Banglarbhumi: View Online West Bengal (WB) Land Information


Banglarbhumi is the online portal dedicated towards providing detailed information about land records in the State of West Bengal. The land records in West Bengal can be accessed through Banglarbhumi WB web portal as it big-time helps in evaluating the land information in West Bengal, property tax, registration of fees for the piece of land. Moreover, many other details can be found on this website that will be extremely helpful and accommodating for the people of West Bengal. One can look up the website for details of the specific land records in West Bengal, the owner’s name, plot number, area of the land, the value of the property and many more.

Banglarbhumi is also well-known as Banglabhumi - this web portal comes in handy to provide comprehensive land information of West Bengal, encompassing Record of Rights that too in a trouble-free and prompt turnaround time. In a nutshell, these land records extensively help in serving as an indispensable database amidst a property and land transaction that too for both sellers and buyers.

It functions under the department of the State Government and provides a host of services, like information about West Bengal land record, the record of rights, plot information request, plot mapping request, request for GRN, mutation and other services. Complete details and information can be acquired on the subject like- owner’s name, area or the size and space of the property, plot number, costing of property is all available on the Banglarbhumi website online portal. The website possesses information about all the 42,159 mouzas (localities) and 4.30 crore khatians (plots). All those who are interested in a land transaction or stake can check the relevant land records on this site for authentic information to ensure the transparency of every detail of the land and its records.

All About Banglarbhumi Online Portal

This is one of the best initiatives taken by the government to swiftly and effortlessly gain access to the land records online in the public domain via the Bhanglarbhumi online portal. It provides detailed information regarding the land records and an assortment of other services as well.

Banglarbhumi or West Bengal Bhulekh has become a mandatory online portal to have the complete details of all the land records of West Bengal. The Banglarbhumi app or the Jomi Tothya app has also given the same comfort to its citizens in the same regard of land records.

With access to and banglarbhumi WB app, one can easily convert the acre to Katha and other measurements for finding out the right size of the particular land. The online portal has complete land records that are related to the state of West Bengal and this has been introduced by the Department of Land and Land Records in collaboration with the Directorate of Land Records and Survey, Government of West Bengal. This helps the property and land owners get easy access to their land related information which is inclusive of the land details of West Bengal - plot number, area, value of the property, and the jurisdiction of the property through this online portal.

It gives access to the land information in West Bengal including the RoR (Record of Rights) with fast navigation from page to page. To maintain clarity in further transactions on land, the buyer and seller must go through the WB Registration Land searches for all the land related documents.

One should download the Banglarbhumi app to effortlessly and straightforwardly access all the records on the spot via your smartphone. The services offered here include the RoR (Record of Rights) application, maintenance and preparation of all land records, periodic updates, selection of department name, WB land records and map digitization, land distribution details, plot and Khatian information, ARTI and LMTC training, Thika tenancy details, rent controller services, ISU management, public grievances application filing, citizen-centric solutions, services for State Land Use Board, demarcation of Indo- Bangladesh boundaries and more.

Services Offered By Banglarbhumi

Till now, we are acquainted with the fact that all Indian states maintain the repository of details interlinked with the land. To join the bandwagon, West Bengal has predominantly digitized land proprietorship records through the utilitarian portal which is none other than Banglarbhumi.

To know the services and functions offered by Banglarbhumi WB online portal to landowners and property owners keep scrolling. Have a Glance!

  • Provide in-depth details of land distribution
  • Offers the services of preparation and upkeep of land records in West Bengal
  • The icing on the cake is it also offers rent controller services
  • Maintains updates of the wb land record periodically
  • Offers Khatian and information of plots to landowners
  • Banglarbhumi also offers other citizen-centric amenities

Benefits Of Using Banglarbhumi WB Land Record Portal

  • The citizens or the residents of the state do not have to visit any government office to gain any land information in West Bengal related to their land records.
  • Any record details that are wished to be gained can be accessed in just a few minutes through the online portal.
  • Any information related to the land or property can be accessed from the remotest area or villages in West Bengal without any hassle.
  • The procedure of buying any land or property in West Bengal has become extremely simple through this web portal.
  • The state maintains all the records and the transparency is enhanced through the instant accessibility of land records of West Bengal
  • Every single detail on plot and Khatian information will be provided with full information that will help in bypassing possible disputes owing to different claims of ownership.
  • The entrepreneurs can easily access and view the infrastructure availability for their desired sites through the Banglarbhumi online web portal.

Accessing the Banglarbhumi Khatian and Plot Information 2020

First and foremost one must visit the official website of BanglarBhumi Land or Bhulekh West Bengal- ( and then click on Sign Up before filling the public registration form shown on the screen with all the necessary details. These include the details like the name, address, name of the parents (both of the mother and the father), details of the jurisdiction (district and municipality), contact information (mobile number and the Email ID) and other necessary information. Then one must choose the password and confirm their identity by entering the captcha code based on the verification. Click on to generate the OTP and verify the information added through the entry of the OTP sent to the mobile phone number that one has. Click on SUBMIT for completing the procedure of registration.

