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Sector 8, Faridabad

Buy: ₹ 45 L - ₹ 5.25 Cr
Rent: 7,500 - 25,000
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About Sector 8, Faridabad

Sector 8 is one of the most popular localities in Faridabad. The pin code of this locality is 121006. The locality is located near Block A and Block B of Sector 7, Faridabad. Sector 8 stands out as a highly sought-after residential area and is appreciated for its advanced infrastructure, strategic location, and overall high quality of life. The well-connected roads and proximity to essential services significantly enhance its appeal. The presence of modern amenities within gated communities also contributed. However, it does face challenges like high property rates and traffic congestion, which could affect its accessibility and affordability.

What’s Good v/s What Can Be Better

What is GoodWhat Can Be Better
Well-rounded infrastructure provides good connectivity, including well-developed roads like Mathura Road (NH-19), Surajkund Road, and Badkhal Pali Road.High property rates might be a deterrent for middle-class families, making it challenging to find affordable housing options.
Access to public transportation is provided by NHPC Chowk Metro Station and bus stops, facilitating easy commutes.Traffic congestion during peak hours can be a major issue, leading to delays and inconvenience.
Proximity to essential services such as electricity, water supply, sanitation, schools, hospitals, markets, and recreational activities.Unreliable water supply at times, which can cause inconvenience to the residents.
Gated communities and residential projects offer parks, sports facilities, and community centres, enhancing the livability index. 

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index

Sector 8 in Faridabad is a well-connected area with comprehensive infrastructure and various residential options. It boasts well-developed roads and public transportation options, including the NHPC Chowk Metro Station and NHPC Chowk Bus Stop. The Faridabad Railway Station further connects residents to various parts of the country. These factors contribute to a high livability index, making Sector 8 a desirable place for comfortable living.

Social Infrastructure - Restaurants

Sector 8 in Faridabad is a hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Omaxe World Street is a popular mall offering retail shops, dining options, and entertainment. Other shopping complexes include Nikole Fashion, Shiv Shakti Complex, and Parsvnath City Mall. There are several eateries located within Omaxe World Street and surrounding areas. Although specific restaurant names were not highlighted, Sector 8 is a bustling spot for diverse culinary experiences.

Banks/Metro Stations/Airport/Bus Terminals/ Railway Stations/ Parks

Below are analytics of banks, metro stations, airports, bus terminals, railway stations, and parks:

Popular Banks

Here are some of the popular banks in the locality:

  • Punjab National Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank

Metro Stations

There isn't a metro station within Sector 8 of Faridabad itself. The nearest metro station to Sector 8 is the Sant Surdas Metro Station, part of the Delhi Metro's Violet Line. This station is located approximately 4 km from Sector 8.


There is no airport in Sector 8, Faridabad. The nearest airport to Faridabad is the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, which is approximately 31 km away from Faridabad​​. This airport is a major international gateway to India, connecting to various national and international destinations.

Bus Terminal

Sector 8 Mod is the most prominent bus stop in the locality. Generally, travellers can use the 904 bus, the first bus of the day, to reach Sector 8 of Faridabad.

Railway Stations

There is no railway station within Sector 8, Faridabad. The nearest railway station is the Faridabad Railway Station, which is a significant part of the Indian Railways network. It provides connectivity to various parts of the country and is located approximately 8 km from areas like Green Fields Colony, indicating its proximity to Sector 8 as well.


Here are some of the popular parks in/near Sector 8, Faridabad:

  • Ekta Park
  • Sector 8 Triangular Park
  • Jalnidhi Park

Popular Roads in Sector 8, Faridabad

The area is well-connected by several key roads and highways that contribute significantly to its accessibility and infrastructure. Here's information on popular roads in the vicinity of Sector 8 and Faridabad at large, which likely serve residents of Sector 8 as well:

Mathura Road (NH-19): This major national highway runs through Faridabad, including areas close to Sector 8. Mathura Road is a critical artery that connects Faridabad to Delhi on one side and Agra on the other. This facilitates easy access to and from these major cities. It's used for both local commutes and long-distance travel.

Surajkund Road: Known for leading to the famous Surajkund area, which hosts the annual Surajkund International Craft Mela, Surajkund Road is an important road for both residents and visitors. It enhances the connectivity of nearby sectors to cultural and recreational spots, including Surajkund Lake.

Badkhal Pali Road: Connecting the Badkhal Lake area with other parts of Faridabad, this road is significant for residents looking to explore natural and recreational sites within the city. It's used for local travel and provides access to leisure destinations around Badkhal Lake.

Sector 8, Faridabad Distance to Nearby Localities

Below are the nearby localities of Sector 8, Faridabad:

LocalityDistance (KM)
Sector 8, Faridabad to Green Fields Colony Distance4-5 km
Sector 8, Faridabad to Old Faridabad Distance5.6 km
Sector 8, Faridabad to Sector 29 Distance7.2 km
Sector 8, Faridabad to Surajkund Distance9.5 km
Sector 8, Faridabad to Faridabad Railway Station Distance12.8 km

How Do People Rate Sector 8, Faridabad?

