Stunning Ideas Using Wallpapers To Take Your Space To The Next Level

Samarjeet Chauhan - Oct 19

Wallpaper may be a worthwhile investment in design although there are a wide variety of best wallpapers designs, eye-pic floral designs and basic stripes to show that wallpaper may be applied in more than one way. Get ready to move outside of your wallpaper image comfort zone to create a beautiful new appearance for your area. We have listed some Stunning Wallpaper for Walls To Take Your Space To The Next Level.

Pretty Floral Accent Wallpaper

floral wallpaper for wall

This bedroom looks vibrant with the dark floral wallpaper and pink, grey and white shades covering the rest of the space to enhance the look of the bedroom.

Wallpaper With Abstract Prints

wallpaper for wall

The wallpaper for wall of an accent is the same as a large-scale work of art.

Patterned Wallpaper With Contrasting Trim

This new wallpaper is paired with a marble-patterned style with bright blue trim.

Minimal Printed Wallpaper

This wallpaper design basic with a faint design in a neutral hue endures the test of time.

Symmetrical Print Wallpaper

wallpaper for walls

This wallpaper is symmetrical design that goes well with the bedroom decor. This symmetrical print wallpaper can add life to the space you choose..

Abstract Print Water Effect Wallpaper

wallpaper for walls

One of the best wallpaper HD  that you can see here is the dark themed water effect wallpaper. With perfect light on it, the bedroom stands out at all times. 

Minimal Stenciled Design Wallpaper

A tender, stencilled wallpaper gives a shining mix between subtle and declaration.

Busy Line Printed Wallpaper

wallpaper for walls

Lined wallpaper is one of the best backgrounds for a small room with a modern look.

Framed Wallpaper Design

hanged wallpaper for walls

This is now a unique technique of using customized wallpaper pictures for the dressing room of a city hall. 

Simple Nature-themed Minimal Wallpapers

printed wallpaper for walls

If you want to make your items wallpaper pop, combine them with bright envelopes and colourful background.

Abstract Colourful Wallpaper

colourful wallpaper for walls

In this home wallpaper, high styles blended with attitude with audacity. 

Delicate Terrazzo Design Wallpaper

This contemporary material is used in a modern bathroom to make it look simple, yet playful. This is best suited for a kid’s bathroom look. 

Modern Colourful Wallpaper Design

colourful lighted wallpaper for walls

The designer has used this righteously retro wallpaper from Flavour Paper. 

Blue Uniform Wallpaper Design

blue wallpaper for walls

This wallpaper is inspired from the nature theme but gives a bright and a perfectly calm ambience to the bedroom.

Fancy Pink-base Floral Busy Printed Wallpaper

pink floral wallpaper for walls

These are the nice wallpapers that fill your walls with a splashy floral pattern that soothe everyone’s mood.

Paint Splatter Wallpaper


This paint splatter pattern makes  the appearance of the wall background quite interesting and unique. 

Uniform Starburst Printed Wallpaper

Choose wallpapers instead of a plain bedroom wall to make it more sparkly.

Wallpaper-on-ceiling Feature Design

wallpaper on ceiling design

The below seen wallpaper has mastered the appearance with coordinated drapes and the bedroom decor.

Simple Muted Floral Printed Wallpaper

simple wallpaper for walls

Floral is a very innovative and simple wallpaper nowadays. The interior designer in a very contrasting colour pallet still provided a sleek twist.

Symmetrical Water paint Blue-and-white Wallpaper

modern wallpaper for walls

This relaxing cool wallpaper HD blue and white wallpaper with a flawless coating and a framed range of metal shells.

Nature Print Wallpaper

natural wallpaper for walls

This nature inspired design brings the great outdoors inside.

Bright Symmetrical Orange Printed Wallpaper

orange wallpaper for walls

A vivid gallery wall, a yellow patterned rug, and a Hudson Valley Lighting lamp complete the aesthetic, creating an unabashedly flamboyant environment.

Palm Leaves Tropical Wallpaper


A palm-print wall covering lends a touch of Southern California flair and the white chair enhances the living room ambience on a note higher level. 

Broad Striped Wallpaper

For a dramatic impact, the striped wallpaper in this bedroom becomes the centre of attraction.

Bold Blue Floral Wallpaper

blue wallpaper for walls

An impactful flowery wallpaper design makes a statement in this living room that can grab the attention of every visitor quickly. 

Archaic Golden Accent Wallpaper for walls

The golden wallpaper covered with a chandelier and the 1950s mirror gives a royal look. 

Stripe-in-stripe Wallpaper On Printed Wallpaper

striped wallpaper for walls

A green and aqua striped wall treatment matches a rainbow-striped.