Login/ Registration Procedure of Banglarbhumi WB Online Portal

  • First of all, visit the official portal of Banglarbhumi (
  • Next, on the home page select the ‘Citizen Services’ option
    Subsequently, click on the Department User option and then enter the proper username and password in their respective spaces.
  • After that, verify identity on the basis of captcha based verification.
  • At last, click on the login option for opening the individual user profile.

Tracking the Status of Banglarbhumi

  • First and foremost, visit the E-District portal of West Bengal
  • Next, click on Inspection Report on the home page
  • After that, fill in the application number from the Record of Rights (RoR) receipt of acknowledgement.

Subsequently, you will be prompted to enter all the details. After filling in the required information, click on the ‘Document Search’ option for viewing the application status for Banglarbhumi RoR.

Viewing Land Records at Banglarbhumi Online Portal

Banglarbhumi Know Your Property is the best way to obtain the land records of West Bengal and this can be found even on Query Search.

  • First of all, click on the ‘Know Your Property’ option after logging in.
  • After the successful login procedure, you will be redirected to the plot information and Khatian page.
  • Provide all the necessary information on the property’s block, district and mouza as given in the Record of Rights application.
  • Now you must either provide the Khatian number or the Plot number as it is deemed applicable.
  • Confirm all the entered details with the captcha verification.
  • Upon completion, click on View and then check all the land records and their details that appear on the screen.

Query - Search based system of Viewing Land Records

  • After logging in, click on the Menu which is there on the home page.
  • Click on Query Search for opening the pop-up screen.
  • In the pop-up named Query Search, provide the Query Year and Query Number.
  • After all the details are entered, cross-check the information and then confirm with the captcha verification.
  • Click on the ‘Show’ option for viewing all the details of land records on the screen.

Checking Banglarbhumi Khatian Plot Map Request Information

  • First of all, visit the official website and then select the ‘Service Delivery’ option on the home page
  • After that, choose the option of Plot Map Request
  • Fill in all the sub-options like the Block, District and Mouza for the plot.
  • Enter the appropriate plot number and then all personal information which includes details like- last and first name, phone number, address and the Email ID
  • Recheck all the details that you have entered and then confirm through the captcha code and then click on Calculate Fee
  • Then you can choose to make online or offline payments based on the convenient factors available
  • Offline payment will require payment status confirmation through the Request GRN search Post confirmation, this will give easy access to the details of the plot map at Banglarbhumi.

Payment of Banglarbhumi Fees Online

  • First of all, scroll on to the Online Application at the Banglarbhumi homepage.
  • Choose the Fee Payment that is convenient through online means and then fill the form that is displayed on the screen.
  • Options that need to be filled are Conversion, Plot Map, Plot Information and Mutation. Proceed for entry of the application number for the applied services and then verify the same with the captcha code.
  • Click on Next to get redirected to the secure payment gateway at Banglarbhumi Online Portal.
  • Finally, choose the suitable payment method as per your convenience from the options available like- Credit Card, Debit Card and
  • Net Banking along with providing all other important information.
  • After the verification of the payment is confirmed, the message will be displayed on the screen.

How to check my land record in West Bengal?

Any type of property transaction or agreement should be signed between the buyer and the seller. Once this agreement is registered, it means that the particular property is registered as a new owner on a legal basis. This agreement will be registered with the government by paying the predetermined fees. Once all the formalities are adequately completed, one will be able to find the necessary information about the property on the Banglarbhumi website and gain access to the WB land record information.

How to use the Banglarbhumi website?

Registration for Citizen Services on Banglarbhumi - To avail of this service on the online portal one must register themselves.

Step 1: First and Foremost, visit the official website, If the services on the website have been utilised by the person before, they can directly log in with the credentials used to register before. If not, then the person must first sign up on the website. The sign-up button will be in the center-top of the page. Create the profile and sign in for Citizen Services as an individual citizen.


Step 2: After that, the public registration form will appear on the screen. Subsequently, fill all the necessary fields in the form like- name, guardian’s name, address, municipality, PS, district, pin code, email address, OTP received on the Email ID and the phone number, password and the captcha details. Submit the form, to register successfully.


How Departmental Users Can Register On Banglarbhumi WB Online Portal?

Step 1: Visit the official website first-

Step 2: Opt for ‘Citizen Services’ on the top of the home page.

Step 3: The page will be redirected to ‘Login to Your Account’ as DEPARTMENTAL USER or Citizen.

Click on Departmental user and fill in the details


Step 4: Now, enter your username and password in the space provided.

Step 5: Verify your identity and information with captcha confirmation.

Step 6: Finally, login in to access the departmental user profile.

Khatian and plot information on Website

West Bengal land record search or plot information can be accessed through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website -

Step 2: On top, click on ‘Know Your Property

Step 3: Once you click on Know Your Property, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to choose the appropriate detail from the drop-down menu. The details include- District, Block and Mouza.

