51 Exotic And Luxurious Bedrooms Design Ideas To Inspire You In 2021

Samarjeet Chauhan - Oct 21

Your luxury bedroom should be a haven where you can get away from the stresses of regular life. Aside from master bedroom designs, you’ll want a quiet place to relax and decompress to relax. It is possible to elevate a plain space to luxuriousness through lighting and an expensive contemporary piece of art. Not to worry, we’ve been hard at work on this bedroom decoration part, specifically over luxurious bedrooms design to make your life easier.

Detailed descriptions of the 51 exquisite modern luxury bedrooms are provided, along with images and helpful advice to make your choices easier.

Dramatic boudoir Area with Contrasting Light Flooring

Latest Bedroom Design with High Lighting

The rich dark (black) bedroom wall design contrasts dramatically with the lighter flooring and green vaulted ceiling, resulting in a striking visual impact. This means that you must make sure that the area has lots of light, open space, and variety. Else the darkness will look oppressive and overbearing.

Minimalistic Boudoir Area in Neutral Hues

The neutral-hued boudoir accents its greyish tones with the boldness of blue. This hue looks modern and future-oriented whenever combined with the bedroom furniture design and its placement inside the bedrooms.

Simplistic and Rustic Boudoir Area Design

simple and rustic bed room design

That rustic boudoir certainly seems wealthy due to the enormous headboards. The luxury bedroom seems exceptionally comfortable because of the soft padding on the walls. In addition, the sconce and constructed headboard lighting do not hurt much.

Private Relaxation Area for Teenagers

A teenager needs a nice bed, too! This luxurious and modern luxury bedroom for kids is ideal for teenagers, who may use it for schoolwork or relaxation. The vector graphics of this room used soothing shades and included animated design features such as the geometric monochrome flooring and the plexiglass pendulum seat.

Modernised Royalty Decor

Dark colours, shown beautifully lit by bedside light fixtures, are alluring. The golden and gold-trimmed royal furnishings give this bedroom ideas the royal sense of contemporary monarchy.

Playing With Textures

Visually, these all bedroom ideas have a lot of textures. A state-of-art mirrored bedroom wall design is quite noticeable. When it comes to building luxurious bedrooms design, having one-of-a-kind items may make the entire layout seem more luxurious.

Space-Saving Hidden Closets

luxurious bedroom designs

Many wardrobes are camouflaged in this space, as was this luxurious bedrooms design. In this expansive wardrobe, a resting space has been made for you. A powerful bedroom decoration suits this area well.

Fish-Themed Bedroom Decor

Despite the absence of a vertical gradient in this Asian-themed unique modern bedroom design, it is brimming with charm. Maintaining the fishing motif, it’s easy to see why this design was predominantly used on the room’s walls and carpeting. The three-dimensional decorative items for the bedroom on the wall in this area gives the place a sense of depth.

Highlight the textured décor with neutral artwork

Moulding on the wall makes all the difference here. Imagine the room without it. So simple, yes!  For modern bedroom designs, artwork plays a significant role, so select carefully. Neutrality art with such a heavy texture typically provides an excellent approach to create a more beautiful or polished appearance.

Elegant Wall Textures and Sculptures for your Luxurious Bedrooms Design

Using an elegant feel and wall sculptures, a basic bedroom is enhanced. Using a textural bedroom paint ideas features may contribute to space’s national visual interest and perceived luxury.

Space-Saving Boudoir Design Using Mirrors

A master bedroom with a closet does not immediately come to mind. This space is divided by mirrors and travertine. Elements like bedroom furniture design will assist you in creating a lot more stunning boudoir.

Use contemporary light fixtures to lift the ambiance

Take a cue from the master bedroom and prioritise what you exhibit and where. However, considering the recent installation of a contemporary light fixture, you may choose to reconsider everything else in your chamber. Drapes should be hung closer to the roof. The shutters and the chamber’s dimensions will appear more prominent as a result of this. Space imparts a more opulent aura.

Grounded elegance through furnishings and fixtures

Take, for example, this ground mattress on the ground. I find it both fascinating and incredible that it is located so near to the earth. Especially challenging in light of the gorgeous, glistening tiled walls and patio sliding doors that open to a spectacular view.

luxurious Bedrooms Design with Monochromatic décor in blue

Bluish toned bedrooms are more popular with luxury customers than blue-toned bedrooms. A bed with a lot of silver and muted tones, on the other hand, does not preclude the use of bedroom colour ideas. This colour-blocked nook in the master bedroom is an excellent example.

Modestly posh-looking bedroom décor

Luxury master bedroom

The modest bedrooms are comfortable and beautiful, complete with a four-poster bed and large flat-screen television. Four-poster beds can add an air of richness to a room. It is a more conventional platform bed. They come in a variety of current styles.

