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News and Updates

Accolades Square Yards featured amongst the Asia-Pacific High Growth Companies Amid Economic Uncertainty

On Financial Times ranking report of 500 high-growth companies from the APAC region, Square Yards, India’s foremost property brokerage brand was featured as one of the fastest-growing companies in terms of generating revenue over the last 4 years. With businesses shifting their focus from scale to survival amid the market slump, Square Yards efficaciously thrived as a high-growth business and proved itself resilient over the coming years.  This highlight is a robust indication of the annual endeavour of companies that make an exemplary contribution in a challenging economic environment. The FT’s ranking of 500 high-growth companies from the APAC region comes at an inauspicious time for businesses. The FT list was compiled with Statista, a research company that ranks entrants from across the Asia-Pacific by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue between the years 2015 and 2018. India was one of the countries that provided 140 of the companies on the list, more than any other country.  Despite the nationwide lockdown, Square Yards successfully sold properties through one of its kind digital platform. Starting from presales with online virtual tours & 3D walkthroughs, this digital platform is integrated with multiple payment gateways and post-sales modules for submission of online applications with digital signatures for a hassle-free home buying (Buy Property Online) process. Square Yards has tied up with some of the leading real estate developers for its digital platform and offered exclusive offers on properties, the company facilitated hundreds of Digital Home Sales globally during this lockdown.  During this economic uncertainty when several businesses across the globe were reeling under the pressure to withstand, Square Yards unprecedently sailed smoothly through these barriers to surge ahead of its competitors. The company has been doing tremendous business and in the coming months, it endeavours to capture a large chunk of the market before the closure of this fiscal year.  For a detailed report on this read the articles we were featured in: Financial Times: https://on.ft.com/2xEVDFF Published Date: 21 April 2020 The post Square Yards featured amongst the Asia-Pacific High Growth Companies Amid Economic Uncertainty appeared first on The Square Times.

Nitin Kumar 22-04-2020
Media Coverage Square Yards Defies Lockdown and Sells 1100 Homes in April

Square Yards was recently in news for having closed over a thousand home deals amidst lockdown woes. BW Disrupt recently mentioned us in an article laying focus on how we achieved this feat (only because it has now become possible to buy property online) and moved our market share of various Top Developers’ distribution portfolios from 5-20% to 60-70% over the last 2 months. By selling 1116 units worth INR 564 Cr – our best monthly performance to date – we at Square Yards have set a new high. This performance is in continuation of our strong Q4FY20 results when we delivered our best ever and second consecutive profitable quarter. Overall in FY20, Square Yards and book.squareyards.com – it’s house & property selling website – have clocked INR 298cr Revenues, resulting from a Gross Transactional Value (GTV) of INR 6000cr with over 15,500 transactions. Cities like Pune, Mumbai, Noida, and Bangalore contributed to over 70% of the sales volumes. Further, Grade A+ Developers added the most to these sales; 40% overall volumes in April coming in from Godrej Properties alone. Mr. Tanuj Shori added: “Square Yards has won large amount of Exclusive Mandates in the last 2 months which has allowed us to lead the market and mind share. Our market share has jumped disproportionately and we expect to continue and build on this momentum”. If you too are looking to buy house online or are keen to know about online flat sale, services of the most-trusted Square Yards are at your disposal. For a detailed report on this read the articles we were featured in: BW Disrupt – https://bit.ly/2WL373m Published Date: 18 May 2020   The post Square Yards Defies Lockdown and Sells 1100 Homes in April appeared first on The Square Times.

Nitin Kumar 20-05-2020

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