with this Patta, it can easily be solved in a hassle-free manner. There are some more advantages to having a Patta:

  • Patta can be easily transferred from one person to another at any time
  • If a person before death forgets or doesn’t draft a will for the next generation, then with the next kin is automatically entitled to the Patta and can easily transfer the name.
  • Patta doesn’t need time to time renewal.
  • Only after a transfer or a certain transaction takes place, relating to the property then only Patta has to be renewed.

A picture of Patta Chitta online application form

How to apply for Patta Chitta online?

Tnreginet Patta and Chitta got amalgamated into one and made it easy for the citizens of Tamil Nadu to do all the transactions and registrations online. We here are sharing some steps that can guide you to apply online for Patta Chitta: 

  • 1stly, you have to log on to the online portal of Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta. The website is available in 2 languages English & Tamil.
  • On opening the website, a page will open, (shown below), where you will get all the required information.
  • How to apply for Patta Chitta online
  • There are a lot many options on the page. Among which the Patta & FMB/ Chitta / TSLR Extract option is selected.
  • Another page will open on selecting the above option.
  • Then you have to choose the district where your property is situated.
  • Then add the Area type, whether rural or urban.
  • Slowly you have to add the property details of on which you need the Patta Chitta.
  • It will have particulars like Taluk, Ward, Survey Number, Village, Block and Sub Division Number. (Pic below)
  • How to apply for Patta Chitta online1
  • On compliance of the location and other details of the property, a certificate by the Town Survey Land Register will be issued with the details of the property.
  • The certificate will contain details as the construction type of the property, locality, the municipal door number, survey number, type of land etc.
  • Also, the whole process will be online and no physical transactions or collection will be done.

What are the documents necessary to apply for Patta Chitta online?

If you have valid documents of your possession or property they while applying for Patta you have to upload or enter the details of the same. The main documents require to be uploaded on Tnreginet Patta and Chitta online portal, without those, the application process won’t be completed are: 

  • You must provide the proof of your possession through an identity. Providing an identity will mark your authenticity.
  • As identity and possession proof, you can submit your: electric bill and tax bill or the tax paid receipt
  • For further verification, submission of sales deed along with a photocopy is a must.

How to check the status of your Patta Chitta online?

The Tnreginet Patta and Chitta online portal paves a way for the people of the state to go through a lot of services online, according to your requirement. The steps that should be followed to check your Patta Chitta online are:

  • You have to 1st log on to the online portal of Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta. The website is available in 2 languages English & Tamil.
  • A page will open. There at the bottom, you would find the option “Know your application status”
  • On clicking that option you have to provide your Application ID and the code on the page to see your status.
  • Last but not the least, you have to click on the option saying “Get Status”

(Shown below) 

Tnreginet Patta and Chitta Status

How much is the application fee for the Patta Chitta?

Operating the Tnreginet Patta and Chitta online portal is very easy, as you get all the details very clear on your screen along with all the options readily available. So, nowadays, rather than visiting the offices, people choose to carry out and complete the documentation and legal works online. It’s easy, cheap and accessible.

Thus the Tamil Nadu Government has kept the charges of the online application fee for Tnreginet Patta and Chitta very less. If you are planning to apply for the same, you just have to pay an amount of Rs.            100 through online mode.

How can I transfer Patta Chitta? 

Generally, the transfer of Patta and Chitta is done when someone is planning for a transfer of land or property. This process is somewhat equal to the registration process of Patta land.  Few documents are a must to carry out this process:

  • A land sale record (Copy)
  • Document to prove possession of the property
  • Electricity or Water bill etc. or any other identity proof
  • An affidavit

The steps for Patta Chitta transfer are:

  • Submitting an application form online to the nearest Tehsildar office is a must.
  • Only after verification, the application will either be accepted or rejected. The verification will be done based on the documents that have been provided in the application form..

The procedure of Validation of my Patta Chitta: 

Checking the validity of the certificated issued online is as important as scrutiny of the position of your Patta Chitta. So, while you check the validity of the certificates online, the status of Patta will also reflect. Just follow the simple steps:

  • Log on to the online portal of Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta. The website is available in 2 languages English & Tamil.
  • On opening the website, a page will soon open, where you will get all the required information.
  • On that particular, you will find an option saying “Verify Patta”
  • The next step is that you have entered the reference number
  • After entering the button, you have click on “submit”

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Q. Is it important to have a Patta?

Ans: Patta is a legal document and also a very important one that certifies that a person legally owns land or property. It also plays the role of evidence when any complications, like dispute, arise. Patta here is issued by the government of Tamil Nadu.

Q. What is the meaning of Adangal in Tamil Nadu?

Ans : Simply this term means revenue record. Adangal is a revenue record that bears all the details and records of the land, area, possession, liabilities, total crops grown, trees standing on all Govt Lands etc.  It is maintained by the Village Administrative Officer and is written and maintained each year.
The document contains records of:
·         Patta lands:  Wet, Dry, Manavari
·         Assessed wastelands: Wet, Dry
·         Poramboke land

Q. What is the helpline number of e-services Tamil Nadu?

Ans : Applicants facing any kind of problems on the portal can raise their query at                [email protected].