Residents and visitors of Sector 8, Faridabad, generally rate the locality positively, appreciating its well-developed infrastructure, strategic location, and the quality of life it offers. The area is praised for its seamless connectivity to major roads and public transportation options, including its proximity to the Sant Surdas Metro Station. The locality offers essential services such as hospitals, schools, and shopping centres. Green spaces and parks within and around Sector 8 also contribute to its appeal as a residential area.

However, Sector 8 may face challenges such as traffic congestion during peak hours and the high cost of living associated with its prime location and facilities. Overall, the convenience, accessibility, and lifestyle amenities make Sector 8, Faridabad, a favourable place to live, as reflected in its residents' positive ratings and reviews.

How To Visit Sector 8, Faridabad?

Here are the ways to visit Sector 8, Faridabad, via air, train, and road:

By Air

The nearest airport for air travellers is the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, which is approximately 31 km from Faridabad​​. Upon landing, travellers have multiple options to reach Sector 8, Faridabad. Direct taxis or app-based cabs are readily available from the airport to Sector 8, offering a convenient but costlier option. One can take the Airport Express Line to New Delhi and then switch to the Violet Line of the Delhi Metro, getting off at the NHPC Chowk Metro Station, the nearest metro station to Sector 8.

By Train

For those preferring to travel by train, the Faridabad Railway Station is a major junction that is well-connected to cities across India. The station is located approximately 8 km from Sector 8.

By Road

Faridabad is well-connected by road, with several major highways and arterial roads providing easy access. National Highway 19 (NH-19): Travellers driving from Delhi, Agra, or other cities can use NH-19 (previously NH-2), which runs through Faridabad, to reach Sector 8 directly. Surajkund Road, Badkhal Pali Road, and other local roads in Faridabad facilitate easy access to Sector 8 from nearby localities and cities. 

Places to Visit Near Sector 8, Faridabad

While Sector 8 in Faridabad is primarily a residential area, several interesting places to visit in and around the locality cater to various interests. Below are some notable places to visit:

Raja Nahar Singh Palace: Located a short drive from Sector 8, this historical palace in Ballabhgarh offers a glimpse into the region's rich history and architecture. The palace hosts cultural events and is a popular destination for history enthusiasts.

Surajkund Lake: This ancient reservoir is located close to Sector 8 and is famous for hosting the annual Surajkund International Craft Mela, which attracts artisans and visitors from all over the world. Its serene surroundings make it a perfect spot for picnics and leisure walks.

Badkhal Lake: Although it has faced water scarcity issues, the Badkhal Lake area is still a scenic spot near Sector 8, ideal for outings and photography. Efforts to rejuvenate the lake are underway to restore its appeal as a tourist spot.

Town Park: This urban park in Faridabad offers a green oasis for relaxation and recreation. With well-maintained paths, playgrounds, and fitness zones, it's a popular place among residents for morning walks, jogs, and family outings.

ISKCON Faridabad: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple in Faridabad, not far from Sector 8, is a spiritual centre that welcomes visitors for its serene ambience, beautiful deities, and spiritual programmes.

Locality Comparison

Sector 8 in Faridabad is a popular residential area that offers many benefits to its residents. This locality is well-known for its strategic location, sturdy infrastructure, and high-quality living standards. Compared to other nearby areas, Sector 8 stands out for its easy access to various essential amenities, including reputed educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres, providing its inhabitants with a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

While Green Fields Colony and Sector 37 also provide similar amenities, the property rates in these areas may vary. Sector 8 could be the ideal choice for middle-class families looking for more affordable options. Its accessibility to major roads, such as Mathura Road (NH-19), and public transportation options like the nearby NHPC Chowk Metro Station further enhance Sector 8's connectivity, making it more accessible than some of its neighbouring areas. 

Key Takeaways

Sector 8 is a well-developed area with developing infrastructure, including well-connected roads like Mathura Road (NH-19), Surajkund Road, and Badkhal Pali Road. The NHPC Chowk Metro Station and other public transportation facilities make commuting easy for residents. The area is also home to essential services such as healthcare, education, and leisure, making it a comprehensive living space. However, potential residents should remember that the living costs in this area might be high, and traffic snarls might be a common occurrence at times.

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How to Visit Sector 8, Faridabad?

Sector 8 Faridabad
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Social Infrastructure Nearby Sector 8, Faridabad

School Nearby Sector 8, Faridabad
  • St Thomas Senior Secondary School
  • Vivekanand International Public School
Hospital Nearby Sector 8, Faridabad
  • Sarvodaya Hospital Research and Centre
  • Esi Hospital
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