Bedroom décor with an artistic influence

In this bedroom, the walls are lined with a personal art museum, which is accentuated by overhead lighting. If artworks look to be luxurious, it makes sense to copy the design concepts that inspired them.

Pastel-influenced room in multiple shades

A recurring pattern of design components will be used throughout this series, which you will notice as you go through it. This is done on purpose. It is emphasised in this design by using floor-to-ceiling drapes, massive headboards, overhanging pendant lighting, and the usage of marbles in various configurations.

Fusion décor with abstract artwork

If you wish to steer away from traditional art, you can attempt creating something from the ground up yourself. It was essential to cover the recessed walls and acrylic sheets with this abstract artwork to complete the project. Daily, it’s unlikely that you’ll come across something as bizarre as this.

Abstract bedroom décor with complementing furnishing

Abstract bedroom décor

Its one-of-a-kind limestone and wood entryway are complemented with bedroom accommodations that seek to be the centre of attention. A powerful pair has the potential to bring about a revolution.

Ornate crown mouldings for added elegance

Crown mouldings have been employed successfully by those who build modern, luxury bedrooms in the past several years. These ornate ironwork crown mouldings may be utilised to give a touch of extra elegance to your bedroom or study, therefore increasing the wow factor that many people want when designing their sleeping quarters. This type of crown moulding may also be used as the foundation for decorative mirror frames, which can then be put on the wall over the top of the mouldings to create the appearance of a bigger space. When crown mouldings are used to create a pattern in this bedroom, it allows the area to make the most natural materials. The presentation is both visually and acoustically appealing.

Balance between organic and non-organic décor

Wooden furniture with numerous lights combines organic and inorganic components in a well-balanced way. And our personal favourite is the suspended ceiling fan balancing with the wall painting ideas for the bedroom.

Add a sensuous feel with dark tones

Choose darker hues to create a sensual and romantic atmosphere in your space. The matt black bedroom features of this room drew us immediately. Because of the variety of designs and sizes available, you’re likely to discover what you’re looking for when it comes to designing the ideal modern bedroom or study space for you. And clearly, we did not overlook subtle design features such as the chrome-legged bed and simple bedside chairs. Everything is significant!

Gilded décor for a luxurious bedrooms design

Gilded décor for a luxurious design

Golden has always been connected with wealth and prosperity, so it seems natural to be considered a luxurious colour. Using distinctive paint, illumination, and beautiful black carpeting, you can create a paint-altered but lovely hideaway for the girls’ bedroom design.

Statement piece using a spherical chandelier lamp

Candlelight at the bedside creates an atmosphere and provides an additional illumination source while keeping the wood top from becoming congested.

Minimal supplemental lighting for subtle illumination

Supplemental lighting contributes to the ideal environment of a master bedroom, so if you don’t want to add anything extra, simply use nightstand ornamental illumination. Consider titanium choices such as those featured here.

Asymmetrical layout for a rustic charm

Unbalanced layouts may be a practical approach for holding the viewer’s interest. The sleek LED chandelier should be placed on one end of the room, with a sphere table top lamp on the other. Luxury bedrooms are frequently asymmetrical or disjointed.

Pleasant artwork to elevate room appearance

luxury art work in bedroom

Collect some relevant artwork and incorporate it into the bedroom design’s layout. These are both useful and distinctive. We appreciate how the designers recreated the texture of the chandelier lighting on the wall sconce.

Making use of utilitarian furnishings

A utilitarian bedchamber makes liberal use of masonry, elegant almirah design for bedroom and minimal furnishings. Although this arrangement is much different from earlier plans, it does have built lights and a modest bed skirt.

Focus on aesthetic components and furnishings

Massive throws, such as the one utilised in this monochrome chamber, instantly boost the ambience. Additionally, you can use roughness to enhance aesthetic impact in a space with a limited colour palette.

White-themed room for elegance and sophistication

This sophisticated and elegant master bedroom features an all-white colour scheme. Additionally, the designers incorporated a contemporary bed and built-in lighting to guarantee that this space does not appear cold and empty.

Classic white and red colour scheme for elegance and royal look

The traditional white master bedroom has been enlarged to accommodate the additional space. The use of odd furnishings and a reddish colour scheme creates a unique look for the room.

Highlighting the excellent view with minimal furnishing

Luxurious Bedrooms Design

Wee, this is not your wall, are you? There is almost nothing that compares to the majesty of these breath taking sights.

Airy décor with floor to ceiling windows

This bedroom design is more manageable for the average homeowner. Huge windows not only provide a great view but also naturally light a bedchamber.

Modern décor with easy access to the pool!

Are you looking for easy access to the pool? Absolutely! Additionally, this is possible due to a large, adjustable screen door.