Step 4: Enter the captcha and click on the ‘VIEW’ option. Indispensable details will appear on the screen.

How to use the ‘Know Your Property’ section?

This is one of the most easy processes on this website. After entering the official website, on the top of the home page there is an option called- Know Your Property. When you click on it, it will lead to a page where you will have to select the correct option from the drop-down menu where you will have to fill in details like district, block and mouza. Further, you can search by Khatian or by Plot. Then you will have to enter the captcha and verify the details and then click on the ‘VIEW’ option. The details will appear on the screen immediately to give you details of Bhumi records of West Bengal.

How One Can Check Status of Query on Banglarbhumi Website?

Step 1: Visit the official website and on top there is an option Query Search. Click on it.

Step 2: You will be directed to the Query Search Page where you will have to enter the Query Number and the Query Year. Then enter the captcha and then click on SHOW. The details will then appear on the screen.

How to obtain a Record of Right (ROR) request?

The record of right (RoR) is a vital document of WB land detail that needs to be maintained by all the landowners or property owners. Visit the official website and go to the section on top of the homepage that states ‘KNOW YOUR PROPERTY’

Then fill in all the necessary details that the page is prompting you to enter. After that, you will be enquired about the record of the right document. There you need to enter the plot number and then submit it. At last, you will be able to see the complete information of the land if the record is accessible online.

How can one request certified copies?

You can request a certified copy of the plot map, plot information or ROR by selecting the ‘Service Delivery Option’. After opening you will be prompted to furnish the details. Once you fill in the required detail option, it will redirect you to the payment page. Finally, pay the fee online and get done with the process to attain the certified copies.

How to Apply or File Grievances On Bulekh West Bengal (Banglarbhumi) Website?

The following are the step-by-step procedure to file a grievance on the website:

Step 1: Visit the official website and then go to the top of the homepage and click on PUBLIC GRIEVANCE.

Step 2: The page will further be redirected to asking for 2 options: Grievance application and Grievance Status/ Description.


Step 3: Click on GRIEVANCE APPLICATION. The page will be redirected to a further page where you will have to fill in all the details related to your identity, block, petition type, district, mouza, and other details to support the cause.


Step 4: Recheck the details entered. Once you are sure that the details filled by you are all correct then enter the captcha and click on submit. The filing of grievances will be complete.

How One Can Check the Status Of Grievance on Banglarbhumi?

Step 1: The first place to visit is the official website and the Public Grievance on top of the homepage has to be clicked.

Step 2: Then select Grievance Status/Description.

Step 3: The page will further be redirected where you will have to fill in the UPN and verify with the captcha and click on the ‘SHOW’ menu. The status or description will be displayed on the screen

What is Jomir Tothya or the Banglarbhumi app?

Jomir Tothya is the official mobile app for land reform allied services provided by the West Bengal government. This app is accessible in 3 different languages- English, Bengali and Devanagari for the easy transactions of the citizens. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store without any trouble.


With this Jomir Tothya app, anyone will be able to access the following information:

Khatian: It is helpful in gaining information about the mouza, ownership of the khatian, name of the owner, type of owner, father or husband’s name, address, the number of the plots mentioned in the khatian, total area mentioned in the khatian and many more.

Plot: This gives information like the Khatian numbers of the co-sharers of the plot, land classification, shared areas, tenant type, details about the owner, etc.

Hal land and Sabek land (LR-RS): This part gives a detailed account of the convertible lands.

Payment details: The processing fee details and details of warish fee, conversion fee and mutation fee can be checked through this.

Information about the officers in charge: This gives relevant information about who is posted in the sub-division and the block.

Updates: You can check the status of hearing notice, investigation or mutation with the Jomir Tathya app.

Forms available on Banglarbhumi website

There are a lot of forms that can be downloaded from the Banglarbhumi website:

  • Form 1(D) - this form is for post-facto conversion.
  • Application for mouza map (available in Bengali and English)
  • Affidavit for conversion (available in English)
  • Application for conversion (available in Bengali and English)
  • Mutation application (available n Bengali and English)
  • Declaration for mutation

How to Find Land Record Online on Banglarbhumi with Khatian & Plot Details?

To find the Khatian and Plot details one can visit the official website and go to the Query Search and follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Visit the official website of Banglarbhumi
  2. On the homepage you must click on the Query Search button
  3. On the next webpage, enter the following details –Query Number, Query Year and Captcha code and then click on Show.
  4. And if the plot details are needed, go to the homepage option Know Your Property and fill in the details and click on Show.
  5. The details will be displayed on the screen.

Wrapping Up

Bottom Line, Banglarbhumi is the official website for the people of West Bengal to access any information related to the land and the ownership of any property. This is set up for the benefit of the people and as it is easy to access, it creates transparency in the records of the people that are maintained by the government. Clarity is of utmost priority here and this saves a lot of time and energy of the people from roaming place to place or office to office to gain information about their land. All in all, it is a blessing in disguise for the people of West Bengal.

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