Nature Lover Green Wallpaper

The study room or the sitting area here has a beautiful leafy pattern wallpaper, which is enhanced with some genuine greenery in the living room.

Traditional Heritage Wallpaper Wallpaper

The wallpaper related to traditional print with uniform pattern works nicely with a neutral tone bedroom with a wooden drawer to give a vintage look.

Close-patterned Fabric Wallpaper

The fabric covers on the walls of this bedroom goes well with the light and dark brown hues with pleasant lighting in the bedroom.

Cherry Red And Gold Wallpaper

The red and gold combination wallpaper in this small privy room gives it a spacious appearance and enhances the white features in this room. 

Dark-accent Nature Printed Wallpaper

The dark accent floral wallpaper inspired from floral print makes the kitchen with the storage shelf stand out brightly.

Delicate Painted Nature Fabric Wallpaper

The bed and side tables in this family-friendly apartment’s master bedroom are original designs, while the wall is covered with a unique fabric painted cover wallpaper with a bright yellow flower and green leaves and stands out making the room look impressive.

Symmetrical Shaded Wallpaper

The living area has a playful geometric style that is well complemented by an authentic furniture and rug.

Cotton Candy Pink And White Wallpaper

The wall covering is Water colour Stripe in pink and white which is designed to give a castle look for a little girl’s room. The stairs and the organised room with the cabin bed section will make your little girl feel like a princess.

Elegant Black And White Abstract Art Wallpaper

This red bean bag adorns the guest room’s eye-catching wallpaper and the furnishing blends well with the wallpaper perfectly.

Crowded Floral Printed Yellow Wallpaper

The French style bedroom with the yellow wallpaper having all over floral print goes well with the olive green antique style headboard in the bedroom.

Sandy Textured Print Wallpaper for walls

The textured sandy wallpaper is one of the trendiest wallpaper and the yellow furniture make the room stylish with sandy hues.

Elegant Bannister-printed  Wallpaper

This apartment includes hand-painted wallpaper which seems like marble and the chandelier in the middle of the room brightens up the entire look of the room.

Attractive Animal Print On Contrasting Solid      Background Wallpaper

The huge elephant print wallpaper on the living room wall gives a wildlife look within the four walls of the house. It is the 3D wallpaper which gives the lively ambience to the room.

Floral Grove Print Wallpaper for walls

The living room of a trendy apartment accentuates drama with nature-inspired decor and the matching furnishing enlivens the room.

White On Gold Printed Pattern Wallpaper

The bed and contrast headboard in the bedroom, with the side table and a vase, give more character to the white and gold wallpaper pattern, give the furnishings a new dimension.

Shibori Printed In Metallic Wallpaper for walls

The traditional shibori wallpaper with metallic touch in the living room radiates happiness as you sit back and relax for Rejuvenation.

Traditional Bold Motif Wallpaper

The living room of this home is decorated with dark patterned wallpaper to give a trendy look with the bold motifs in repeated manner.

Charming Yellow Wallcovering

The lovely yellow stripes wall covering is enhanced with the red sofa in the room. More contrast furniture will clearly uplift the looks of the room.

Elegant Flora And Fauna Printed Wallpaper

The pattern-loving master bedroom features hand-painted wallpaper.

Grey Simple Patterned Wallpaper

This wallpaper is best for mountain top rooms accompanied by leather headboard bedrooms.

Fantastical Fish On White Wallpaper

A kids bedroom embraces the nautical theme with fish-printed wallpaper. A sailor feeling rises in a child’s mind and helps them enjoy their room according to their own imaginative world. 

Soothing Icy Blue Moroccan Printed Wallpaper

The patterned wallpaper paired along with cushions fabrics is inspired by the Moroccan culture.

Hand-painted Nature Landscape Wallpaper

The hand-painted wall covers inspired by nature are the cool pictures for wallpaper.


If you want to incorporate wallpapers into your house, you can choose from any one of the above ideas. We hope you found these ideas useful.


How much does wallpaper cost?

An unwoven wallpaper may be valued between $17.99 and $40 a roll. Some vinyl wallpapers are available for well under $20, others of the same material for up to $300.

Is wallpaper better than paint?

Wallpaper has been utilized as a decorative feature in interior spaces since the 18th century. This can cover the stone walls, keep the heat away and make their apartments colourful.

Is painting walls better than using wallpaper?

Painting is often a less costly procedure, but wallpaper pic is more sturdy and durable.

Where can I buy cheap but beautiful wallpaper options?

Shop from top companies such as Patton Norwal, Artworks, Advanta and Antonina Vella, to buy inexpensive wallpapers.

Samarjeet Chauhan - Oct 19

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