Incorporating nature into the bedroom décor

The bedroom should be a reflection of the breath-taking vista. Where do you obtain the birds chirping outdoors while you sip your coffee? Space can be great if it fosters a playful or creative way of life.

Enhance the boudoir space using blings

Luxurious Bedrooms Design

Bliss in an opulently blinged-out raised boudoir! Only a few other units match the luxurious mood of this bed in the building.

Indoor garden décor in the bedroom

Luxury Bedrooms design ideas

Greens are used extensively in and around this room. The beautiful area carpeting complements the views of the forest canopy provided by the rectangular waveguide. Although this is a unique window configuration, the point-to-point emphasises it.

Go the natural way with this boudoir design

If you enjoy the outdoors, this may be the dormitory for you! Rather than a traditional headboard, how about a cloister replete with a field of green and natural lighting?

Open layout with a spacious walk-in closet

The accessible and open design seen above reimagines a walk-in closet. To make place for a half wall, the couch was moved to the room’s centre. It acts as a backrest and also separates the cabinet from the rest of the house.

Rustic wooden décor combined with ornamental panes

Luxurious Bedrooms Design

A wooden laminate that is extraordinarily attractive and inviting creates the appropriate ambience for a place. Trimmed ornamental panes define the structure of this bedroom.

Add sophistication with elegant built-ins

luxury bedrooms and addons

It’s an excellent and plentiful boudoir design that uses built-ins to add an air of sophistication to space.

Fusion Art Nouveau and Contemporary décor

luxury bedroom design

This stunning bedroom incorporates elements of Art Nouveau and contemporary architecture. Everything, from the ornate caster legs to the greyish carpeting on the floor, works in unison to create a stunning setting.

Intricate details with marble panels and gold accents

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a family member, come here and spend the evening. Apart from the intricate patterns, high ceilings, and marble pillars, this bedchamber has a lot to love. Create the effect at home by incorporating a painting into your bedroom or by accenting with gold glittering gold

Welcome the sea into your bedroom

luxury bedroom design

The entirety of the whites, blues, and brownish bedrooms is a work of art in Caucasian, lilac, and brown tones with a Mediterranean flair. The large shaggy carpets contribute significantly to the room’s youthful appearance. If Ariel were to take place in the modern era, this might easily be Princess’ bedroom.

Intricate Moroccan patterns and details

The intricate ceramic tile and the other monochromatic elements used throughout the pattern demonstrate how much attention has been paid to the minor details for a gorgeous Moroccan-themed bedroom.

Cost-effective décor using engineered paintings

An engineered painting, such as the one pictured above, is a visually attractive choice that may also be incredibly cost-effective. Frescoes are widely available online, or you could build your own if you’re the artistic type!

Fluffy and contrasting décor for children’ rooms

This opulent children’s bedroom oozes comfort. The contrast between the delicate pink and the darker grey is right. We’re particularly fond of the colossal, fluffy wall.

Carefully planned red and green décor

Combining red and green is a calculated risk that demands cautious planning. To avoid looking at a Christmas tree in your chamber, use a bright colour such as yellow, pink, or turquoise to counteract the duo’s festive appearances. Introduce some citrus plants to your home or business as an excellent way to alleviate those unpleasant seasonal sensations.

Pastel Pink Palette Centred Décor

A light pink colour palette is used throughout this section to create a modern appeal without becoming overpowering. This room has also been enhanced with an edge of the sofa footstool and a study chair. Two pieces of furniture that are very effective in conveying an air of elegance.

Creating accent walls using wallpapers

Luxurious Bedrooms Design

While most of the accent walls in our collections are pretty intricate, this bedroom demonstrates that a simple wallpaper job may still have a tremendous effect! In this area, the use of neutral tones and a fading pattern is a fantastic choice.

Calculated chaotic décor

luxury bedroom design

The entire area incorporates many of the themes discussed in our series, including a bit of tree that breathes new life into space. The addition of houseplants to a room can help make it appear more vibrant and fresh. However, keep in mind that the container in which you grow has a significant impact on how well it grows. Indeed, a porcelain container will appear far more abundant than a plastic one.


It is advised that you first research the best practices for interior designers and other experts in the region before embarking on your search for the most luxurious bedrooms design ideas for your use. Some pictures will be provided that are not often relevant to most luxury houses but will benefit you in your search. 

Furthermore, comparing different luxury homes may be helpful in terms of gaining ideas on how to design your own home and how it should be constructed in the future. 

Because, as previously said, there are many different sorts of luxurious bedrooms design to select from, there is no way for someone to exhaust all of the possibilities available to them. Investing in high-quality furniture and expert interior design services is one of the best investments you can make for your future, and it’s vital to remember that.

Samarjeet Chauhan - Oct 21

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