Witness BLACK FRIDAY: The Biggest Real Estate Shopping Carnival

Square Yards Black Friday

Whether you are searching for a home that you could own or you’re planning to invest and create wealth, you need something phenomenal and trustworthy. For the first time ever, Square Yards brings to you a Mega Real Estate Shopping Carnival – “Square Yards Black Friday in 20 cities across 8 countries around the world!

After successful mega-events like The Azadi Tour, Love by Square Feet, and Billion Dreams, the proptech player plans to break the wheel of shallow offers and give the homebuyer a real deal!

If you want to achieve financial freedom, then you must invest smart and invest in real estate. The digital space is often flooded with regular offers that don’t really make sense or are unrealistic in nature. Now, Square Yards draws a Tsunami in the realm of global realty market.

The successful realty-startup offers to provide Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Exclusive Deals by Top Developers. You also get Instant Approval and Processing Fee Waiver on Home Loans. There’s an assured gift on every booking. On visiting the event venue in their respective city, home-seekers get a chance to play ‘Slot-O-Mania’ – a luck-driven game – where they can win anything from Gift Vouchers to Cool Gadgets to a Brand-New Home!

Slot-O-Mania Video

This time, the company has also set up a facility to browse steal-worthy deals on its official website SquareYards.com. One can lock a deal with a voucher of just ₹21,000. Moreover, if you’re unhappy with the shortlisted project, they will help you find a better project and you still get to keep your prize won on the slot-machine game.

Choose wisely and make the most of this rare event in a convincing way, with a great experience and a smooth ride to your final take. Bring the finale that is your home!